Common’s ‘Smokin Aces’ Hits DVD With An Ecological Friendly Twist


Aces, which

stars Chicago rapper Common, hits stores on DVD today (Apr. 17) with an ecological-friendly

twist. The

DVD is one of the first released by Universal to use all-recycled material for

its packaging, in an attempt to help protect the environment.The

movie centers around a comedian-turned informant named Buddy "Aces"

Israel (played by Jeremy Piven), who decides to turn states evidence against the

mob. Before

he enters into protective custody, he heads to the casino’s of Lake Tahoe, drawing

teams of assassins seeking the $1 million dollar bounty on his head.In

addition to being ecological friendly, the HD DVD contains cutting edge technology

and features a Google Earth tie-in, which allows viewers to show the exact location

of each assassin during the film. Smokin

Aces was also recently turned into downloadable comic book online, with a

new 7th chapter added today. "Universal

asked about doing an online comic for Smokin Aces and putting it on the

website as a promotional tool," Director Joe Carnahan said. "They also

told me they would be doing a traditional printing, just like a regular comic

book. I flipped. No I f**king flipped and told them I’d do them one better – I

wanted to write all the stories." The

Smokin Aces comic book series are prequels, which gives readers and viewers

an understanding as to why each character is hunting for Buddy "Aces"

Israel. Smokin

Aces stars Common as "Sir Ivy" and is the rapper’s first major theatrical

role. The

movie also stars Ben Affleck, Alicia Keys, Ray Liotta, For

more information or to view the online comic book:

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