Tim Westwood Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By 7 Women

Tim Westwood

Veteran DJ Tim Westwood faces multiple allegations of groping and predatory sexual behavior dating back to 1992.

Multiple women have accused Tim Westwood of sexual misconduct.

The veteran DJ faces allegations of groping and predatory sexual behavior. Seven women recall his alleged misconduct in an investigation conducted by the BBC and the Guardian.

Three women accuse the DJ of predatory sexual behavior after meeting with him to discuss the music industry or their own work. The alleged victims were 17, 19 and 20 at the time of the incidents.

Four other women claim Tim Westwood groped them. They say his unwanted touching occurred while posing for photos with him at events.

All seven of the women are Black and haven’t spoken to each other. They have chosen to remain anonymous.

Tim Westwood’s alleged misconduct dates back to 1992. The most recent incident uncovered in the investigation occurred in 2017.

The women shared their stories after Tim Westwood was accused of sexual misconduct in 2020. The DJ insisted he’d done nothing wrong at the time.

Lawyers for the DJ have denied the latest allegations against him.

“Any suggestion that he acts, or has acted, in the way described would be false and seriously defamatory,” they said.

The BBC and the Guardian’s investigation includes detailed accounts of the seven women’s experiences with the DJ. BBC Three also released a documentary titled Tim Westwood: Abuse of Power, which explores the allegations.