Yungeen Ace Dodges Gun Charges After Man Implicates Him In Foolio’s Murder

Yungeen Ace

Yungeen Ace and the late Foolio were embroiled in a violent feud. Foolio was shot and killed at a Tampa hotel in June.

Authorities dropped gun charges against Yungeen Ace stemming from his April 2024 arrest in Florida. According to Action News Jax, prosecutors ditched the case on July 3.

Yungeen Ace, whose real name is Keyanta Bullard, was arrested for possession of a firearm, weapon or ammunition by a convicted felon on April 15. Prosecutors decided not to pursue the charges due to a lack of evidence.

“E-Traces were completed for the firearms but provided no evidence to associate the firearms with Bullard,” they explained. “Bullard’s phone was recovered, but after review, a search warrant was not sought … Bullard’s DNA was taken pursuant to a search warrant and was compared against the firearms, but [Florida Department of Law Enforcement] reported that the firearms failed to demonstrate a sufficient amount of DNA for processing.”

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Yungeen Ace avoided the firearms charges, but the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating his possible involvement in the murder of his rival Foolio. A masked man claimed he killed Foolio to collect a bounty offered by Yungeen Ace.

“There was money on his head,” the supposed killer said on social media. “I rock with Ace and them boys, ATK. I be in Jacksonville heavy. If you know you know. I did that. I handled that ‘cause Ace had that money on his head. Ace had done put that 10k up, told me to slide. Told me to smack fool ‘cause he got tired of that n#### running his mouth playing all the time. So, what had to be done had to be done.”

He continued, “Foolio had it coming to him, so I don’t really feel sorry. A lot of people think it was on some gang s### and all that … “Ace put that bread up and whoever wanted to take it, take it. So, I took that. Rest in peace Foolio.”

Foolio was shot and killed in June. Yungeen Ace celebrated his foe’s death by releasing a music video for his song “Do It.”