Chris Bosh

Rappers, Celebs Attend Chris Bosh’s Birthday; Miami Heat Star Robbed During Party

(AllHipHop News) Last night (April 3), Chris Bosh celebrated his Birthday at Bamboo in Miami.

Although the Miami Heat’s star player drew a number of celebrities to his party, with the likes of Dwayne Wade, Ne-Yo, Flo Rida, Gary Owen, DeeRay Davis and more attending, it’s what happened after the event that’s making headlines.

Unfortunately for Chris Bosh, he was relieved of $340,000 in jewelry, which was stolen from him, as he celebrated his birthday party.

Chris Bosh returned from Bamboo to find that thieves broke into the house and stole watches, rings and purses.

Police are investigating leads close to Chris Bosh since there were no signs of forced entry.

Check out some pics of Chris Bosh celebrating, as his house is being robbed.

Photos By: Thaddaeus McAdams

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  • Dadon850

    Bosh should’ve had less eyes on Ne-Yo and more on his property!

    • Pedro Matos Jr.

      Man real talk Ne-yo look mad suspect in every photo even the 1 wit the females.SMH

  • Tre C

    people are real fuckin foul

  • MrNoName2K

    no forced entry..damn smh… now days you gotta keep your enemies close and family AND friends even closer…

    • RAP Music

      Truth. You know its one of his “boys” if that shit happened the one day they knew for sure no one would be home.

      • MrNoName2K

        i was thinking the same thing fam

  • DollasTX

    that shirt D-RAY got on – hard as phuck … im @ that

  • Good…These are the same dudes who blow hundreds of thousands in strip clubs, so when folks see this kind of activity, then they start to believe that money is no object……..The sequester is in effect and people are starving, one of your gold chains can change someones life.

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      you ma’am are so gay!

    • DJ7

      You can’t be serious B? You garner that much hate towards another man’s success to the point that you applaud (like a lil feminine azz b*tch nig cheerleading someone’s downfall….from the sidelines of course) folks thievery? I get, but will never co-sign, what you’re saying, my point is…..take only from they who took from you….FOH w/ all that other sh*t dude!!

      • No hate here….When you act as if money is nothing then, by all means money is nothing….It’s just crazy how one can spend the price of a house at some strip club, and the minute they get robbed of some jewels, then the world is going to end.

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  • JerZeBoy

    Was little Wayne there ???? lol

  • wilhen123

    Hope it is an April Fool’s joke for his sake!!!

  • Chris says $340,000…………..I say $17,430 (junk jewlery true value).

  • PL

    Had to be LeBron…he was the only one not there…LOL…that’ll be Illseed’s next rumor…

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  • PL

    Unfortunately for Chris Bosh, he was relieved of $340,000 in jewel encrusted dildos and butt plugs, which were stolen from his home, as he celebrated his birthday party.

  • Adrienne LET em in

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  • Them dudes who put his wife’s old lifestyle out there recently? Maybe something to keep them from putting out a tape or pics…gotta be the wife involved somehow. They didn’t even have to tamper with the slomin’s shield.

  • YaheardSyndicate

    That Dj needs some deoderant

  • Donnie Darko

    Prob insured by the same insurance company as Timbaland.

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  • At the risk of sounding like a hater, Chris Bosh looks too damn friendly!

    On another note, you better live in a gated community of you have that much damn jewelry in your home! Peace!

  • BernardPerez

    Lmao bosh ho wife got him jacked by her side piece. Insurance cover bosh. N his lady friend and her side nigga caked up wit 360k plus

  • Real MC Jemini CEO Of The New LaTex

    Reblogged this on This Is The New LaTex!! and commented:
    Have A Party & Get Robbed!!