DJ Quik Talks 2Pac Conspiracy Theories, Suge Knight's Murder Case, & History With Dr. Dre (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) DJ Quik is a legendary representative of West Coast Hip Hop. The “Born and Raised In Compton” rapper did an interview with Montreality where he discussed other famous Californians connected to the culture. One of those stars was the late Tupac Shakur. Quik was asked about the ongoing conspiracy theories surrounding 2Pac’s life and death.

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“There’s no conspiracy when it comes to 2Pac. The reality is 2Pac had got disillusioned with the way business worked, not getting his full respect, not getting the money that he knew he deserved,” stated Quik. “He was like a business magnate and mogul in and off himself. But he was signed to somebody, so he couldn’t really shine the way he wanted to shine… I just don’t think Suge took care of 2Pac the way he could have.”

Quik went on to add that once Pac joined Death Row Records he became angrier and disconnected. While he placed some of the blame for Pac’s downfall on his association with Death Row, Quik did defend the label’s co-founder Suge Knight who is currently facing a murder charge for a hit-and-run incident.

“This seems like the time where everybody wants to be down on him, smash him, and [say], ‘Good for him,'” said Quik. “But this is the time when we shouldn’t. Obviously, he’s going through something physical and mental. This is when you embrace people.”

Death Row’s other founding leader Dr. Dre was part of Quik’s conversation as well. Last year Quik expressed being upset with Dre’s Beats Music when he thought his music was intentionally left off the streaming service. He later retracted his critical tweets and now has only positive things to say about Dre.

“I kind of lost my spirit when I lost my record deal,” Quik revealed. “I called Dre. He knew my situation. Dre don’t judge. Dre let me come to the studio and rock out with him.”

According to Quik, the two producers began working together on several projects including 50 Cent’s mega-smash “In Da Club” and Eminem’s Encore album.

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Watch DJ Quik’s interview below.