Hip-Hop Rumors: A Love And Hip-Hop Member Is Looking At Serious Jail Time!!

“I’m beautiful and allegedly deadly.”

When will these stupid people learn? Da Brat may not be stupid, but she did something stupid. And that was cracking a woman in the head with a bottle. Well, here is the BS. Shay Johnson aka “Buckeey” from Flavor of Love (back in the day) now has allegedly done the same damn thing. She’s now a staple on “Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta,” but I ain’t watched in a long time. There is a video of the situation and it doesn’t seem like the bottle broke, because you here a “BONG” but no class breaking. And after that “bong,” somebody yells in pain. Then, the fight began. I don’t know why women with these gigantic weaves don’t learn judo something because JUDO KNOW what can happen. They go for that weave. Anyway, the bottle didn’t break but skin reportedly did and the women has pressed charges in the incident that allegedly happened in February.

Here is a video of the alleged incident!

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Clondyke Classic

    Props to whoever shot this video even though they didn’t get the actual blow to the head but that sound of dat bottle meeting that hoe skull was funny as fucc

  • Chris

    Lil’ Scrappy looks like he finna be the starting right tackle for the Falcons this season.

  • $25041764

    illseeed keep saying he dont watch it, yea right

    • hoeyuno


  • hoeyuno


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  • Brooklyn Stoop

    she better call Da Brat for advice

    • brotha_man

      she better not shit didnt end well for da brat.

      • Brooklyn Stoop

        i mean she better call Da Brat for advice on doing that bid.

  • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

    somebody is about to drain that lil love & hip hop money.that clunk was funny ass shit tho.

  • Nic TheDragonslayer


  • baller187

    bye bye THOT

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  • Kevin Anthony

    Smh..June 1st. “The Classics” Soundcloud Kevin Anthony-21

  • king

    Wow why can’t black people just get along typical .

    • vanquishvantage

      ignorance is bliss, whats typical here is that one person defines what all black people do. Most serial killers are white men, are all white men serial killers…..stfu

      • king

        I am not discussing white people.. I am talking about the ignorance in the black race

      • Theres ignorance in every race. Your statement sounds ignorant in itself

      • king

        Nothing ignorant about my statement it’s a true fact.

      • Its a FACT that ignorance exist in every race not just blacks

      • king

        Black people fighting amongst there selves Is ignorant.

      • And any other race is not?

      • king

        This story is about two black women fighting

      • Ok and your response was about black “people” not 2 black woman

      • king

        Black women are people

      • And all other races are not?

      • king

        Did you even read the article and watch the video ?? Only black people in video acting a fool.

    • “Black people”??? So i guess we must be the only race that fights in clubs…..

      • king

        Black people inability to get along with each other is the truth point blank if you don’t like be active in your community to create change.

  • Immortal

    Wow this didn’t come from TMZ or WSHH for a change. Now what the hell is Scrappy up there lookin hard for? And the bald dude on the floor has that “aww sh*t I’m on parole and this sh*t happens” look on his face.

  • Jay Smith

    Who cares!!!!!

  • soyhiphop

    How can blacks be mad at sterling and other racist? When is folks like mona scott who portray ya’ll in the worst light..these people have provided a public platform for rachetness and walking stereo types..this is no different than the sambos and racist shows and cartoons of the 1940s..only thing missing in these shows is a bucket of fried chicken and somebody eating watermelon..get your mind off tv..turn that shit off for a week or two..eat knowledge drink wisdom

    • Southcidal

      There’s nothing that Mona Scott can do to justify Sterling’s actions. You’re acting like any race is perfect. Neither Scott or any member of her cast represents the black race. If you are not black, don’t speak on black matters. And who are you to tell another person what they can or cannot be mad about?

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  • Vic Sage

    Fck cares?!!” Fckin’ ghetto birds

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  • Yesgayman22

    you need to check your facts….

  • Breeze

    She aint been on the show yet this season. . . Wtf this nigga talkin about a staple

  • Yo the Brat took a crazy million+ dollar L for doing the same shit. I don’t know the severity of both hits but if its anything similar to the Brats case shorty is about to take a big L. And i highly doubt she has Brat money

  • baller187

    she a trick anyway, now she just fucked off her money for bein ghetto