Does Gucci Mane Have The Worst Luck In Rap?

From the 2022 death of Big Scarr to Pooh Shiesty’s current incarceration, the 1017 roster isn’t exactly flourishing.

With the recent arrest of Gucci Mane artist Mac Critter, it’s hard not to wonder what exactly is going on at 1017 Records. Founded in 2007 under the Warner Music Group umbrella, the label has been home to artists such as Ralo, OJ Da Juiceman, Asian Doll and Waka Flocka Flame. But several of Gucci Mane’s signees have either died, been arrested for murder or committed other illicit crimes.

On December 22, 2022, Big Scarr overdosed on prescription drugs just two years after he survived a near-fatal shooting. Ralo, who signed with Gucci Mane in 2017, was arrested a year later on drug conspiracy charges and sentenced to eight years in prison. In March 2021, Foogiano was also arrested and booked at the Shelby County Jail in Memphis, charged with being a fugitive from justice without a warrant.

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But that’s not all. Former 1017 Records artist OJ Da Juiceman was taken into custody in Kentucky last May, charged with possession of a handgun by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Pooh Shiesty, another one of Gucci Mane’s signees, pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges and was sentenced to more than five years behind bars. With Mac Critter’s arrest, it seems like the hits keep coming—and not the good kind.

As Gucci Mane trended on Twitter, one person claimed: “Gucci Mane the worst label executive ever Big Scarr dead, Pooh Shiesty in jail, Asian Doll a HOE, Max Critter charged with murder.” (No disrespect to Asian Doll though; she’s doing her thing, whatever that is.)

While plenty of people blame Gucci Mane—who also did prison time for weapon charges—the veteran rapper appears to be just as concerned about his artists as everyone else. As he tweeted on December 14: “We do not pay attention to how inmates are treated! Pooh has been sent to a prison over 1500 miles away from his home, 23hr lockdown and given empty food trays. USP P###### should be investigated immediately!”

So either Gucci Mane has the worst luck in the rap industry or he needs to vet his talent. Or, maybe he could provide some guidance to dissuade young rappers from going down the same path he did. Whatever the case, Mac Critter is facing a long, uphill battle. Let’s hope the rest of the 1017 roster can stay out of trouble, or poor Gucci is going to need a lot more bail money.