Was Chris Brown's Baby Mama Married During Their Affair?


Photo: Getty/ TMZ.com Composite

The Chis Brown love child (with Nia Guzman-Amey) scandal deepens. This messy affair ended Breezy’s relationship with Karrueche, and it also ended the “model’s” marraige. Guzman-Amey’s husband Terry Amey is speaking out saying he wants to meet Brown in person. Allegedly he wants to meet with Brown “for the sake of their children. Amey told Bossip, “We’ve got to push forward so that my little girl and his little girl can grow.” Guzman-Amey obviously was still married when she had the affair with Brown. Brown has yet to comment on the paternity allegations. That’s so not like Chris to not have a social media outburst especially about his personal biz. Maybe the singer has grown up (a little late).