Footage Of Kanye West’s 2016 Breakdown May Leak


(AllHipHop Rumors) Apparently Kanye West’s nasty legal battle with his insurance company is going to cause a bit of details to leak out publicly.

According to In Touch, Kim Kardashian has also secretly testified under oath on behalf of her husband’s November 2016 breakdown and hospitalization.

The insurance company is refusing to pay up because they believe his breakdown was brought on by drugs!

Ye filed a lawsuit against insurer Lloyd’s of London on Aug. 1, claiming breach of contract and asking for a jury trial.

According to an inside source,

“Kanye wanted the insurance to pay $10,812,997.09 plus fees for the cancellations.”

The insurance company is denying the payout, and Kanye is prepared to fight.

That’s not all though!

Apparently the battle with the insurance company also involves some video footage that Ye’s team is afraid could ruin Ye’s marriage to Kim.

“More than 20 hours of video was taken of Kanye during the four days leading up to his hospitalization, and you see the deterioration of his condition and his mental breakdown,” said the source.

When Kim testified under oath, she was allegedly questioned about Kanye taking percocet with a valid prescription.

Yeezy’s lawyers are arguing that he should get the payout because his doctors determined that he was unable to perform. Well, it sounds like this insurance company is doing what insurance companies do best, trying not to pay people.

But with an insurance claim that big, I mean you would have to expect there to be some due diligence and opposition.

I’m nervous to see this alleged footage that may leak. Wishing you well Kanye!

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