Breeding Ground

Malik Ferraud

Malik Ferraud Drops New Song – “Changes”

Baltimore native Malik Ferraud is back with an inspiring music video for his latest release “Changes”. The song and video were completed prior to the recent situations in Ferguson, Missouri. But Malik felt that now was the perfect time to release this video because he wanted to give his listeners some much needed motivation and inspiration in hopes… Read more »


Dave Ea$t AllHipHop NG

5 & Done: Dave Ea$t

Innocence lost and faith regained through personal redemption, Dave Ea$t, possesses the poetic soul of a black rose. Lyrical symphonies derived from the corner to the collegiate classroom, his evolved perspective resonates with a universal appeal. Repping the east side of Harlem, Dave East, strives to utilize his talents and drive to create another Hip-Hop renaissance…. Read more »