Meek Mill Suggests Shrooms Can “Heal The Hood”

The “R.I.C.O.” rhymer sparks debate.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill typically enjoys sharing his thoughts on social media. This week, the 35-year-old Dream Chasers leader seemed to focus on psychedelic mushrooms.

“Strooms could heal the hood I believe!” tweeted Meek Mill on Thursday afternoon. More than 5,000 Twitter accounts liked his post. It garnered over 1,000 retweets.

While Meek wrote “strooms” in his tweet, most of his followers assumed the Expensive Pain album creator meant to write “shrooms.” According to Urban Dictionary contributors, the word “stroom” is an abbreviation for a restroom.

Meek Mill’s apparent mention of what is commonly called magic mushrooms led to an online debate. Some people agreed that shrooms can be beneficial. Other people took issue with Meek promoting a controlled substance.

“Shrooms def would. That’s why they don’t want that to be known,” tweeted one person in reply to Meek Mill’s original tweet about healing the hood. In contrast, one quote-tweet read, “Drugs don’t heal pain, they suppress.”

Another individual agreed with Meek Mill, “Psilocybin and other Psychedelics absolutely have a place of healing in the Black community. There’s tons of research being put forth to decolonize our healing and bring awareness to the work. There are also Black & indigenous Therapists who are certified to walk with you.”

One critic of the shrooms idea posted, “Drug use going to heal the hood? C’mon Meek you better than that.” Someone else responded, “Drugs that make people more friendly and more empathetic like shrooms and MDMA are good for some people.”