URL Return To New York, Murda Mook vs. Geechi Gotti Headlines “Homecoming” Event 

Ultimate Rap League are coming back to New York, making their return with an epic event at the iconic Irving Plaza.

Ultimate Rap League (URL), just announced their return to New York’s Irving Plaza, one of battle rap’s historic venues, for the first time since 2016. 

The announcement made waves in the battle rap community, not only for URL’s return to NYC but because of the strength of the card. The event goes down on Nov. 6, by Harlem legend Murda Mook who takes on the reigning and three-time Champion of the Year, Compton’s Geechi Gotti

Murda Mook vs. Geechi Gotti

The anticipation for the matchup is high to say the least. Mook will be battling at home in New York and hasn’t been seen on the URL stage since last summer. Gotti is on a run of legendary battles, having recently faced some of the culture’s biggest icons. Loaded Lux, Dizaster, Hollow Da Don, and Jaz The Rapper all graced his resume in a little over a year.  

Jaz The Rapper vs. Viixen The Assassin

The rest of the card features some of battle rap’s heaviest hitters in highly anticipated matchups. Fan favorite Jaz The Rapper shook the scene with her comeback performance against Young Gattas last year before an impressive showing against Geechi Gotti. The Brooklyn vet will take on Woman of the Year, Milwaukee’s Viixen The Assassin in a highly anticipated clash.  

K-Shine vs. JakkBoy Maine

Jakkboy Maine has been calling out Harlem vet K-Shine in battles and blogs since last summer. Despite initially refusing to battle the Richmond spitter, Shine agreed, and now the pair will settle their differences with a grudge match in New York.  

Arsonal vs. Swamp

South Carolina’s Swamp has been reminding fans why he’s one of the best in his class. His recent showing in the Ultimate Madness tournament, followed by his battle with the face of URL, Tay Roc on Summer Madness, proved his skills. Now, he’ll face New Jersey legend Arsonal in New York in another clash that could set him apart from some of his peers.  

Stumbles vs. Kyd Slade

The final battle on the card sees two of the league’s rising stars face off in an exciting clash that fans expect to be hard-hitting. The battle is a huge test for Springfield, Massachusetts’s Stumbles, and Hartford, Connecticut’s Kyd Slade. Both rappers have a chance to prove they belong on the big stage, but will they?  

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Tickets are available here and the event will be livestreamed on Caffeine.tv on nov. 6, 3 P.M. EST.

URL Tease Return to New York

The culture has been longing for URL to make a return to New York after a long absence brought on by the pandemic. It became clear they would get their wish when the league began hinting they would come back to the city.  


However, the cat was out of the bag when they tweeted a pair of Timberland boots shortly before dropping the card.