Benzino and Eminem

Hip-Hop Rumors: Did Benzino Finally Apologize To Eminem?

Well…sort of. You may recognize Benzino as the owner of Hip Hop Weekly and a cast member on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta– but once upon a time, he ran The Source Magazine, and had one of the most highly publicized rap beefs with the one and only Eminem.

In a recent interview with Power 105 Breakfast Club crew, he says he is ready to bury the hatchet won his beef with Slim Shady. Check out what he said below:

“It’d be good if we would be able to really sit down and meet,” Zino said in an interview. “It’s not like we’ve ever really been in a room together, ever really met and never really talked about the situation. I mean, I’d be open to it — I understand that he’s a great influence on the culture. Thinking back, I probably could have did things differently. I had The Source as a platform, and you just get caught up and at the time, I was caught up.” 

Way to show growth and maturity, Benzino. Well, what do you say, Slim?

  • TheBigCheeFa

    that would be good

  • hoeyuno

    Zino single handedly destroyed the source magazine, which was a great mag back in the day. The only reason he wants to make good with em is cause there is no money in rap for a hater like him. And zino even when hip hip was mainly only for black dudes you found a tape with the white boy refering to black woman as no#$@% s and you still couldn’t shake his popularity. That shows how seriously people take your jealous ass.

    • therealest1

      I agree Benzino and Dave Mays destroyed The Source magazine with their friendship that interfered with the way business was handled there. The Source fell off after that issue rated that Made Men album a 4.5 back in 1999.

      I always knew that would backfire on Benzino trying to expose Eminem as a racist. You said it right that it only made Benzino look like a jealous ass hater trying to diminish Eminem’s popularity. I guess The Source needed to garner any support at that time since it was falling off even more.

      • The Source fell off after that issue rated that Made Men album a 4.5 back in 1999.”

        Wow, I do remember this! You’re right…they ran it into the ground. It’s really sad because I remember the source when it was relevant and THE magazine for hip hop.

    • Lamonte Johnson

      Right thats why it dont even matter at this point. I feel em but at the end of the day you did what you did and you just live wit it. Don’t nothin needa be sat down and discussed that you didnt wanna bring to the table back then so whats the point now? We gone make a track? I don’t think so. Benzino just needa do this show get money and stay off any topic of eminem or the source cuz both you interfering with just ended up as an embarassment. SMH

  • it just doesn’t matter anymore.

  • arthur higgins

    That shit is so old.Like the comment below me said he destroyed a gereat magazine!Why and the hell would Em want to sit down and talk to this irrevelant ass nigga??To be real with you I forgot all about his ass until Love&Hip hop.He just trying to get his name ringing again trying to show old girl(Karli Redd)that he got some type of clout in the Biz.He better sit down for Em or 50 really put a nail in his coffin!

  • therealest1

    This clown Benzino was the culprit behind The Source falling off terribly when it was once a respectable publication. The moment Benzino bought his way into The Source, things went downhill from then on. Benzino was never a skilled or respectable rapper, the only reason he was able to get his less than 15 minutes of fame in the rap game was due to the fact he was a figurehead in The Source so he used his connections with that publication to get features on that crappy Made Men album he put out in 1999. It was an even bigger joke when that shitty album was rated a 4.5.

    The only reason established rappers let this clown jump on songs with them was based on the fact they could get exposure in that once respectable magazine with him being a figurehead.

    Also that plot to destroy Eminem with an old tape they dug up made The Source fall off worse, and it exposed Benzino as an envious loser. I knew that plot to destroy Eminem would backfire on The Source and Benzino. Eminem was already over with all audiences so the timing was wrong out the gate. That plot only made The Source lose readers and it made Benzino lose more when he already didn’t have relevance.

    Its funny Benzino now has to kiss ass just to now keep a few seconds of fame in the rap game since Dave Mays and him were ousted from The Source. I doubt his current publication, Hip Hop Weekly is relevant enough to get him features on his future projects or get him on songs with current star rappers.

    His current publication looks like one of those garbage tabloid magazines you take a quick peep at while you’re in the checkout lanes at the markets and put it back on the shelf. Shit, its so bad, I don’t even bother to touch it while I’m in line.

    • hoeyuno

      Haha. Yea there was more made men ads then sneaker ads at one point.

      • therealest1

        I know right! What a joke especially with that writer who never existed that rated it 4.5.

    • YaheardSyndicate

      You have to do youre research. The ALMIGHTY RSO was a very respectable hip hop group. They even have a hip hop classic “One in Da Chamba”. They used to set the turntables on fire, live while they dj was murdering it. They were a good hip hop group, and pioneers for Boston. This is all before the Source. And he didnt try to expose eminem as a racist, eminem used the N Word and taped it, its kinda exposing yourself.

      • therealest1

        I’m from the West Coast so I’ll honestly own up to the fact I’m not knowledgeable about the Boston rap scene although I heard of The Almighty RSO during the 90s. They made a noble effort to put Boston on the map as far as the rap scene goes. Yes, I’m aware of The Almighty RSO before Benzino’s involvement in The Source.

        But after Benzino’s involvement and detrimental conduct as a figurehead in The Source, that negative shit overshadows the small accomplishments trying to represent Boston right since that was way more visible in his career than The Almighty RSO thing.

        How could Benzino not be trying to expose Eminem as a racist despite E dropping the N bomb on an old song? That occurred during the beef with him. Benzino was even ignorant enough to equate Eminem with Hitler. He went out of his way to dig up that tape and include it as listening material with an old Source issue.

        I already lost any respect for Benzino for using his position to promote his subpar, shitty material with Made Men in The Source and using that phantom high rating to drum up attention for sales.

        But the smear campaign on Eminem made me lose even more respect for Benzino because it was some bitch shit. Getting at a non-black artist moving mass units was all a ploy to garner attention for his lack of skills as an artist and his horrendous record sales.

        And had Benzino kept it cool or used his connections wisely, he would still be sitting atop The Source and could’ve kept it moving right with today’s relevant artists despite being an older head.

        I’m just finding out he’s fallen off so bad, he’s now on a reality show. He fell off the face of the Earth so bad that he’s now resurfaced on a crappy, ignorant ass reality show.

      • Kevin Farley

        i remember hearin the song em made but i dont remember him droppin the n bomb

      • therealest1

        In an early 2004 issue of The Source, it had Eminem on the cover putting up his middle finger, dressed in boxing garb. I’m sure that was published without his involvement. The issue also had a disc enclosed in separate packaging of an old recording of Eminem that was dug up to use in the smear campaign against him during Benzino’s beef with E. Eminem says N i g g e r on that song because it was recorded after he had a bad breakup with a black chick he was dating that time in his life.

        That’s the song I was referring to. But it obviously backfired on Benzino since E made some songs back at him and he didn’t lose any black fans in the process.

      • Kevin Farley

        yeah i know the situation and heard the song foolish pride i just dont remember hearin him say it in the song

  • Negro Peligro

    Man you gotta learn your lessons earlier not late. Don’t matter EM talking to dude would only help Benzino. So why would dude do it. Plus Benzino gonna go gossip about it right after. So I wouldn’t say nothing.

    • therealest1

      I agree with all your points especially about the gossip part. You’re right about that aspect because Benzino did dig up an old tape of Eminem expressing his frustration at that time in his life, that is like on a gossip type level, its definitely immature and bitch made on Benzino’s part. It didn’t make fans, especially black ones turn on Eminem, it only made people either hate Benzino and The Source or made people hate them worse than they already did.

  • daveofthematthews

    I’m all for maturity and trying to be positive but I can not help but Lmfao at Benzino, the phrase “You’ve made your bed now lie in it” comes to mind. this dude is a disgrace in my opinion and Hip Hop is better off without his old hating ass, good riddance to bad rubbish!

    • therealest1

      Benzino has to kiss a relevant rapper’s ass since he can’t buy relevance on his part anymore after he got terminated from the Source. I guess this is a last ditch effort for Benzino to gain relevance or keep a few seconds of fame in the rap game now.

      • daveofthematthews

        I agree with you 100%, And if this was sincere he would not have gone public and this would have happened a long time ago and just so no one gets confused when i said “I’m all for maturity” i should have followed by saying that this ain’t it, this is desperation.

      • therealest1

        A potential idea for a future episode of that crappy ass ignorant reality show he’s currently on perhaps? An attempt to get it on tape with an Eminem appearance on it for ratings?

  • TruthSerum

    Sad part is, Benzino raised some good points about the way the game was being played. Em addressed alot of the same things in his lyrics on songs like “White America”, chances are if Benzino would have approached him about it like a man Em would have helped his cause. He made the mistake by attacking Eminem and acting like he was responsible for the way the world works. Em didnt design society unfair racial discrimination was in place well before he picked up a microphone. I’m sure if Em had it his way guys like redman & Masta Ace would have sold diamond and had the same oppurtunities he had, but Em isnt the one who gets to decide things like that. Benzino took a valid argument and discredited it by selectively prosecuting a genuine hip hop fan and great artist for the rest of the worlds problems and as a result the entire point was lost on the people watching who just saw him as a jealous hater looking to start a fight with a superstar.

    • therealest1

      You’re right on all points! Especially with that last portion. I sure did forget about how Benzino raised a valid complaint about the system and how it works. I got lost in the context that he was trying to wage a war against a superstar. That whole scenario seemed that way to me honestly.

      Benzino sure picked the wrong rapper to mess with given he was also a legitimate battle rapper originally. It isn’t Eminem’s fault that he was the chosen one to be the superstar of The Machine. He has to eat too and its an opportunity for him. Benzino just came off as trying to lay blame on Eminem for the way the system was unfair or biased with that beef.

      And him trying to label Eminem as a “Rap Hitler” was asinine to me. Really? Would a “Rap Hitler” associate, collaborate, and work with highly relevant black artists?

    • CaliTransplant

      Well said, homie

    • daveofthematthews

      Summed it up succinctly Don’t suppose you want Sydney Lace’s job do ya?….

      • TruthSerum


    • ReadMore82

      Wow we actually have intelligent convo on this website, nice. Great points everyone. Very enlightening. Remember “De Ja Vu” with him (and Mademen) and No Limit. Loved that song.

    • Sexy_Sabe

      wht made it so bad is benzino isnt even black himself so imo i was like stfu soon as i heard him mention it. I did hear the tape, but he ws a kid mad cuz his black gf dumped his ass. I knw blk chicks who get to sayin shit like “tht white boy aint shit” after the break up with their wit white bf tht they loved cuz they are angry, it dosent make em racist. Zino had some good poinst but no credibility or voice ppl wanted to hear so noone cared, not to mention Em’s music ws so good ppl ignored it like the fact tht Rozay ws a C.O. Good music overpowers everything

  • JimJames29

    First time I see EVERYONE agreeing on something…

    • therealest1

      A good Friday perhaps? Well, almost EVERYONE, not quite though because some are gullible to believe that Benzino is trying to mature. People just don’t change overnight. Most of us find it hard to swallow that Benzino has a sudden change of attitude towards Eminem based on that all out smear campaign he waged against him.

      Most of the people with common sense can see this is a scheme on Benzino’s end to garner attention since his current joke of a publication, Hip Hop Weekly can’t gain him the exposure and connects like The Source did before he messed it up with his ignorance and detrimental behavior when he was a co-owner in it.

  • therealest1

    I’m glad to see most of y’all in here have common sense to see this ass kissing on Benzino’s part is a ploy, agenda or ulterior motive to gain relevance in the rap game since he really never had any. Maturity my ass. Why is Benzino coincidentally trying to have a sit down now when he hasn’t had any material for years? Benzino only bought exposure and attention for his unskilled ass for a brief period by being a figurehead in The Source.

    I never hated on Benzino for being a figurehead in The Source and using as leverage to garner him exposure and connects. That was clever on his part in all fairness. I’m all for getting in how you fit in as long as its not detrimental to someone else’s end. But he just fucked it up by going overboard with his position. He misused and abused it.

    The publication and him lost credibility by using a phantom writer to rate that Made Men album a 4.5 back in 1999 to me. They also lost more credibility by trying to destroy Eminem at the zenith of his popularity when the magazine was becoming a sinking ship.

    Benzino proved you could mess up a good thing with ignorance with all the issues he had while he was a figurehead at The Source. He got ignorant with power with his position. He should’ve just tried to stay cool with every rapper especially the big sellers so that he could’ve gotten them to do future projects with him or he could’ve persuaded them to let him get on their tracks. In return, he could’ve gave them exposure and promotion in his magazine since every fan read it at that time. It would’ve been a win-win for all sides since its basically acts of reciprocation for all involved.

    But like lots of people in significant positions, Benzino found stupid ass ways to mess it up with his unprofessional behavior in the company’s offices, biased coverage and ratings system, corrupt rating of that group album of his, using intimidation with the editors to get his ways, causing hostile work environments for the female staffers, costing the company money in a lawsuit filed by ironically the current editor in chief. All that plus the senseless beef with Eminem cost him his good position in the rap game.

    The smear campaign on Eminem was funny because it didn’t deter Marshall’s black fans from supporting his music after that discovery of something he did. Benzino sure failed because black fans still support Eminem to this day, and they aren’t checking for any of his material!

    If Benzino didn’t mess up with his detrimental conduct which cause his justifiable termination, he would’ve still been sitting good in The Source and it would still be a viable and credible publication despite this being the internet age.

  • digitallife

    I think there is more to this story and it hasn’t been told. Benzino was a jock rider in them for benzino to turn around and diss had to have been an even bigger dick than he was. God I miss what the source used to be…

  • He took a L in the war.At least he can admit it

  • therealest1

    Its funny and random that I’m revisiting this beef that occurred 10 years ago. I ain’t going to lie to y’all, I did research on The Almighty RSO this morning by watching videos of their 90s singles on Youtube after reading this article since I wasn’t ever familiar with their material because I grew up on the more popular West Coast and East Coast artists during that decade.

    I heard stories through my homie about The Almighty RSO being real ass street dudes in Boston though.

    Can anyone clarify about the incident regarding Made Men paying a visit to that Ruff Ryders/Cash Money tour stop in Boston at the then named Fleet Center now known as TD Garden back in 1999? My homie told me Made Men came with their peeps to pay a visit to The L.O.X. because they did a show with them before but didn’t get paid for it. I was told someone in Ruff Ryders camp was shanked and Sheek got knocked out.

    But on a diss song Eminem did in response to Benzino, he mentioned someone in the Made Men camp got stabbed trying to run up on Ruff Ryders. What is accurate about that scenario if anyone can elaborate?

  • Way to late to apologize now benny…..this was 03-04 fam….you broke???…foh

  • I missed Benzino’s points, all I caught was the EM beef. He may have had valid points, but he did Play himself with EM.

    I think Benzino had a beef with Kay Slay? It was some DJ who eithered him & threatened that if he Benzino didn’t chill, he was gonna play non stop Benzino records, “BRICK AFTER BRICK AFTER BRICK” as a form of revenge, nothing but str8 Benzino BRICKS for a whole mixtape.

    That was classic!

    • Beezy91

      I think he beefed with Funk Master Flex not Kay Slay. I remember Kay Slay featuring one os Benzino’s eminem diss tracks on his mixtape. It was a beef compilation tape, it was in no way to disrespect Em

  • therealest1

    Wow, it seems damn near everyone who chimed in on this topic is not on Benzino’s side! I guess he really played himself like that by trying to get at Eminem. The ironic thing is that I’m quite sure more than 50% of the peeps who posted feedback on this topic are black based on my logical guess.

    How ironic, Benzino tried to get black fans to turn on Eminem with that smear campaign trying to label him a racist based on that incident when he was frustrated in the moment at that time in his turbulent life, but it was the black fans who turned on Benzino instead.

    Its interesting to see both of their careers go in polar opposite directions after this beef that occurred about 10 years ago. Let’s see, Eminem is still relevant, still moving units, still has the ear and attention of music fans everywhere, still requested for collaborations, still making money and getting opportunities outside the rap game, and it goes on and on for him in a good way. He also hit the jackpot by signing 50 Cent! Eminem put out 2 shitty albums, Encore and Recovery after this beef, but people still support him. At least Relapse: Refill was an awesome album!

    Benzino on the other hand put out 2 albums I believe, its obvious nobody was checking for them. They had to have been so bad, I doubt bootleggers attempted to slang them. He got terminated from The Source for detrimental business and moral conduct and got sued too along with his buddy Dave Mays. After his ouster from The Source, he really disappeared from the public eye. He only put out an irrelevant tabloid style publication in Hip Hop Weekly since nobody really reads magazine anymore because we live in the internet era. It was shocking that I recently learned he has resurfaced on a reality show. Any exposure for him I guess since this beef caused bigger irrelevance on him.

    Again, he used his position in The Source in the wrong way by trying to use that as leverage to get at Eminem. It backfired on him because it made him look like an envious hater with a high position trying to destroy a superstar regardless of whether he had a valid point or not, it was the way he approached it.

  • Mike Thompson

    The end game is the hardest part..and unfortunately Eminem beat this man in every way imaginable .. he isn’t owed a sit down. He is irrelevant and ATTACKED hiphop engaging in the same practice that ultimately commercialized rap. He took what was a neutral and revered publication and tarnished it with personal bias. The source was to be the cornerstone of rap a trusted guide and piece that one would never imagine rap without! He made The Source into the FOX NEWs of rap and it was damn shame. Its important to know what this man did to hiphop and now as he tries to salvage his career he wants to appear as taking so high road by admitting his faults? No.. he owes hiphop alot more and Nas wouldn’t be saying Hiphop was dead had the Source been around giving the correct reviews to so many albums throughout the years.. .RIP rap’s integrity.. yea.. thanks Zino.. now get the FOH…

    • therealest1

      Well said my dude. But I don’t agree with your agreement of Nas’ statement that Hip Hop Is Dead. Although I think Soulja Boy’s music is simply ignorant despite it selling big in 2007, I have to ironically side with him when he called out Nas for being ignorant, somewhat hypocritical for making that statement and album title because he was in the rap game himself, its something he does for a career and for him to call it dead was asinine. That’s shockingly one of the most intelligent things Soulja Boy has ever said despite saying and doing many ignorant things since he’s been in the rap game.

      But everything you said about The Source is so on point! Damn, I recall the days I kept up with every monthly issue of The Source! But honestly, I always hated The Source’s incorrect rating system of legitimately classic albums with their bias.

      But once Benzino legitimately got involved with The Source as a figurehead, it went downhill since he used it to push his worse than subpar projects. When The Source had all those ads and promotion for that Made Men album in 1999, it became a joke. Speaking of correct rating, more like incorrect ratings, The Source really lost my respect when they each rated Nas’ i am… and Made Men’s Classic Limited Edition 4.5, those were wack ass albums. It was sickening to see those 2 shitty albums were rated on par with legitimately classic albums that should’ve really been a 5!

      The Source was already bad for its bias despite it being the go-to publication for rap fans when it was relevant. They’ve always been biased with Nas, it was evident they gave him a 4.5 for a really shitty album in i am… They’ve always been biased with Benzino even when he was in The Almighty RSO before renaming themselves Made Men by giving them lots of ad space and promotion due to Benzino’s friendship with Dave Mays. The thing that really made The Source irrelevant and lose respect of its readers was the fact they were exposed using a writer who never existed to rate that Made Men album 4.5.

      And can anyone clarify when Benzino became a legitimate figurehead in The Source? Was it after he put out that Made Men album or before?

      I guess a reality show is the only way Benzino can eat now since no one will respect his credibility as an artist based on his corrupt and ignorant conduct when he was a figurehead in The Source. That’s on him for messing up a good position he had by getting big headed with power.

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  • Too late Benzino. There’s no coming back from that beef.

  • therealest1

    Where’s that Dior dude? He always chimes in on practically every topic posted. I’m surprised to see he’s not offering any honest feedback on this topic. I’d like to read what he thinks about this one.

  • dotheknowledge

    all i gotta say is everyone grows, everyone matures. em made a mistake dissin blacks, zino made a mistake comin at em sideways. if we (blacks) can let em grow why cant we let zino grow. really we diggin way to deep into this not to know either man

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