Chrisean Rock Walks Back Blueface Assault Claims: “He Was Trying To Save Me” 

Chrisean Rock accused Blueface of beating her up, leaving her with a busted lip and nose, but a day later claimed he was trying to save her.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface’s volatile relationship has sparked concern amongst their fans again after the reality TV starlet accused the rapper of assaulting her before doing a U-turn and blaming herself for the incident just a day later. 

The young couple has been involved in a series of violent altercations over recent months with arrests, street brawls, and social media spats. They vowed to keep their hands to themselves but got into another altercation a month later. 

Meanwhile, the Baddies South star took to Instagram Live on Saturday evening (Oct. 29) in the aftermath of another allegedly violent incident. Tears streamed down Chrisean Rock’s visibly bruised face as she alleged Blueface hit her in the face after she texted “a boy.”  

“The f###. This is a busted lip. A busted nose… you’re lying. You weird ass b####,” Chrisean said. She then claimed the “b#### ass n####” beat her up because she was texting a boy. 

She claimed she tried to flee the vehicle, but Blueface wouldn’t let her. “He gone pull me back just to hit me in my mouth because I wanted to jump out the car,” she added before stating, “you’re too comfortable and keep hitting me in my face.” Watch the clip below.

Chrisean Rock Accuses Blueface Of Assault

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While concerned fans urged Chrisean to get help and leave Blueface, she returned to social media a day later to walk back her claims. Rock claimed her rapper boyfriend was trying to save her from herself as she was on “a bad trip.”  

“Everybody fine,” she began. “No filter, no make-up. I had a bad trip yesterday with Casamigos. I tried to jump out of a f###### car on the highway. Blueface was keeping me from jumping out of the car. I thought that b#### was trying to get the f### up out the car, but he was trying to save me. I just… blacked out.” 

She added a note explaining she suffered a mental breakdown but said: “I will be working on my mental health n liquor habits.”

However, fans of the couple took to social media to share their concerns about the couple and their toxic relationship. Some called for Crazy In Love, their upcoming Zeus reality show to be scrapped. Check out some of the reactions below.