Debra Antney aka Waka’s Momma Goes In On Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka & More!

Debra Antney aka Waka’s Momma Goes In On Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka & More!

On Waka’s Intelligence

“Waka was a bright-ass kid. Bright as hell. Honors. The s**t that get me about him is that he does this language shit that he do. He’s from New York. Yeah, he was here since a kid, but he’s different from all the rest of my kids. If you hear the way he talk [compared] to everybody else, you know they come from New York. But [Waka] adapted everything about the South; he really do know here better than he know up there. He was a bright-ass kid. And then he just went astray.”

On Tupac comparisons

“When people took [Waka’s album title] like he’s comparing hisself to Tupac. Never that. He know he’s not Tupac. You have people that want to be other people, like it’s not that…  l just told him yesterday. “Why you staying stuck?” He did grow up around guns and drugs but he’s still a fun person. You have to learn how to channel all of that energy into having fun. It doesn’t have to be about shooting and killing… He wasn’t raised in the projects or some real hard places. He chose to hang out in stuff like that. Those are the places that he wanted to be at.”

On Gucci Mane leaving  her Mizay Entertanment

“We talked and he’s like, ‘Auntie I wanna create a label and I wanna be able to do this, to see if I can do this, and you just back me on it.’ At first I was like “Oh, hell no.” It was so hard to just release and let him go, knowing the kind of person he is. But he’s like, “If I do this would you do that for me?” And he did, he went to rehab and he did what he had to do and I had to keep my word. It wasn’t what the people made it out to be.”

On her own childhood

At the age of 9 years old, I OD’d. There was no Bureau of Child Welfare to come to protect me. Me, playing with a mountain of heroin, thinking it was baby powder, it absorbed in my body… Those are stories back then where there weren’t people there to save us.”

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