Keith Sweat: Lasting Forever

The man partially credited with introducing new jack swing (a mixture of R&B and hip-hop) has a name – Keith Sweat. Sweat and producer Teddy Riley embodied the burgeoning mixture between two genres already on a collision course. But, back in the late 80’s, they were just getting started with Sweat’s Make It Last Forever… Read more »



Meckelle: Spoken Silence

The tones that are thrust from Meckelle’s vocal chords create a warmth steamy enough to melt the thickest snowbed, and that may be what just what her native city of Chicago needs during the winter months. As many artists come and go, showing promise and making strides to be the best, Meckelle plans to show… Read more »



Avant – No Limits

Cleveland native Avant landed his first recording contract in 1998 when he was barely 20-years-old, and in 1999 MCA Records released his song “Separated” on a summer compilation. Avant signed a deal the following year with Magic Johnson’s label, which was distributed through MCA Records. In 2000 they released his first full album, My Thoughts,… Read more »



Regina Carter: Dreaming of Paganini

With the slow, careful movement of a mother carrying her new born child, The Maker gestured to transfer the fragile item he held to its nervous recipient. Ms. Regina Carter, Grammy Nominated violinist and jazz artist from Detroit Michigan, reached to take the priceless apparatus from The Maker. Unsatisfied with Ms. Carter’s positioning, The Maker… Read more »



Goapele: Dream Street

People might have a hard time pronouncing Goapele’s name but after listening to the album they will learn what great music is. Her debut CD Even Closer gives your 14 tracks of soulful, sensual, music that good for the soul. The title track alone will force you press the repeat button and listen to it… Read more »



Joi : Wild Flower, Pookie Pt 2

With twelve years and four critically acclaimed albums on her resume, Joi is definitely no stranger to the ups and downs that the music industry offers. The story of her career reads like a never-ending roller coaster, going round-n-round, up-n- down, never stopping along the way. In 2004, she plans to rewrite her history book… Read more »



Truth: Pookie Series Pt 1

Anyone who knows who Truth is knows she was lied to from the very beginning. She was on the verge of becoming R&B’s next big thing, but it never happened. Her debut single, “Addictive,” blew away mainstream listeners across the globe, but that’s as far as it went. Although Truth was the victim of another… Read more »