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50 Cent Warns Floyd Mayweather To Leave T.I.'s Wife Tiny Alone (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Everything seemed all good between T.I. and Tiny as the reality show couple sat next to each other at the BET Awards this weekend. But 50 Cent is back once again to throw some more drama into the situation.

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50 jumped on Instagram to point out that boxing champion Floyd Mayweather was recently seen trying to speak to Tiny again. Reportedly, a fight between Mayweather and T.I. broke out in May because the champ was perceived to be getting too close to Tip’s wife.

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The G-Unit boss warned Mayweather to leave Tiny alone. First in the caption to a picture of Tiny and Floyd, and then in an IG video.



In the clip 50 says:

Champ what the f**k are you doing? You better make this s**t make sense. You must think this n***a a b***h. You don’t play with a man’s wife like that man. You gonna get shot over this s**t. Even a b***h ass n***a will shoot you for some s**t like that.

50’s commentary comes just hours after Mayweather was named to Forbes magazine’s list of 100 most powerful celebrities. The superstar athlete came in at number 7 overall partially due to his reported $105 million earnings.

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Watch 50’s IG post below.


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  • IceBergSlim

    Yes Lord…50 is right ..Mayweather better stop sleeping on TI

  • Dan_Tebasco

    50 trollin and sh-tstirrin

    • Casor_Greener

      LMAO. nothing new though

  • scullyson

    …Fif wild as hell. He speaking the truth tho. smh…”Your uppercut aint gonna mean shit when niggaz start to shootin”..lmao

  • B.U.

    Truth wrapped in humor.

  • like 50 was the first person to point that out lol we were just all waiting for 50 to do a skit lmao

  • Brindle

    Floyd trippen over that lil bulldog

  • RobJMars

    50 is a funny dude who likes to pop off jokes that may be offensive to others but he won’t give a shit. That’s like “How 2 Rob” dude is no chill lol great entertainer and at the same time you can’t be on the wrong side and jump on stage with him… lol

  • chevy_weight_champ

    Lmao damn 50 why u fuccin with money may ha!ha! You gonna have Tip going bacc 2 his Bankhead days ha!

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  • Montezuma1

    Not a fan of any of these fools but Floyd is looking like a corny ni99a right now.

    • Casor_Greener

      How so? Looks like he killing him softly

      • Montezuma1

        Because that’s dude’s wife and even if he banged her that ain’t nothing to publicize. Floyd is just upset the barmaid (Ms Jackson) from KOD left him and all his money for Nelly so now he’s chasing Tiny and Ashanti because he feel Nelly and TI laughing at him.

        These are grown successful men jumping through hoops for women they had to drag to the top. Ashanti got there on her knees with Irv and it took Irv;s wife literally whooping that ass to end it.

        This is real messy. Too many bad chicks out here for dudes to be exposing themselves for has beens and basic chicks. This ni99a Floyd posted proof Ms Jackson aborted his twins or what he thought was his twins. The dude is super feminine. He’s like one of the girls with his antics. This the same guy who was crying to get out of a 30 day sentence after 3 days. The more I see him the more disgusted I am with him

      • bigtokyo40

        My Dude you have some good points there!

      • scullyson

        Putting his business out there like that with the abortion was not smart. Nah…Im still trying to figure out what part of the game is that. ?

      • Casor_Greener

        Mayweather is a sucker, and you make some good points, but I was only referencing this situation. Him and TI are supposedly “beefing” and he is rolling around with the dude wife. That’ll hurt anybody

    • De’

      say that one more time

  • baller187

    this is all 50 does talk bout the past, he finished and not rellevant

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  • 50 is INSTIGATING.

  • Cory Evans

    BS that dude not instigating..he is keeping it real. Yall said that almost as if TI didn’t see the carpet video…he know Floyd trying to puch his buttons. All 50 said was chill out and keep it real…sounds normal to me

  • maya

    Horrible instagram. Just make your music and leave the kiddie stuff to the kids. Instagram lol

  • Markus

    50 could care less how things turn out between those two dudes. 50 is doing what he does best: fanning the flames and having fun while he doing it.

  • GP

    how fif going vouch for TI when he carried him on the gunit album TOS. on that you so tough.

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    50 is an idiot but he’s right… any man who really loves his wife would do some crazy shit for her, to her, or because of her

  • jon dubock

    i cant tell if tiny is white or black…she look like the waynes brothers in “white chick”….damn she ugly….

    • Two_guns_Billy

      White or Black the bitch look like a mutant pig…

  • hollywood tee

    One more thing people keep talking bout the 50000 units sold…let me break it down yes it’s a flop. Now is this the same album he gave the video and songs away too every week….and the same album that in every city they was bumping one song off of it on radio. And cars every where banging in they speaker before it drop. Well I wonder how the f. K you get 50000 people to buy a album that a million or better was listening too for free…
    Now don’t know if you just talk or check facts nobody is selling albums rite now. In rap it’s about 150k 170k the last hot album sold. But them the next week they don’t even make the charts. Your fav rapper is barely going gold. Lil Wayne yup lil Wayne that young money record they put out and just one award for on b.e.t. Only sold 27000 first week nobody talks shit about that. And a few other rappers did low numbers it’s the business. People don’t buy music no more let me change that people don’t buy rap no more. Why and I’m blk so don’t get made but blk folks hood folks don’t buy music we get for free and then get on line and say hahaha he only sold 50000 haha if there was no way you could get music for free half you haters wouldnt hear nothing but what’s on radio. But you can’t deny 50 and the unit is hot again and he showing he’s the top dog in NYC. The same dude that rode on cats is smart enough to get those same cats to sit at the table and eat wit him and it’s love. TO ME THATS A TRUE BOSS.

    • Two_guns_Billy

      Some black ppl never bought albums..He had a huge white fan base that he no longer have..I agree its not just 50 but most hiphop artist because all the bullshit that was coming out turned ppl off to rap.I use to buy albums myself but rap is so watered down now that I refuse to spend another dime…

      • bigtokyo40

        So true with that my dude!

    • Sgt. H. Jennings

      Bro, you can slice it how you want. 50 Cent selling 50000 units is a flop no matter how much music he gave away or how bootlegged it was. That’s an excuse as he knew the shit wasn’t going to sell so he used that as an insurance policy in case he gets called out. This cat was notorious for talking shit about how much he sold more than the next artist. How popular and how many units he sold over seas and tons of other bragging shit. It was cool because he had the #’s to back it up. Now, he’s just another artist dropping a cd and it’s collecting dust on the shelves. Jay pretty much gave away his cd with the million deal with Samsung along with it being heavily bootlegged but still pushed another million units that fans went out and purchased via iTunes and other outlets both digital and in the stores. No one is checking for 50 like they use to. Why, I have no idea but the #’s don’t lie………….

      • Christopher

        YG, August Alsina, John Legend and Mariah Carey all sold less than 60,000 on a major and they are everywhere these days all over the radio but that’s cool, when 50 does it independently then no one is checking for them

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        The major is pushing those artist in hopes of increasing sales. Not just for the hell of it. Trust me, let August Alsina and YG sell under 100K overall and their next or 3rd LP’s (depending on their contract) will be on Indy labels. Mariah and John Legend are established artist who more than likely have deals with the labels to distribute their music but they make the call on what music of theirs is being put out and per the #’s they’ve fallen off too. Not saying they don’t have fans or they lack talent, I’m just saying per the #’s they’ve fallen off. But I was only talking about 50 Cent. You wanted to bring other artist in so let’s do that.. Let’s back this up with actual facts of artist who per the #’s have not fallen off who are in the same genre of music as those who have fallen off per the #’s: Beyonce is still platinum, Drake is still platinum, Kendrick Lamar is a platinum selling artist, Jay is still platinum, Justin Timberlake is still platinum, Rihanna is still platinum. All these artist fall in that Hip-Hop/pop culture realm. Per the #’s people are still checking for them in a “major” way. lol. #’s don’t lie is all I’m saying my dude.

      • hollywood tee

        Yes I said its a flop…but you clearly missed that but when you have hate in your eyes you can’t see clear. And you missed the point I made and sgt. H. Jennings nicely added top name artist is selling nothing bro without giving free music away. But yup let’s ride 50. Why cause people tend to go against what comes from them. But love fake as niggas like Ross,jay, and all this trash that’s out now. Never have I ever thought jay was nice. He stole everybody style that he ran wit from street dudes to this music shit. Check your history jay first video he was trash had a Hawaii shirt on rapping fast. Then he started hanging wit dudes switch his style put out reasonable doubt didn’t sell shit. Then he got on his grind put it out again it sold 4 million witch is highest selling to date. Never was a big album seller. Didn’t do big numbers like em, 50, nelly. Anint the most lyrical, every song he did and someone else was on it they torn him a new one. He’s seems to never be around we other dudes was out. Where was he when big was out. Where was he when PAC was out running thru New York rappers. Like jay said himself I come out when there’s a drought when it’s slow when some one else is shining he can’t. And that’s the facts jack. Mr knowles that’s all he is to me

      • Sgt. H. Jennings

        Hate is the first thing that comes to mind when someone disagrees with you. Hopefully you grow out of that soon. Per the #’s today 50 Cent has fallen off. Per the #’s today Jay has not. Per the #’s today Camron has fallen off. Per the #’s today Drake has not. Per the #’s today Nelly has fallen off. Per the #’s today Eminem has not. Call it what you want, you pick. The #’s don’t lie is all I’m saying and can be used as a foundation of an artist’s current position in music today.Never said they weren’t talented. Just spoke about them in terms of the #’s they are producing today. Not yesterday, today. Don’t be mad bro. It’s just AllHipHop… lol..

    • El Dogga

      Where did that come from??? Good point but this article is ABOUT 50 commenting on Floyd and TI!

      • Ipullcards

        Peace.. Word my bro! He’s right but it came right out of left field. But niggaz be going hard on 50 trying to kick a dead horse but that just makes him more relevant

      • El Dogga

        LOL, I’m agreeing with him but I was like “tell em why you mad son!” Noone even mentioned that in the post.

        At the end of the day, I don’t care how much it sold, it rocks I got it. He dropped it and wasn’t delayed a million times like when he was on shady/aftermath so I’m straight!

        Sales don’t sound good on my speakers, MUSIC does!

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  • ZUBU

    Yo Floyd is that brotha in the ring, but he better leave Tip alone. I think Tip got heart and he a lil’ crazy for certain, which is not a good mix for Floyd.

  • bplus1220

    TIP ain’t gonna do shyt! Stop hyping this fool. Mayweather is a professional boxer, T.I. stepping to Floyd minus an entourage ain’t happening!!! Any goon T.I. got will talk we know that, and if thats the case…this fool will be back in jail “A.S.A.P” <– T.I. song!!

  • wickedjones


  • anemia716

    damn she ugly.

  • Ipullcards

    He’s joking but he’s serious.. Floyd acting like this man ain’t go to jail for machine guns a silencers. Don’t be a scary dude but don’t be stupid..

    • De’

      Absolutely!! People forget 50 knows Floyd he is making a statement, and he could just pick u’p the phone, but…anybody that comes from the south…Fam is everything!! You hear me… and T.I.P doesn’t have to be the one firing…and Im sorry I love both…no hating, but bullets take down anybody just working with their hands. Let’s be real. T.I. has been doing good with movies,fam show, so, just trying to go on and not be hood, but sometimes, a person can disrespect you. Period!! I don’t care who a person is ….if your guard doesn’t stay up everywhere you go…you can get got.!! Tiny knows she loves that man and revenge probably over what she thinks happen in L.A. …at the end of day…she has a family and a husband. She needs to act like it. Because, Floyd is not a one woman man.

  • king

    What fifty going to do snitch on him no one is worried about fifty

  • smoothjazz

    50 need to mind his business b4 he talkin bout he in another beef.

  • James Evans

    T.I. Ain’t gone bust a grape in a fruit fight! Unless he wants to miss out on that guap. As far as 50 any1 who knows him knows he loves to instigate a situation he has no personal stake in in T.I and Tiny.

  • Deadpool Water

    T.I. bitch ass ain’t gonna do shit and neither is fiddy. End of story

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