Hip-Hop Rumors: Kat Stacks Speaks On Lil Wayne! Chris Brown Rihanna Reunite? Lil Kim Talks Jail!

DISCLAIMER:All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.CHRIS BROWN AND RIHANNA ARE TALKING!   Gas meets Fire again. Wow. The rumor is after Chris Brown started crying […]

DISCLAIMER:All content

within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info

outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.Send your rumors, sightings and ill pics to illseed at allhiphoprumors@gmail.com.CHRIS BROWN AND RIHANNA ARE TALKING!


Gas meets Fire again. Wow. The rumor is after Chris Brown started crying and snotting all over the BET stage, Rihanna reached out via text and they have been talking ever since. I don’t know what all else is going on with that. Rihanna has moved on and so has Chris with his various hoe cakes. I really don’t think they need to get together again until they are all matured up.


Actually P is expected to be released next year, but from what I understand, the number one dun is getting himself all set up to take on the rap game. My sources tell me, P and Hav are set to move on past the G-Unit days and work with other artists that we wouldn’t normally seem them affiliated with. I don’t know who this may be, but I hope its not Lady Gaga. I really want to get P’s take on all this Illuminati talk since he was one of the dudes that went heavy about it back in the day. 



Jay-Z & Tru Life

Tru Life (formerly of the Roc) is still in jail, as we all could pretty much assume. But, according to my sources, he’s not just rolling over and dying. He’s apparently fighting for his freedom and had a decent shot. I don’t believe that he has been convicted yet. If he has, he’s working on an appeal. If I find out more, I will let you know. But, murder was the case that they gave him.



I am not sure where I heard this from, but I am gathering that Rick Ross and his baby moms are now working out their differences. I don’t mean they are getting back together, but just working it out. I guess she is now that the Bawse man is doing his thing.

Ross recently told MTV that the beef with 50 was pretty much a bad move, but he rose to the occasion.

“That’s the beauty of art. You can take it and channel it any way you want to. Of course, I realize I put a lot of pollution out there as well that I wouldn’t this year. That was a part of me learning. I’ll forever be attracted to some form of war. I feel it’s competitive but at the same time, I’m focused on my numbers. I’m focused on my business. I’m focused on my brand. I wanna see other things blossom around me, versus back-and-forth with nothing. For the most part, I feel when you prioritize your business, that’s the result — that’s the advice I’ve been given for so long. I’m trying it out.”



Well, they didn’t exactly fight, but they talk about each other through Funk Master Flex. Peep what Glo said to Major Moves DVD:

“I think she should be her. It’s okay to be a little costume-ish on stage but let people see who you really are. You’re trying to be like Lady Gaga a little bit. You’re trying to pretend that you like women but you really d*ck. Just be you….I honestly don’t like her music but to each his own. She sounds like she has Tourette’s….I’m from the era of Fox and Kim. So when I hear that…to me it’s just noise.”

“She [Remy Ma] told Funk Flex she didn’t like me. I mean–come on! How do you just not like somebody and want to fight them? Alright then, we can do it, let’s pop it off, alright b*tch. A lot of the females wouldn’t say anything to her but ‘ll be damed if I’ll be afraid of anybody.”


I don’t know how Lil Boosie is making these song from jail, but they are coming out fast and furious. Check out this editorial (Lil Boosie and the New KKK) about Boosie and the Baton Rouge Area.





Rick Ross quoting Bobby Seale just seems weird. How crazy would that be if he became a conscious rapper?

Did you see these ILL T-shirts fans did towards LeBron James? I couldn’t even put it on AHH. Click here for it.

What do you recommend for me as a career move?

There is a rumor than Eminem may be working with or producing for Raekwon.

The Game had some funnies on twitter for The Dream. He said, “That n!gga Dream look like Carl Winslow out there blood……. & wit that Belly blood need to be in “BELLY 3″ straight to VHS.”

Christina Milian was recently seen still rocking her wedding ring even though The Dream threw her under the PR bus.

Brandy and Flo Ridah have broken up. Am I late? I think so.

DAYUM! Kelis sold 7,800 records her first week. Eminem busted a move with another 230K.

Shout out to Martin Lawrence! He was the other person that got married!


Hip-Hop is moving to the next level of performers…these OMG girls.



LOL! Her voice is just crazy. She disses Lil Kim too.



You know the rules. Mikey T’s gutter rumors come on an “as is” basis. No editing to keep it raw.

New Fast & Furious Film is using the title Fast 5 at the moment & former wrestler turned hollywood heavyweight The Rock is joining the cast , he will be playing a police officer  looking for Paul Walker & Vin Diesel , Ludacris has returned to the cast as well .

Speakin of Ludacris his new artist Lil Scrappy is working on his Disturbin tha Peace Debut album .

Rick Ross aka @RickyRozay is building his Maybach Music / Def Jam Empire he wants it to be something big that the south remembers he has been running all over promoting his single Free Mason w/ R&B singer Masspike Miles

Now that Nicki Minaj has a solid release date for her debut album , under Young Money/Cash Money

Look for Lil Kim To release another album around the same time …shouts to kim @MTMovieStar think ya both sexi .

40 Glocc is Releasing his Album “New World Agenda” but if the Feds have anything to do with it he will not be mentioning Gangs in his music no more…authorities are trying to use his lyrics against him he even had to change his name to Big Bad 40.

Holla at ya Boy @MTMovieStar we liting a fire & bringing Hip Hop Back !!

I may need to get to editing Mikey.


I haven’t had a really good EPIC FAIL in a long time. That’s about to change right now. Revenge isn’t always sweet as Jeanne Manunga recently found out. The 25-year-old Santa Ana woman is about to start a one year bid in jail for sending herself threatening text messages. LOL. How? Here is how it went down. Ol’ Jeanne  decided that she was going to just do her dang thing and set up her her ex-boy friend and sister-in-law. What she did was, she repeatedly called the police and told them that they were harassing her and showed them these messages on her phone. She eventually got her former man and sis in law arrested on charges that they were making criminal threats. They had to fork over thousands and thousands in legal fees to defend their innocence. Guess what? Jeanne had bought a cell in her sister-in-laws name and sent all the messages to her other phone and got caught. The jury showed no mercy and convicted the fool on three felony counts of false imprisonment by fraud or deceit and two misdemeanor counts of making a false police report. And she has to pay back about $50k in restitution for wasting everybody’s time and money.


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