50 Cent Affiliate Arrested For SlowBucks Chain Snatching

(AllHipHop News) An arrest has been made in the chain snatching that claimed Slowbucks golden jewelry.

Mikey Fingers, who is a purported member of 50 Cent’s crew, was reportedly arrested for the infraction.

Some chided the act of turning Fingers in.

Mike Lighty said on twitter, “#ShoutOut The coward @slowbucks For Snitching On the Homie Aka Tio #MikeyFingers !!!!! These @slowbucks Cats talk about killing drugs and gangs But when the block Is flamming these be the same Cowards Snitching and pointing People Out ….. #Free my ni**a #MikeyFingers !!!!”

Slowbucks seemed to have a counter to the “no snitching” stance by others in the community.

The video of the incident was captured by AllHipHop’s cameras.

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  • Eric Cartman

    Nobody outside queens knew slowbucks. You get involved with 50 cent’s crew and then every one knew who you were. Could’ve promoted your brand by dropping a mixtape this week with great music since we’re all googling your name now. Instead you destroy your brand by doing everything you claim to be against. 50 got his chained in angola.. It happens to the best of them. Slowbucks handled it the worst way possible… 40 glocc had 10 fans before his lawsuit against game and now he has 2. NOT A GOOD LOOK

    • Vinsanity


    • Eny Daboss

      you sure you from here Or east coast ? cause he is well known in the ny state and atl and killadelphia

    • Bumpy Johnson

      funny i just bought a slow bucks hat in houston texas

  • water_ur_seeds

    So SlowBucks is a rapper??? I wondered what all this SlowBucks talk was about…

  • scullyson

    Never heard of slowbucks until this ish jumped off.

    • hoeyuno

      Me either. .I refuse to check them out on YouTube and give them a view. Nice to see some fake thugs get exposed before they get rich off our culture. .

  • J.C.

    i’d cut them some slack if they didn’t advocate the street lifestyle.
    just goes to show ain’t no love in these streets

  • hoeyuno

    “We not into criminal justice, we into brand justice”……ok but you just got a man locked up so you twisting words trying to get out of being labeled a rat is weak….fif and affiliates shoulda caught these kids backstage or something. .I knew that video was bad news..if these kids didn’t file charges the cops might have on their own…..lesson to young rappers if you were never part of that life find something else to rap about…..we dont feel sorry for you frontin ass gimmicks!!!

    • Eny Daboss

      ask 50 how did they know that jimmy killed his associate lol, slow didnt put no video out , the fan that did it is the snitch he tried to show the world 50 was a G and that cost him a hoemie or dummy

      • hoeyuno

        Homie!!! Your catching way too many feelings off this shyt. .either these are your boys or your the kids themselves trying to do damage control…Solar was doing the same shyt on here when Guru died (rip) and his anger exposed him…You’ve been writting essays for the last 2 days on why these kids arnt snitches and why 50 cent is….

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        Jimmy the real rat that boy been working for police since the 90s… Also that boy Gunplay got his chain took on camera nobody went to jail..hmmm

      • real talk with that gunplay point

  • Jared

    Hot 97 is the main snitch lol

    • soyhiphop

      It’s. Mr cee yo hes exchanging information ..cops release trannies from jail to his custody

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  • Ipullcards

    He better slow his roll and get some police protection smh. How real is his brand now? You guys rep murder and mayhem but than this happens? I’m confused

  • Realist4200

    This sh!t isn’t an example of snitching. They robbed him on stage in front of tens of thousands of eyes & cameras. If they didn’t wanna get “snitched” on, maybe pick a better place to do the job.

    • Branden Davis

      if its an assault after the fact unless its a felony assault even on camera someone has to press charges for an arrest to be made.

  • Chris

    You snitch on yourselves when you rob someone in front of 50,000 witnesses. F*ck outta here.

    • Word!!!!!

    • Elayorx El

      I honestly believe this whole thing was planned from the get. It could have easily popped off back stage, but this was a message, and I agree with many here that this will get thrown out, just as quick as it started.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    NY state of bitches… Niggas stole a chain live in front of cameras… Idiot

  • Eny Daboss

    how did he snitch he is not the one that put the videos out lolll and at the end of the day there is no criminal lawsuit, its like you shoot a store owner and they catch you on tape

    • gekko

      fool he reported and pressed charged to get him arrested. if he hadn’t gotten a lawyer to press charges nothing would HAVE HAppend

      • Eny Daboss

        fool are you, nigga went to business law aint got shit to do with criminal charges, the one that put the video out did snitch and stupid ask yourself why did he get arrested and not the others maybe fifty set them up as he did with fletcher

      • Nah, it’s a squueze play, perfect legal move to win lawsuit, especially if Fif got homie in & onstage, it’s a wrap.

        Slowbucks about to get big bucks!

      • GQ

        No he’s not.

      • We’ll see.

      • hoeyuno

        Maybe..this kid got one lawyer and short money though..fif will have a team of snakes with a 8 digit cap on that shit…

      • So would it be cheaper to settle, or pay 8 lawyers?

        “Too many teachers in the class spoils the school, after a while, you got blabbering fugging fools!”

        KRS – Build & Destroy

      • hoeyuno

        I think it would come down to principle.

      • Hubris!

        Make it cheaper to settle.

      • beezy

        You cannot “get a lawyer to press criminal charges.” Private lawyers do not prosecute criminals, prosecutors(DAs, US Attorneys) do. What are you talking about?

      • gekko

        you are a fool the lawyer bass to put in the motion and he has to agree to the cops to get him arrested.. you clearly say slow bucks saying its into brand justice which means he had something to do with it .. this is not commons sense its called knowing the law go read a book

      • beezy

        Name calling? It’s very telling. Smh.

        So, what do you make of the part where he says he is not into criminal justice? I took that to mean he is not dealing with the police. He appears to be making a distinction.

      • ‘Chet, the arrest just helped his lawsuit 100%.

      • Dubois9

        First off THERE IS NO LAWSUIT !!!!! As of yet …. Ck public records smarty mcfly ,secondly 50 is not gonna lose if it does go to court !!!! All fifty did was perform …. They were @ a neutral location. fif is a star on stage performing …. That’s like sayin fabulous is gonna get sued !!! Cause he was rt next too it … The case will get thrown when everyone finds out SLOW BUCKS WAS ILLEGALLY ON STAGE !!!!! That’s like breaking in a zoo AND YOU FALL IN THE LION PIT BY ACCIDENT AND GET MAULED .. Then try and sue the ZOO !!!!!! Lol

      • Ace

        So what’s next after the private lawyer is done investigating? Then there’s a report which can be used as evidence in court, it also helps the police. Why investigate something you already know?? Did PAC hire private lawyers to investigate who shot and robbed him in ny? Na he found out them ninjaz by the streets and he never claimed brand imagine BS yet he was a brand

  • Product of Da Reagan Era

    Hopefully it was worth it. If 50 a real G then he will hold this dude down. However, knowing 50’s track record for sending his soldiers back to the hood he may turn his back on dude. Also, Mike Lighty mad at Slowbucks for getting robbed saying he foul for taking action, but he isn’t mad at the idiot for doing a robbery in front of 50k people. I don’t sympathize with stupidity, that dummy deserves to get knocked just for that dumb $#!t.

    • Dreday410

      Where you get that info about 50 track record…..He took care Mike Knox very well (beat Gun play) we took care of Mobb Deep member P visited Beanie in Jail and word is this guy already has the bail from G unit

      • Product of Da Reagan Era

        I’m from Queens so I personally know people who put in work for the Unit…R.I.P. Ice, Jah, and Star. Cats be clowning Bang Em but even he will tell you how it is. Before I use to think 50 was just distancing himself from the streets(going legit), but if you still robbing n!gg&$ at summerjam then that can’t be the case.

  • solmon

    SlowBucks just Killed his Brand……..

    • JerZeBoy

      Exactly, it was bad enough he had a name like slowbucks, now if you wear a shirt with his “brand” on it you might as well have an NYPD shirt on




    • You sound stupid!

      Should your Mama take that L?
      >>Never heard Slowbucks claim gangsta.

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL



      • Casor_G


      • These kids need help!
        SMDH @ Keyboard thugging.

      • Casor_Greener

        Yep keyboard thugging.

      • Somebody needs to show him how hard it is to press charges with broken fingers!

      • You sound even stupider!

        >>In Korean grocer from Menace 2 Society’s voice :
        “I feel sorry for your mother!”

      • GQ

        You never heard Slowbucks claim Gangsta, but they do. The whole group is on some “Queens gangsta sh!t”

      • Maybe, I won’t dispute it, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a $$$ play.

        Is it a sucka move?
        Depends who you ask.

        Kinda hard to tell your daughter who spent her life being molested by foster parents while you were in jail for shooting a goon, that the bright side is Ninjaz don’t consider you a sucka, etc. as opposed to her living off a trust fund established with 50’s $$.

    • john

      Cosign. Had he took the L and dissapeared for a bit shit would of died down. Him snitching made everything worse

      • THE REAL mac DIESEL



    • Do me a favor, please get off the next man’s 4-9-3-11.

  • Lucins Eggins

  • I just don’t get it when people shout, rat, snitch snake et al.

    Dude isn’t a rat or a snitch, to me he is doing what seems to be right.

    Someone who acted foolishly by robbing another person deserves to be punished by the law of the land.

    Stop following stupidity peeps.




      • There’s no need for me to say what I think of you as a person, your comments speak volumes.

        You sir need to learn some basic social skills.

        I’m also hoping that you’re not like this in real life.


      • THE REAL mac DIESEL

        YOU’RE A RAT!!!! EAT A DICK!!!!


      • I can tell you’re not liked in real life either too.
        What “person” puts ” Don’t hate on my opinion” as their signature?

        I suppose you’ve experienced being disliked for most of your adult life so you could easily predict it happening online as well.

        Here’s my advise sir, if you want to be liked, learn manners and never expect people to agree with you. Be persuasive and provide intelligence when debating. Think before typing, its not that hard.

        Oh yeah, shake the bread crumbs out of your keyboard it seems to have jammed your “CAPS LOCK” Or do you think using caps online is gangsta? LOL

        You can get rid of the crumbs by turning your keyboard upside down and shaking it, I won’t suggest using compressed air, you’ll probably take your own eyes out using that by pointing the nozzle in the wrong direction.

        Take this on board “Never bring a sword to a gun fight” ( You’re getting into a debate with peeps that use their brains.

        And one final thing, make sure you attend the AHH award show, you’ve been nominated for the dumbest comment of the year award. I’m sure you’ve got no competition.

        We hope to see an improvement next time you decide to comment.

      • Dubois9

        Don’t be so naive !!!! cause & effect …. Slow is a antagonists point blank !!!!! He took pics with every known 50 enemie or hater . So the pic with Marcus was DEFF DONE ON PURPOSE TO LOWER 50 cent brand name …i.e being gangsta ! That’s fifs bread & butter ! if all would of went as planned slow would have posted a pic of himself on stage behind fif with his Middle finger pointed @ fif !!! But instead ….(keeping it real went terribly wrong!

      • Very accurate summary, but legal issues are being debated / translated now.

      • hoeyuno

        You might have something there. .if this kid was trying to play fif like a sucker then this kid deserves no sympathy. .

      • A rat is a person who tells on another person to get out of a crime they did, got caught doing or because of Jealousy for what ever reason, on the real he got Robbed on a stage in front of 55,000 people…..if any one is the snitch its the guy who took his chain on stage, he told on him self

    • hoeyuno

      These kids make music about selling crack and shooting maddafukkas…..when your part of that life its kinda a no brainer that running to the police is a no no…if these kids were normal peoples in the community and hired a lawyer etc. ..nobody would give two shits….

      • OK, I not sure if I knew who he was prior to the beat down and chain jacking. but I may have heard about him vaguely without paying too much attention to him.

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  • The Irony of a guy name Mikey Fingers getting arrested for stealing lol…either way SlowBucks a Bitch In My Eyes…I Won’t call what he didn snitching because he’s the victim, just seemed like he should’ve handled it differently, not exactly sure how but this definitely wasn’t the way i envisioned it.




      • i’m not gonna hate on your opinion, but technically he is the victim of the robbery, 50 don’t like him, i get that, beat his ass on stage…cool…but the robbery is what made him the victim.

      • Ace

        2 ninjaz tried to jump me on valentines day afew years ago but I escaped, wen the police came they asked me who they were I said I didn’t know them, I said to the police it was probably a mistaken identity even doe I knew them and were they lived and also knew for sure it wasn’t a mistaken identity. The next day I went over to their house deep…. I was the victim bt didn’t point out ninjaz now beef is squashed bt they respect me for that shit and they know am a real ninja that’s my juice and brand immortalised

      • There is the key…the “No Snitching” rule comes with retaliatiuon.

        It’s not about letting Debo victimize you daily in the name of being cool or some misguided code of the streets.

      • Ace

        Some beef is never squashed but some is, so picture squashing beef with a ninja who snitched on u… That’s almost unforgivable bt when u get rushed there is always pay back time bt after the beef is over both parties will respect each other for not snitching esp to the law

      • Understandable, but this isn’t some street ‘chet from Slowbuck’s standpoint!

        Like boxing, you run, I attack, you attack, I stand my ground, you stand your ground…I run.

      • exactly…thats what i was saying i don’t respect how he handled it for him to be a street nigga

    • Da Ledgendary

      LOL I said the same thing. The irony of Mikey Fingers getting knocked for stealing someones chain.

    • Dubois9

      The victim lol really ???? That tape isn’t gonna be ammissable in court . it’s not what u kno it’s what u can prove ….. By the way, I haven’t seen 1 good tape were u CLEARLY see him get robbed . Oh and he won’t win 1 red cent …..I.e. Drake / Chris club brawl !!!!!! You had over a half dozen trolls who sued the club Chris n. Drake …… The two didn’t pay a dime cause it’s all about what u can prove !!!!!! Right now all u hav is here say and shotti video lasting 29 seconds !!!!!

      • we’re not talking about what can be proved or not we’re talking about why he is technically a victim…there is no question of did his chain get snatched which made him a victim, why he’s the victim and what he did after being victimized is neither here nor there…but he is an actual victim by definition.

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  • Product of Da Reagan Era

    FYI all you guys saying Slowbucks is a sucka for telling on your favorite rapper’s goons, guess what, your favorite rapper is a snitch. There isn’t a code in the music industry no more, they all snitching. At least Slowbucks is telling on n!$$a$ that violated him instead of snitching his way out crimes he committed.

    • Da Ledgendary


    • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

      Where did 50 snitch? You can easily find out whose snitching the ppl that say 50 snitching are the ones that have issues with him none of that has ever stuck but this dude slow supposes to be street and this how he handles it? His brand wasn’t in danger until he decided to sue he sued a few days after the event how can he prove there was damage to his brand? Him suing will hurt him way more than losing his chain

      • Not if he wins big $$$.

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        50 money long you can’t prove he had anything to do with that besides ppl “talking” he can easily say he was performing like he was brought out there to do and the show must go on. Slow had no reason to be on stage.

      • If Slow had no reason to be onstage, that’s different.
        50 is responsible for his entourage.

        If I come to your house & bring a grimey Ninja whole stole from you….wouldn’t you blame me too…if not more, since the grimey Ninja wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for me.

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        He tried walking on stage they stopped him he played tough and shit hit the fan.. 50 has always said jumping on his stage shit could happen if anything Hot 97 is more responsible cause it’s their show.. Slow ain’t winning this

      • i agree Hot 97 is definitely on the hook…except for the tresspassing, if what you say is so, Slow doesn’t have much of a case, especially if Fingaz cops out & claims he was was just being Mikey Fingaz.

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        And even if he wins Slowbucks the brand is dead, the whole appeal came from it being a street brand with rappers backing it dude even use to roll with G-Unit now this? Nobody that is a fan of hardcore Hip Hop is gonna wear that brand (maybe friends) it’s a wrap for boy when it comes to those shirts..

      • In reality, the brand was already dead, so Slowbuck’s is in a win win situation…..since he already lost.

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        Nah it wasn’t dead cause ppl still would rock it, shit happens it’s all in how you deal with it but something we would’ve forgetten in a couple weeks will go down in hip hop history as a way not to keep your credibility

      • LOL~N True…except you can’t find one person on THIS board, who was rocking that ‘chet pre Summer Jam.

        We may have forgotten, but Slowjam never would have.

        I agree though, best case scenario was for Slow to just take that “L.”

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph


      • Ghetto Suburbia

        Man get off 50 nuts, he always snitching in his music, interviews, he always talking about somebody..Ole Dry Snitching Ass

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        Y’all dude’s funny AF y’all want a nigga to keep shit real in his music and when somebody do, he snitching! Dude spits his life, ain’t friendly with these rapp frauds and is exactly want we want for the content he spits, you get off the nigga’s nuts.. Y’all cyborg thugs crack me up .

  • At the end of the day if you have problems with someone whos bout that life you shouldnt be anywhere near them. if he didnt get on that stage it wouldnt have happened.

    • Legally, who had a right to be on stage, the performer authorized to perform, or the goon that robbed him?

      • Phibes

        I would say the goon since we know slow wasn’t with 50.Slow had no business getting on that stage knowing this man had problems with him.

      • That will be the legal issue.

      • Dubois9

        U sound like slow bucks attorney !!!! Gett it in yah thick skull that HE DIDNT BELONG ON STAGE!!!!!! So hot 97 …..50 ……shit punk flex Dosent owe slow bucks anything but some advice …….(put some ice on it ! Helps wit the swelling !

      • If he didn’t belong on stage, then that definitely hurt his case against Fif, but not Hot 97.

        Not Slowbucks attorney, just illustrating the other side of the issue for educational & entertainment purposes.

      • Dubois9

        I can respect that you PLAY A GOOD DEVILS ADVOCATE ! Kudos!!!!! Keep it up I can always enjoy good intelligent debate

      • >>Dapz!

        Just trying to help Hip Hoppers expand their thoughts.

      • shit that dude that robbed him was all over instagram and backstage so he was authorized t be on stage. now nas and his peoples stayed on stage. the mob was getting bigger and bigger. when fab came out he brought out his crew too. i’m just saying if u know a dude dont like you dont be in his area. especially if you know what hes about. he used to be 50 lil homie.

      • I’d sue Fif too!

        Slowbucks may get big ones!
        Whoever got homie on stage is liable, legally, and this is felony robbery?

        Not a smart move at all. (Business wise)

      • bigdoe6

        Dude got on stage cause he’s a groupie. Simple.

      • Slowbucks or the goon?

      • bigdoe6

        Slowbucks. Regardless of what the case may be why did he get up there knowing that 50cent is there????? He was just mocking his son on a picture and talking all crazy weeks before summer jam. This goes back to what i said earlier. Why in the world did he get on that stage??????? When you play games in the streets you or your family don’t determine the value of your life. The streets do. The streets appraised his life and to the goons who were there his life meant nothing to them. It’s that simple.

      • I agree, but if SlowBucks was scheduled to be on the stage…that changes matters dramatically.

        If he wasn’t, then that is a seperate issue, with hot 97 still being liable for lack of security.

      • bigdoe6

        Ok so why is he pointing dudes out? That’s snitching fam. Listen to the wack music Slowbucks and his crew makes. They talk all this street stuff and blah, blah, blah. Now he pointing dudes out. I lost all respect for him.

      • I never had respect for him, nor will I listen to his music, but it isn’t snitching.

        Now if dude that got charged tells them Fif paid him to do it, in exchange for a lighter sentence, to me, that’s snitching.

        Slowbucks don’t owe them dudes any loyalty, etc.

        Is he a sucka for not taking it to the streets?

        That’s debatable.

      • Jovaughn

        on point!

      • >>Dapz!

      • i dont think he will win though. the altercation was between that dude and slow. 50 isnt even acknowledging that bs. its like the bottle incident at greenhouse. people sued the rappers and/ or the club. he should sue hot 97 if thats the case for not having enough security up there. i doubt he gets anything from 50 though. imo

      • bigdoe6


      • Indeed, Hot 97 is also liable.

      • ILLAmusic

        So by that logic meek should be liable…he brought trav and slow there…trav was just smart enough to stay backstage

      • Negative!

        In THEORY*, event organizers are liable for event security. If 50 was the event’s invited guest, and brought the goons with him, that also makes 50 liable, and with Slowjam’s, uh, er, SlowBuck’s attorney’s legal theory of Brand Dilution, connecting the assault & robbery to Fif, while difficult, there is a case.

        Fif worth too much to do dumb ‘chet!

        Imagine going on The Apprentice & getting jumped by Trump’s goons.

        The Donald is liable, especially if he condoned ( *through acceptance of the goons actions ) the assault.
        The only real issue is how much can SlowBucks win.

      • Elayorx El

        I see you, EDO. I was thinking this, as far as a “ninja”, having a price, and how all that, “no snitching” can go out the window for the right one. The greatest, “G’s”, have snitched for less. Great post.

      • >>.Dapz!

        You already know!

        Pressure bursts pipes.

      • hoeyuno

        Good point

      • I gots / went 2 kollich!

      • ILLAmusic


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  • bigdoe6

    Slowbucks is so slow he fell into 50 antics. That’s when you know you’re not a street dude. He set himself up by getting on stage thinking everything good. You did what 50 wanted you to do. That was his way of destroying your brand. He knew slowbucks was going to go to the police and get dudes locked up. Now he’s officially a rat.

    • That’s his lawyers argument, 50 destroyed his brand…..intentionally,

      • ILLAmusic

        He destroyed his own brand with this, nobody was saying shit about his clothes before he ran to the lawyers, now people won’t wear them….maybe slow shouldn’t have taken that picture with 50’s son and his middle finger at the camera. never a good idea to taunt a man by using his children

      • scullyson

        Yessir …“Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another.” Should have left Fif son out of that pic. Bottom Line.

      • No disagreement here.
        Slowbucks is lucky his new name isn’t “No Fronts”, but from a legal standpoint, he’s still in the fight….he’s losing, but he’s still in it.

  • Phibes

    For all you guys that keep saying” They snitched on themselves by doing it on video” & that’s why this dude is getting locked up, I have one question.

    If that’s the case, how come nobody got arrested with the incident involving Gunplay? You know why, cause Gunplay didn’t press charges.This dude had to press charges inorder for an arrest to be made.

    • bigdoe6


    • JerZeBoy


    • Chris

      Slowbucks never even pressed criminal charges, though.

      • bigdoe6

        So why is someone in custody? Why is someone arrested?

      • Phibes

        Your partially correct bro. He initially didn’t press charges. But within the last 72 hours he did.

      • Chris

        Word? Damn.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      unlike gunplay, he had expensive property taken, item he’d want back – so the 2 shudn’t be compared

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        Expansive item? They both got their chains snatched

      • Phibes

        GunPlay’s chain was expensive also & i’m quite sure he wanted it back. I know I would have. Lol
        Bottom line in order for the police to step in in situation like this In NYC, you have to press charges.

      • True!

        The truth Teller MAG is actually Butchcraig’s ma99ot @$$!
        He talks ‘chet…but can’t fight a lick, so you know he’s the type to tell.

      • “The truth Teller MAG is actually Butchcraig’s ma99ot @$$!He talks ‘chet…but can’t fight a lick, so you know he’s the type to tell.”


  • A rat is a person who tells on another person to get out of a crime they did, got caught doing or because of Jealousy for what ever reason, on the real THO he got Robbed on a stage in front of 55,000 people…..if any one is the snitch it’s the guy who took his chain on stage, he told on him self.


      Sounds like something a snitch would say

      • what part

      • JerZeBoy

        right! this dude must be a snitch too. I would never buy anything “slowbucks” brand now…I might as well by an NYPD shirt!

      • scullyson

        Ha ha ha ha !!! you wildin…

    • These frauds upset because I show my face and speak the truth hahaha Hidden Face cowards

      • Guest

        he should’ve expected it regardless he knows what their music potrays and even if it didn’t he should’ve known this would be the response…

      • You have a face that only a mother could love!

      • Terrance


      • Just keeping it 100%

      • This from they guy with his lover as his avatar! U gettin REAL bitches

      • I’ll get yo’ Mama if you give me that B’i$h’s facebook!

      • Are u mad because I made fun of your lady??

      • Are u mad because you don’t have one?
        You ‘ole Notorious B.I.G. on crack, looking MuddaChucka!

      • I bet you and your lady do it to DMX “Get At Me DOG”

      • Why? because your mama gets “BuckWild” & Butt naked, whenever it plays?

      • I bet when your lady don’t come home at night u sit in the dark can cry to “Who Let The Dogs Out”

      • I bet your mama be upstairs, splitting a jumbo with the neighbor, right before he cornholes her for the other 1/2, while you’re zoning out in the dark bathroom, sucking on a hot crack pipe so hard, that your lips look like you’ve been kissing a hot iron, hoping to get one more hit from the resin oil you scrapped out of your crack pipe 7hrs earlier, right after you were staring your barber in the eye the whole time he was giving you a haircut!

      • Wrong!!!!! Crack heads don’t have computers #VICTORY

      • Yeah, but you have to admit, the ‘chet was still funny, you ‘Ole ButchCraig @$$ Ninja!

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  • ILLAmusic

    Allhiphop just putting this story out? Shit was all over Twitter yesterday lmao

    • Joe Smith


      • ILLAmusic

        I live in the internet cause it was all over my Twitter timeline? Ok bro, TAKE CARE lmao

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  • oh boy

    slow duck messed his brand up by taking a photo with dudes who tried to got into a fight with 50 and they all got their arms all around 50’s son then they posted it on the net then to get on stage with 50 and his crew he wanted his ass beat. Now slow duck talking brand well the dude who beat his ass ain’t branding like that. 50 did right by continuing his performance the job he was paid to do and not getting in it. Slow duck walked in the lions den got into a fight got his ass beat and lost the fight and his chain. If he cant handle street shit sit yo ass down stay home and build yo brand and stop starting shit. He got embarrassed like he tried to embarrass 50 by posting that pic. Slow Duck is now a snitch that f-ed his own brand up

  • Kitwana Robinson

    i just read comment have stupid opinion about snitch but video caught you off guard then get a new clue .

  • Police get paid for nutn….always telln….let them hoes do they job…If u need em they ain’t around…they sure be around when you don’t need em tho

  • Reblogged this on Jessie Spencer's Blogspot.

  • gf

    The boy snitched one way form or another,by da way,nobody knows slow buck in killadelphia beside those lame ass rapper, slow buck use to feed 50 goldfish,he n trav,he was feeling himself when he seen a lil bit of money, thouhgt he was da king, of new york ,until shit hit da fan ,until summerjam,he learn da hard way,da street smells weakness, cats get da drop u stuck,he thought those others rapper dat look up to him was going to intervene but nope, godfather on stage who dare, I feel bad for son, it was all good just a week ago,, how he come bak shows who u were for real,u either a wolve or a sheep n wolve clothing,,case close

  • gf

    And for those who hate 50 n want to sympathize wit slowbucks, goodluck, cuz homie wasnt suppose to b on stage number one, he can b charge wit trespassing, he wasnt booked to perform,if he didnt get check, he would have went on instagram as usual promoting his socall brand,sayin he gangsta,on stage dolo,f dat, he was offer da chance to leave n he refused n got serve a full meal,eat it n shit my dude,dont play wit da godfather infront da world ,now show these internet gangstas lawyers n spectaters wat u made off, for those dat dont know, investigatin n anyform or shape from another self proclaim street cat on anothet is not street,lesson of da da, stay ya ass away from fire if u don’t want to get burn,wat a joke

  • Reuben Czovczov

    Let me get this straight. So if someone steals my property and I can identify them, I will be considered to be the one in the wrong if I press charges against the perpetrator so that they can be locked up and don’t do the same to someone else? What the hell is going on over there in the black community in USA? What kind of reasoning is this?

    • Dubois9

      If you are some were illegally …… i.e (slow bucks ) then you take it like a man !!!!! Period !!! He was doing some illegal shit ( Tresspassing !!!)) that’s like breaking in my house, I shoot yah ass more then once and you try to sue for pain and suffering !!!!! The guy should not ! Have been on stage let’s DEAL WITH THOSE FACTS !!!!!

    • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

      The problem ppl have with what he’s doing is cause he claims to be gangsta and they claim to do that same shit to ppl. 50 got shot nine times you ain’t hear bout the shooter getting locked up but you did hear of him getting killed basically if you do dirt you get dirt if you not bout that life just be a business man

      • CooL_KiD_305

        The nigga that shot 50 is not dead, from what I heard. He’s still out here breathing

      • hoeyuno

        If Hommo was the one who did shoot 50 then yea that maddafukkas dead..fif says hes the one that shot him in “many men”..

      • Hommo ( Homocide ) was mike Tyson’s man…killed by Lil kim’s ex, over some totally unrelated ‘chet.

      • hoeyuno

        Yea tyson dedicated his fight to him ..I meant fif said that hommo shot him..”hommo shot me/3 weeks later he got shot down”…fif never said that he was responsible for hommo’s death but probably didnt mind leaving that open for hip hop headz to assume before it got solved.

      • Yeah, i took it as Fif saying it was karma, not that he did it.
        If you get hit 9x, you ain’t doing ‘chet in 3weeks.

        Now Lil Kim’s Man (Damion “Wordly” Hardy ) was a str8 Anybody killer.

        He’ll be on American gangster soon enough.

      • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

        Yeah they say Hommo shot 50 and he ain’t no longer here

    • Ninjaz is stupid.

    • PorchBoySlim

      No. If you are an ordinary citizen you would be doing what you’re supposed to do. If you’re supposedly in the streets you’re a snitch.

      • 5% Hov


    • 5% Hov

      If someone YOU DONT KNOW steals from you thats called robbery. Call the police – get your insurance money.

      Slow Bucks acting like they about the life – thats called KARMA/

      Going to police in that situation is SNITCHING.

    • Reuben Czovczov

      Well, I guess things differently here in South africa. Over here if you and I have beef, we don’t go around dissing each other on radio stations and in songs while avoiding each other like drama queens. We settle our scores once and for all in person. Robbing someone you have a quarrel with here is the lowest you can ever go in terms of low blows. Its what you guys over there call a “b*tch-a$$” move. Its considered unmanly.

      • hoeyuno

        Ok. But this is a beef between rappers. .

      • Reuben Czovczov

        But rappers are still men right?

      • hoeyuno

        Yea and I agree that alot of the times these rappers and entertainers need to lock themselves in a room and shoot a fare one but the way you said shyt you were implying this is how everyone deals with there beef in America…read your comment if you disagree. . You said “I guess things differently here in South Africa”…

  • meanygreene

    don’t know who this guy is, but why name yourself slowbucks? why not fastbucks?

    • Slow $$$ is steady, fast is unpredictable.

  • Dan_Tebasco

    Protect their brand? Before this happened no one knew who they were, this is the biggest promo dude have gotten and it only cost them a chain, HOWEVER, they are totally failing by calling the popo’s on them… Supposedly they rap about gangs and crime and sh-t, now I’m not suggesting they shoot up 50’s crib or anything BUT they should at least act the role proper and not taddle-tell… How is that gonna look for their “brand”?

    • 5% Hov

      No one outside NY. True.
      Snitching to Fed aint the way to go about it

  • Eli Pinilla

    Look, you can’t be out here talkin bout “f*ck the law, f*ck the police” and you use them when you can’t handle the street sh*t yourself. All of yall tryin to justify that shit look stupid. He lives a certain way of life. When u live a life, you gotta be about that. He lived that life and by those ethics when it benefited him. Even created a brand from it. But the minute he in a situation he can’t handle, he runs to the law for help. That’s sucka shit. If you aint bout that life, don’t promote it and say you live it….shit, they way I look at it, 50 helped the consumer out. Cuz the were buying into a product that didn’t represent what they thought it did. Bucks f*cked up a brand that shouldn’t have been a brand in the first place considering what the brand stands for and who it is that actually created the brand.

  • dehova

    I’m confused. Is slowbucks a person, a group, a t-shirt company or an app?

    • 5% Hov

      It’s a mistake

      • dehova

        LOL! That’s the one brother and an extra big up for repping Garvey

  • I’m still living in another era, because I swear I feel like the only person who doesn’t know who or what slowbucks is.

    • ..

      ‘Slowbucks’ are two people Slow is a Queens, Nyc haitian nigga that used run with g-unit who now sells t shirts to teenagers in nyc, bucks is a rapper Slow is trying to promote.

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      you are not alone there are millions of us out there

      • hoeyuno


      • Victor Feliciano


    • dehova

      Yo. I heard slow bucks comes from a family of about 12. Ain’t 1 of them know this n***a

  • Bullshit, another fake hype for 50 cent’s album release. #promotion

    • Jacquez ImAwwsome Joseph

      Tell that to Slow that boy going thru it

  • Jamel Williams

    I’m lost if somebody tapes a robbery on camera and posts it to the internet how is he a snitch what about the person who put it out there. And this happened in Jersey so why would NYPD get involved. I just don’t understand how people are wired this day and age.

    • 5% Hov

      U dry snitching son

    • t1m3b0mb

      It’s true what the hell is slowbucks gonna tell police “I got robbed at summer jam” no shit homie 80k people n the internet all saw it clear as day!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        but you still have to make a statement reguardless of what was on tape … isnt that how lil kim went to jail … for not regurgitating what was already seen on tape ????

      • beezy

        Lil Kim went to jail for lying about stuff there was no reason to lie about. She tried to say she did not know her long time friends that she was tied to in all kinds of ways. Silly.

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  • gf

    If gotti was to get his boot leg liquor hijack, n then got da law involve, will u understand it, street shit stays n da street, video tape or not,street niggas from queens knows who sliwbuck is so to go da route he going is not approve, case close, this is not about 50 n his crew, this is bout slow buck n his crew, n if u don’t know, john gotti was a business man also wit a brand

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      i feel you but @ the sametime you are comparing a bootleg liquor business with a legitimate tshirt company lol … ijs …

      • gf

        Ijs base on these dudes history,im just not speakin of wat da internet publish, im in touchvwit wat goes on n queens underground to sime extend, u mite know dem as shirt salesmen but niggas dat knows knows, dat all im sayin,so go lil easy when u legitimized businesses base on wat u think is legit n not knowin whether its a front or not,u know wat im sayin,at da end of da day,u play tuff guy, u betta bak it up like a tuff guy, these niggas aint playin checkers, slowbuck need to learn chess,end of story fam

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i def dont know anything about these guys pre slowbucks viral wear … and the songs they put out with juelz … i hear they have some history with gunit … it sounds like they were interns and then in another vein they sounded like they were somewhat goons for gunit … i dont knoiw .. im not sure … but i know today they have an official brand … dudes may have been street @ one point and time but so was jayz … cats is trying to go legit … and as legitamate business men doing what they are doing is a valid move ….. NOT SAYING I COSIGN IT or thats what i would have done …… but @ the sametime i see why they are doing it ……. def dont think it was thier best move ………. in all honesty sue … but sue the venue or who ever put the event together …. that would been a better look …. and catch fif or whoever was responsible on a later note …….. either with physical revenge or the SOUND OF SUCCESS !! ….. i personally perfer the sound of success … i follow the boy slow on ig … and i watched his ig account rise by like 50k new people after the incident and prior to his press conference … homey made the wrong move !!!!!!! but it is what it is … we all could be wrong … the future will show who is truelly right …..

      • gf

        U either in da streets or out da streets period,u cant have ya foot n both doors player,wat is it, tell me if u agree or disagree wit dis point, if slow wasnt invited by the host of da venue ti b on stage n he shows up, dat venue can also sue him,tresspassin,etc,etc, 50 can counter sue him n say he slowbuck was on stage to tarnish his brand uninvited, n cause bodily harm,who knew slow intentions,also u made a comment bout instagram following, do u know da possibility of him slow postin picks of him on instagram showin off promoting his brand on da same stage wit gunit 50 brand, like, I told ya,there is no problem,publicity stunt,but it got real, cant play checkers while cats wit more money than u is playin chess, slowbuck is a student of 50, he should no betta,agree or disagree,his brand is done, stores cancelling orders my man,fact

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        dont get me wrong i agree 100 … even trav said he was @ the concert but he wasnt going up on stage lol … slow i think just been in such a comfortable space he slipped up … real life woke his a$$ up tho … sometimes you need that wake up call tho … hes just handling it in all kinds of wrong ways …. they should of went the diss record route from the gate … shoot hes trying to get the SBOE music and cloths off the ground …. what better way than to shoot a diss @ 50 cent …. sending lawyers @ fif only boosted his gangster …..

      • gf

        N u mention jay z, let someone try to disrespect beyonci by slappin her ass n c if jay z respond wit only a dis record,since he aint street no more, there is different kinds of street individuals that handles their b I in many ways shape n fashion, 50 style is more upfront than others, but dont sleep, they r all deadly on da same level

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        i feel you but wifey and yourself are 2 different things .. personally if someone attacked me depending on the situation i might tax it to the game especially if i got caught slipping out of pocket … but if someone puts hands on my wifey or kids or any1 in the fam … its on … i own a weapon but it aint to protect myself … its incase someone ever gets out of hand and messes with my fam … but thats me … not saying jay rolls the same way … but when your talking people you love the levels go up …. im tuff i can take a few smacks … ill bounce back … but i will be damn if you put hands on the fam

      • Guest

        jayz got enuff $$ to get anyone cleaned up via 3rd party and enuff $$$$ to handle the lawyer fees … i highly doubt Slow is in those ranks just yet … he getting $$ but he aint getting that type of $$

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  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    its a QUEENS thang! If a man tells you that its not a good look to be in a photo with his son that he is currently at odds with, its best to listen, But no ! U want to get on stage with him and his people?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>1?!!?!?!? FOH!

    • scullyson

      Exactly….Could have been worse.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        50 beefed real serious with Supreme & Darryl “Hommo” Baum so what you think he going to do some industry niccas? They puzzy, like most of these cornball AHH haters in here…

      • scullyson

        And when you get too close to my seed as if you telling me you can touch him you have essentially violated any and every rule of the book. nah I mean ? I mean Im from jersey but got fam in Corona but that rule applies almost anywhere as far Im concerned.

      • Yeah, true, but slowBucks didn’t mean it like that, more like, “Your son thinks I’m cool and thinks you’re not!” type ‘chet, but had he meant it that way, then yeah, it would have been much worse.

        I can’t wait for the pic with Fif’s son wearing Slowbuck’s chain though!

        Fugg that! That ‘chet will be He-Larry-Us!

      • scullyson

        Edog with all due respect that ish dont fly man. Im sayin though if Slowbucks had say one of 50 die hard fans and he took a pic Hell I ‘ll go one further say he took a pic with one of Fif’s former artist and he was doin it on some look he thinks Im cooler than you type shit as you put it that would be more acceptable but not his blood. Im jus sayin. Anything Other than that it’s on some real buster BS.

      • I feel that 100%, if he meant it like that!

        Fif has done dirt though, Stench Montana filming Khaled’s mom, Rick Fawlse’s baby mom, Henchman’s son being slapped, so I can understand him taking it there, & even if Slowjam was a chump, he might still get comfy enough to violate, but Fif ain’t feel threatened about Marquis, if he did, ‘chet would have been much worse than a public humiliation.

        You know the old saying :
        “Never give a minor injury to a major enemy.”

        Fif was wrong from a business standpoint, but on some street ‘chet yeah, he was 100% correct.

      • scullyson

        Heard you…

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        @ the end of the day you dont mess with peoples kids especially in the public eye .. thats a very touchy subject there … you better off messing with a mans woman than his child … you never know the outcome of messing with ones child … dont forget john q!!!! folks will go the extreme … wether it be big or small …. think about those parent who go to schools and scream on the staff cause they child is a nuisance lol …. sticky subject no matter the level of interaction ….

      • I agree, Slow Fugged up & had to pay.

        He didn’t think ‘chet stank…..until they rubbed his nose in it.

      • stone

        well what goes around comes around . 50 did the same thing slow did with rick ross son . now u kan get of his nuts

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        henchman son being smacked is some bs … but yayo never did say wether or not lodi did it but he @least cleared himself from the smack down lol

      • ** DAPZ **

        Yayo know the deal.

        That ‘Chet was foul and so is the UPN’s (United PacTard Nation) trolling Floyd’s seeds on twitter.

        It’s one thing to beef, another to violate.

        Still, you know dayum well SlowBucks wasn’t / isn’t / will never be on some beef chet!


      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        damn the fans got no chill smh and lol

      • ll3acdafukup

        He still flappin bruh how you out in LA trying to do movie and book deals but got time for AHH comment board dude is really funnystyle…Let me go take a disadvantage and turn it into a advantage!!…

      • Basically!

        Turn that L into a W.

      • bigdoe6

        How do you know Slowbucks didn’t mean it like that? You didn’t his emotions. He made a bad decision and he had to pay for it. He is a man. Stop defending this man. If he had some real dudes in his crew they should’ve pulled him aside and checked him. You can make a diss song about 50 but why involve family??? He crossed the line. As a matter of fact why his homies didn’t come to his help on stage??? I heard they all scattered like roaches.

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        and the fact the boy trav said he was there and even admited his homey slow shouldnt of been up there and sort of admitted that he knew to stay away from that himself to avoid some potential bs …. makes you think either slow was provoking looking for a come up or really thought it was love …. funny thing is he was getting love from the unit before it went down i think even kidd kidd dapped him up before it went down lol but judging by slows history from what i know of before this happen … he seems to try to stay IN THE CROWD …. so it was prob him trying to get that shine with the in crowd …. wrong crowd tho this time …..

      • I bet the showed him love specifically to catch him out there.

        That makes 100% sense according to Fif’s image / charecter.

      • You just answered your own question.

        Obviously Slowjam is B’ishMade, that’s how I know he didn’t mean it like that.

        Also, you don’t intentionally telegraph your moves in real life.
        If you’re going to do it, you just do it, all that extra Tony tough guy talk is just that, talk.

        Slowjam bluffed, and 50 called it.

        I’ll repeat for the younger generation:
        “Never do a minor injury to a major enemy.”

        Either go for the jugglar….or stay home.

      • stealth

        “Also, you don’t intentionally telegraph your moves in real life”

        I have to agree. Thats why I know niggas like the Game and 40 gloc dont wanna do nothin to each other. They make to many damn video threats ! Who would post a video threatening to kill somebody then go do it ? Nobody wanna go to the pen.

      • Same with Slowjam.

        I can go clearer, if ninjaz are gonna touch your seed, they will send a piece of it to you, to show they ain’t bluffing.
        IE: Richard / Donell Porter ( Paid N Full ) & Preacher.

        If Ninjaz ain’t ready to go that far, but want to test to see if you will:
        G Unit / Lodi fletcher slapping henchmen’s son.
        ( Obviously, Jimmy was willing to go further, which is why you don’t do a minor injury to a major enemy.)

        If you str8 bluffing with no plan, you take a picture & post in on Instagram….then call the cops for help, once fugged up like Slowjam.

        The youngsters playing, not knowing that’s the main reason young ninjaz die quick.

      • ll3acdafukup

        LMAO… Just post the “G” Codes Ed..

      • I might have too, it could save one of these fool’s lives.

      • Fugg it!

        i dropped a few below.

      • Lol fucc ni99a how u know what that snitch mean? Was u in his head when he did it? Did he tell u after he did why he did it? u a bitc# ass hoe ni99a and id i can tell off ya comment alone. I doesnt matter whatever the meaning. The point is slow got the wrong ni99a fucced up in life. Bra got treated like a hoe ni99a than showed himself for what he realy is and thats snitch. Dry snitching is also snitching and any real niggas know that. I dont think fif gives a fucc is his older son thinks he is cool or not. He always hugged up on instagram wit his younger son. I think fif feels about that like how he said in his song. You should fucc wit a winner bitc# if u wonna win. Lol that all

      • B’ish Ninjaz do B’ish things.
        Like the way you responded, you loud mouthed clowns are always the weakest, as history has shown, it’s like you have something to prove, whereas the thorugh Ninjaz are always humble, and eager to avoid having to prove how thorough they really are, because you are only as good as who you go up against, and the thorough ninjaz expects everyone he goes up against to be just as thourogh as he, whereas you B’ish Ninjaz expect everyone you go up against to be just a B’i$H@$$ as you.

        I’ll put it clearer, if he really meant it like that….he would have just moved on Marquise, instead of fronting like you would.

        You B’ish Ninjaz run the risk of some one mistakenly taking you seriously, as face value, and that’s what leads to all the “slow singing & flower bringing.”

      • Spoken like a true p u s s y

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • stone

        HAMO was the one who shot him . remember he dry snitched that in a song . “Many Man”

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        U commenting on something I daid 7 months ago. NICCA fu(k you!

    • bigdoe6

      As soon as the pic was posted i knew 50 was loading his guns. Lol.

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  • gf

    Like fif said, there is many ways to skin a cat, do ya know stores refusing to reorder slow buck shit, think im lyin, hit da mall tommorow n inquire, wat happen to homey is equavalent to a real physical harm, his brand is n a coma,real talk

  • Montezuma1

    Mike Lighty stfu. Your brother Chris took his own life because of the pressures this aspect of the music business caused in his business and personal life. Your own brother had your father, a former FBI or Cop get involved when dudes from Queens got at him in Jimmy’s. I wish all you entertainment people and fans would stop acting like you’re street experts or people. Just get money and be the squares you were born to be.

    • bigdoe6

      That’s exactly what Slowbucks should’ve been. The square he was born to be.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      mannnn i wouldnt go that far …. no one knows why chris lighty took his life .. @ the end of the day the truth to that might blow us all away … might be over some chick for all we know ….

      • Montezuma1

        His woman was leaving him cause his money was funny. The way you get a hoe is the way you keep her. How was this ni99a money funny and he managed 50?! Being 50’s manager or associate means you become isolated and dependent upon him. He plays everyone in his circle like do-boys. It may not have been the sole reason for Lighty taking his life but believe it played a part. Of course there’s always the Shakir Stewart theory but I’m not touching that one. I’ll keep it where people can relate.

      • Nah, fugg that, touch on Shakir Stewart, your identity is safe on here…although….
        >> In Bill Duke’s voice in Menace:
        “You know you done fugged up…RIGHT?”


      • Montezuma1

        You stay trying to figure out if Clark Kent is really Superman. lmao

      • Nah, I’m trying to figure out if Superman is really Clark Kent!

        >>In Wesley Snipe’s “King Of NY” voice ( *After getting elbowed in the nose by Frank during “QUESTIONING” :

        “We’re onto your fuggin’ @$$!” >> Holds head back while applying direct pressure to stop the bleeding!

        P.S. :
        Not too many people from your ‘hood & know Chris Lighty, 50, JMJ, Randy & what’s ‘ole girl’s name?

        >> Monte’ raises his hand, jumps up screams out like a kid in school:

        “Lydia! LYDIA!”

        See man….you telling on yourself.

        >> In Jimmy Olsen’s voice: “Not many know about Shakir, even fewer would be in a position to know what you know…CLARK!”

      • Montezuma1

        I’m crying laughing.

      • That ‘chet was mad funny when he fugged Wesley up though…LMAO @ the body in the trunk!

      • Pirate7X

        “We’re on to to you, you fuqqin’ FUQ!! (walks away sore)”
        ONLY time ever in film I enjoyed seeing brother get socked by a white boy.

      • “Hey Jimmy!
        I got a piece of chicken for you..YOU Chicken eating MuddaChucka!”

        Too many classic lines :

        “You guys got fat while everybody Scharved in the skreet!”

      • Pirate7X


        “((BLAW!!)) Where my chicken at?! ((blaw-BLAW!!))”

        “I ain’t no greaseball named Artie Clay…”

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


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  • Reblogged this on Jarrisa Vs. Encore and commented:
    wth lol #Goon

  • Quintin Williams

    Guys, bottom line is Slowbucks claims to be a street dude and we all know dry snitching isn’t cool and it will interfers with his career. Once you get your lawyer involved it’s a wrap. 40 Gloc sued Game for beating his ass and it wasn’t a good decision for his career, even though 40 Gloc sorta benefitted from suing him since his career never went anywhere

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  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    slowbucks is 2 people the dude who got jumped dont be on them tracks talking that talk so how does anyone ouchea know he really is about that life …? imo hes only @ fault cause fif gave dude a fair warning that im sure he heard .. i dont know either one of them and i knew fif had issues with dude lol #noseymofoz lol

    • gf

      People out here know cuz its a small world n people talks,n mrkevinwashington im starting to think u work for slowbucks damage control team, if u dont know wats going on ,fall back n let da smoke clear n then maybe u can add ya two sense, until then spectate on this issue,

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        nah far from part of the team but ive been following dude for a min … im just playing devils advocate a lil lol …….

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