Soulja Boy Replies To $2 Million Kidnapping Lawsuit; Denies Tying Woman Up With Extension Cords

Soulja Boy is denying a claim that he pistol-whipped a woman and held her hostage for six hours! reported yesterday that Soulja Boy was being sued for acts of domestic violence resulting in the loss of a child.

Many people suspect that “Jane Doe” is Teddy Riley’s daughter,

In 2019, Soulja Boy was accused of beating on another woman, identified as Kayla Myers. Myers sued the rapper, claiming he held her hostage for six hours, pistol-whipped her, and tied her up with extension cords.

Now watch me ooooooooooo…

According to court documents that the outlet has obtained, the “Kiss Me Through the Phone” rapper denies ever physically abusing the woman — mentioning specifically that he never bounded her with extension cords.

Like Nia Riley, Kayla Meyers said she has been in an allegedly volatile relationship with the rapper. Regardless of who filed the case, his song is the same— he maintains he didn’t do anything.

In fact, he says that Myers’ case was her own fault, noting “negligent acts of Plaintiff and/or one or more third parties, other than this answering Defendant, was responsible for and proximately contributed to the damages alleged to have been sustained by Plaintiff.”

Well, what in the world is he talking about?

Top of the year, Myers filed a different lawsuit expressly dealing with a February 2019 incident where he supposedly beat her while the two were in his Malibu home.

The situation was detailed as follows from her perspective:

• She wanted to leave the party he was hosting on the property.

• She had problems with the car.

• His assistant (a female) came out somehow started fighting her and knocked her to the ground.

• Soulja Boy enters the scene and joins in the fight by kicking her and pistol-whipping her head with a “large gun.”

• He threatened to kill her with the firearm pointed in her face.

• Afterward, his male assistant tired her up to a chair for six hours in his garage with extension cords.

• The male assistant told her that he would let her go if she gave him head.

• She performed the sexual act because she felt he would not release her if she did.

• She was let go, she went home and then to the hospital where it was revealed that she had bruises and three fractured ribs.

• She reported the incident to the police, who later returned to the scene of the crimes.

• This raid resulted in law enforcement finding weapons on Soulja Boy’s property, which violated his probation.

• This, the parole violation (not the assault), resulted in the rapper spending eight months in jail.

Soulja Boy denies that he is at fault for her injuries and that Myers was beaten up by a third party. He contends that he can’t be liable for other people’s actions.