Latto Addresses Beef Among Female Rappers, Says Fans Turn Women Against Each Other


The ATL-bred rapper gave NYC’s Lola Brooke some advice about dealing with the bs.

So far in her career, Latto has had the chance to make music with Mariah Carey, City Girls, Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, 21 Savage, Lil Wayne, Cardi B and others. However, the southern hitmaker believes bad blood in the business can prevent some collaborations from happening.

XXL magazine spoke to Latto for a cover story about the 24-year-old Atlanta native. At one point, the outlet asked her about navigating the Hip-Hop industry and dealing with possible cliques.

“You have to tiptoe around like, who’s cool with who. If I’m posting with this person, then I can’t be around this person in the beef world. That’s what I mean by cliquey,” Latto stated.

She continued, “You have to watch if you work with this person, then you can’t work with this person. And if you do a song with this person, then you can’t do a song with that person.”

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Latto got into a highly-publicized feud with Nicki Minaj in 2022. The conflict included an online back-and-forth over Grammy Award nominations. Eventually, #40yrOldBully became a Twitter trending topic directed at Minaj after Latto posted a heated phone conversation between the two women.

That beef seemed to continue into 2023. Nicki Minaj may have thrown shots at Latto on the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” track. Latto’s “Put It on da Floor Again” contained diss lyrics seemingly meant for Minaj. “Put It on da Floor Again” also featured Minaj’s longtime archrival, Cardi B.

In addition, Latto upset Coi Leray because of a line in the original “Put It on da Floor” single. There has also been speculation that the former Miss Mulatto is in a cold war with Nicki Minaj’s frequent collaborator, Ice Spice.

“I [was] backstage with Lola Brooke at Summer Jam, and I told her, ‘Stay out the b#######. Don’t let the fans and the blogs try to make you beef with this person.’ It’s hard. It’s easier said than done,” Latto said in her XXL interview.

New York City’s Lola Brooke linked up with Latto and Yung Miami of the City Girls for the “Don’t Play With It (Remix)” in March. This year has also seen Latto score her first Billboard Hot 100 chart No. 1 single as a guest on “Seven” by Jung Kook.

“I think it really don’t be a problem until we let fans, Stans, whatever you want to call them, like the outsiders once they get in the mix. I think that’s what stirs the pot,” Latto said about the perceived beef among female rappers. “Because it’s like, we will all be fans of each other and commenting and following each other, whatever, but then once they get to comparing, they will turn us against each other, which is very weak-minded of us as female rappers.”

Additionally, she stated, “I will take that accountability. I don’t think truly, at heart, it’s us. Once people are infiltrating your mind and got you thinking this, and now you feel this type of way without even addressing the person, now you addressing fans. I think we be falling for these traps that they put on female rappers.”