Jim Jones' Fiancee Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Assault

(AllHipHop News) Jim Jones’ fiancee Chrissy Lampkin reverted back to her old ways earlier this morning (December 29th). According to TMZ, Lampkin was arrested for assaulting a woman at  New Jersey bar.

While no specifics regarding the victim’s age, name or physical appearance were disclosed, it was revealed that Lampkin’s assault bloodied the woman’s eye and was hospitalized. Lampkin was arrested for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct by Edgewater, NJ police.

Jim Jones picked up his fiancee from the police station as she was released.

This is not Chrissy’s first fist fight. During Season 2 of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, Lampkin assaulted Juelz Santana’s girlfriend Kimbella Vanderhee after Kimbella informed Fabolous’ then ex-girlfriend Emily Bustamante that she dated him while Emily was pregnant.

Check out Chrissy’s assault on Kimbella below:

48 Responses to “Jim Jones' Fiancee Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Assault”

  1. ERIC J.

    i cant stand her, her out of shape body, her rasin in the sun mole, her cocky attitude, or her cocky,rude, no rapping ass boyfriend jim. he aint had a hit since “ballin’ “, and had to settle for a reality show to get relevance and they think they’re the shit. jim ran out of ruker park from them goons though . NEVER FORGET “blood” LMFAO

    • Celz

      You got hella potential my G. Imma Cali nicca but I got fam in Jerz keep it up.. I’m diggin the positive street shyt. Honest critique though keep workin on the flow and rhyme patterns.. Negative rappers that have way less skill than you can get away with it because negativity sells.

      • Kevin Anthony

        Celz, Thanks for keepin it G an coming thru an checking my mixtape out man..I got mad love for Cali! Crazy thing is, I recorded the mixtape in a basement so it wasn’t the best situation but, I was determined to make it happen. I just want to offer something different to people who want other options other than what’s already out there u dig me, Appreciate your feedback bro I promise to keep em comin’ Peace Bro

      • Celz

        Real shyt though I’ve been rappin for 14 years and doin industry related shyt for like 7-8 years. You never meet a humble nicca with drive, ever. That’s your greatest asset my G. The bars are nice, just keep honin ya craft, doin shows for experience, linkin with EVERY local DJ even if it’s just networkin. But most importantly keep ya drive, the ability to be outgoing and humble, and just have a stable legal source of income. One a my boys was helpin out with Wiz Khalifa’s promo back when he was unheard of (pre Curren$y days) it didn’t look good for Wiz at all. He honed his craft stayed humble and kept pushin…

        Best of luck to you..

      • Kevin Anthony

        No doubt! Sounds like your grindin hard too Celz. Respect. I Hope you make it an do Big things one day fam, Very inspiring man..the days when I just want to give up..its words like this that keep me going. I just keep it moving an plug away and hopefully, it will all pay off. Thanks again tho Bro!! Whatever your doing or working on, link up with me if you have a soundcloud bro. #Salute My G!!

      • Kevin Anthony

        Much Respect Scullyson! I appreciate you listening, just trying to make good music man but I mos def will. Stay up!

  2. digitallife

    She’s a good business woman but damn if she can’t control her anger for shhhhh…when your partner becomes a liability it’s time to get moving.

      • Truth Powell

        Because it promotes rachetness by people disguising as high class. It promotes negative standards and provides a false mirror of comparison on the girls that watch it.

      • Whydid Youblockme

        I couldn’t agree with you more AND couldn’t have said it better myself ….. #REALTALK #COSIGN

      • Whydid Youblockme

        Also, I watched episodes of L&HH where Tahiry was gettin’ in Joe’s a***z bcz he had another woman’s make-up on his bedsheets. They were at a therapy session (the therapist was a black man). Tahiry goes on & on about how she’s so “ride or die” for Joe but Joe only makes her an “option”. Then she walks out of the therapy session ending things with Joe & sez she’s “done” with Joe but always goes right back to him. I observed Tahiry’s body language when she arrived to the therapist’s office …. she was trying to act all “proper” when really she was flaunting herself at the therapist – her body language towards the therapist was a “come on” & the way she greeted the therapist – with a HUG – in my opinion, she was being flirtatious & totally inappropriate. LOL, sht – I didn’t know people who go to therapy got personal with their therapists by giving them HUGS like that when they arrive for a session. Tahiry’s body language AND the clothes she wore was a loud yell for the therapist’s attention, it was flirtatious & as though she wanted the
        therapist to “desire” her (a fk’ing tease) ….
        Then Erica Mena’s “pouring her heart out” to Rich Dollaz telling him she still has feelings for him but right after she leaves Rich she goes to her girlfriend, who she’s in a serious relationship with. Neither Tahiry’s NOR Erica’s “love-related” scenes & relationships look or feel real. It all looks & feels like loud calls for attention, GAME & fake B.S…… (sorry for my rambling LOL)

  3. PoohDIVA

    Is she 45?? If she does not know how to behave in a club, liquor or not she needs to stay home. She acts like she is in the jungle. You have to give respect to get respect. I thought when Chrissy and Mr. Jones got their own show, she would have more class, not so. SHe is acting like a ghetto chickenhead instead of a business woman who could take advantage of her tv exposure and create a successful well sought after BRAND. NOT!!. I don’t think I will be watching the show anymore, disgusting.

  4. kaybee

    Why are all these people talkin shit about Chrissy? While Chrissy should not have let street hoes take her down to their level, I feel that the ass whoopin was warranted for that grimy bitch, bragging about sleeping with someone’s man while they were pregnant, Chrissy had gutz enough to take her out, like any one with morals and decency would have. I have no sympathy for hoes…I hope the next low, un moraled, trifling hoodrat in her path gets the brakes beat off that ass as well. What is the world coming to, when we take the side of hoes over wives….Dumb fucks.

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