Chris Brown’s Legal Team Calls For Eight-Hour Mental Exam For Ex-Housekeeper’s Sister

Chris Brown

Singer’s legal team believes the dog attack was provoked by the housekeeper in the first place.

Chris Brown has been in court defending himself against his former housekeeper, who was attacked by his dog in December 2020. His team has been gearing up for two fierce battles at trial. A judge recently sided with him in what seems to be a victory for his legal team. One of the cases has been pushed back three months. The other one focuses on the ex-housekeeper’s sister, Patricia Avila.

His lawyers are demanding Avila, who also claims to have been impacted by seeing her sister being mauled, submit an eight-hour mental exam to gauge how impacted she was by the attack.

The examination will prove if she “continues to suffer mental injury as a result of” the attack, as mentioned in her complaint, according to Radar Online.

“[Avila] stated that she still suffers from emotional distress symptoms and that she still requires ongoing treatment to address those problems,” the legal document reads.

Brown’s legal team says they’ve reached out to Avila multiple times to schedule the examination, but she has evaded their outreach and hasn’t been cooperative.

The form of evidence could be critical to Brown, as this particular plaintiff is seeking an undisclosed amount of money. Her sister, who’s listed as Jane Doe in the first lawsuit, is seeking $71 million in mental and physical damages—an amount that could bankrupt Brown.

While Brown denies that he did anything wrong, he does point the finger at the ex-house keeper. He says she actually “teased, abused and mistreated” the animal.

As the defense lawyer stated, “[Doe] invited the injuries now complained of and assumed the risk of them with full knowledge of the magnitude of that risk, in that she knew her foregoing conduct might cause the dog to attack her, and seriously injure her, both of which events are alleged to have occurred.”