Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Will Catch Soulja Boy’s Charge?


From what we are hearing, somebody is going to have to take that gun charge for Soulja Boy. Now who?

The good news is that SB sold out of his DVD all over the place since he got arrested the same day it was released. What’s funny is that there are now rumors that he got arrested on purpose. Do you see the look on these faces? I don’t believe that.


Well, just when you thought we were over the whole Ray-J vs Fabolous thing, I am hearing some new stuff that makes me think there are some fumes still being emitted. I am hearing that Ray-J is presently banned from coming to NYC by Fab’s Street Team crew. Now, I don’t know a whole lot about that shadowy crew, but I know they have been in their share of mischief. With that said, it may be something to it, since Ray-J eventually said sorry – not Fab. What do you think?

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50 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Who Will Catch Soulja Boy’s Charge?”

  1. Royal_Chiefa

    This cat can’t even keep his rumor straight..talkin bout Soulja boy but then called him Lupe…smh…ahh is goin downhill fast…

  2. EDOGZ818

    Homie on the far left looks like a candidate to eat the charge , the dudes on the right look mega soft. Can smell the fear from the pic.

    $10 Racks bail x 4 = 40 racks ( That was a down payment on crib , or str8 bought , depending on location. ( Cop that Multi-Unit )
    Lawyer fees , lost income ( or gained? from buzz, etc? )

    $70K taken by crooks , er, cops , looking at $100K + already.

    Holla at me souljah boy , I’ll take that charge for the right $$$$.

    P.S. : Fab’s street team be putting in major workage. Goons & Rap go hand in hand.
    Soldiers always trying to earn stripes ( Except in Soldier Boy’s crew )
    Ray J is just as soft as fab …smart move would be to Pay Per view a boxing / ufc match.

    What ever happened to the Celebrity Rap Boxing Matches?
    I remember Willie D or Freddy Foxx ( Bumpy knuckles ) K.O.’d Melle Mel? for the Heavy weight title , then Sticky fingaz got the brakes beat off him by a white boy on some other show.

    Hand skillz is where it’s at.

    • EL_BARK


      No one is going to take the charge. Lol

      Cops rules in a situation like that is to lock everybody up in the car,
      Cause no one had the burner on their PERSONS.

      If the dumbasses were smart. And depending on how smart the COPS

      Somebody should had put the gun on his hip.
      And claim the drugs. Or had a bag with the drugs in it.

      And when the cops pulled them
      Over, when asked who the drugs belong to,
      Take it. Then the gun being on one of their hips,
      That should mean its his gun charge for possession.

      Once of them claim the bag of drugs And had possession of the burner.
      Cops might had said fuk the other three, book the dude who has the gun,
      Give him the weed charge, and lets get to the station to
      Get a cut of the money.

      The less people in custody the easier it would be for the cops to skim the money.
      This is how they normally operated, when stealing. Cause instead of 4 people saying it was a 70,000 instead of 50,000.

      Its only the one person who they bought in…

      Once the DA gets the police report and finds out it was 3 other people in the car,
      Who was let go.

      This nows fucks their case up, or makes it harder to get a conviction, cause the suspect can easy say wasnt none of that shet mine,
      I am not the legal owner of the car, so how can i be charge with the contents,
      Espically when you let 3 other potential suspects walk.

      Even if the gun was on the hip of the person who took the case,
      He can always lie and say it wasnt.

      Call soluijah boy on the stand to testify on his behalf and when ask who had the gun,
      have all 3 witness take the 5th.

      Once that happend its reasonable doubt, automatically cause any one of the 3 could be the owner. Or let say. 2 of them took the charge & two got let go.

      Just call the other 2 up and plead the 5th.

      The only way all 4 gets book, is because they remain silent.
      And nobody will take the charge.

      When that happen cops got take every body down.

      Or the cops, are older veterans and prolly have my same scenario done on them before. Lol

      So they like fuk it we book everybody, and let a judge figure it out.

      Either way you cant put a gun on 4 people,

      But if they did it my way, they got a better chance of everybody beating it.
      And nobody getting any time. Lol

      Somebody should had took it all, and hope the cops fuks up by not booking all of them.

      Him, and be greedy to

      • EDOGZ818

        You kinda right El ( Especially the 5th , unless Judge makes them take it outside presence of jury , but all four can get the charge & convicted if they knew it was in car , same with drugs.

        You %100 correct & obviously been in that situation b4 ( as have I ) 1 person has to take it , preferably the driver, cuz legally he is responsible anyway , for contents of car & has standing to challenge search , if he didn’t consent.

        To bad SoulJah Boy didn’t read the $E$ on how not to get towed , or the driver would have cracked the window & passed his papers out when the cop asked & locked car behind him if told to step out.
        Thus mandating the need for a warrant to search.
        I was once asked to come down town for questioning & said ” NO!” cops said ” well you going anyway , you don’t have a choice!” so I said ” WTF you ask me for then? ” He said to be nice…& I was arrested , but they called it ” Investigative Detention “….

        Same thing , anytime you are moved from point a to pt b , you are under arrest….regardless of what it’s called , I mean , Kidnapping is kidnapping , no matter if the kidnapper says ” I’m not kidnapping you , I’m introducing you to the rear seat upholstery from the trunk!

        The driver should have said : ” No , I don’t give permission to search , write another ticket if you have any left! ” & kept it moving!
        Whoever gave permission to search , should eat the charge, street wise.

      • EL_BARK


        But on a judge gotta have a good reason to do that.
        In most cases, a person on testify in absence of a jury,
        When its a new witness that just happens to pop up,
        And wasnt on the official witness list for either side.

        So the judge lets the person testify and get cross examine,
        To see if there testimony is revlevant to the case.

        If a Person was on the list from the begining, more then
        Likely the person taking the 5th will be a surprise once they on the stand.

        And once the jury hear something, the judge can tell the jury to act like they fidnt hear it all he want, but by then its too late. Lol

        Remember you only gotta give the DA discovery on your part and a theroy of defense: ex ” the gun & drugs wasnt my clients”

        But you dont gotta give them, your exact stratergy,

        If the judge ban testimony or doesnt allow an defense witness to testify in front of a jury. He bettet have a damn good reason.

        Cause if he dont, you, Will be laughing all the way to appeal
        Court, lol

        By the way, i know heard bout mumia?????
        The supreme court, told the philly DA to fuk off,

        He bout to get off deathrow and put in general population.

        So that means he will be running the prisons with an iron fists.

        I talked to one of his lawyet last week, he laugh after the news broke and said,
        He going to be the warden up in thst bitsh…

        DA not going to give him
        A new sentencing hearing, cause they know a new set of worms going to come out the can.

        They only loss a new trial appeal by one vote.

        So its only a matter of time, once the current judges get replace or step down,
        They going to reargue his appeal for a new trial again.

  3. Seen Da Dream

    Kay Slay aint having that!
    Not when all it takes to get Ray J to sing on his hooks is VIP treatment at Sue’s Rendevous….

    “naw i dont want no money… get me that chika right there!”

  4. SelmanC

    these roles should have already been established. whoever dont have a felony will have the best chance.
    out of town. rent-a-car. or cars registered to business.multiple users. better chance.
    better yet be smart and just say no!

    i respect ray j but he aint wit the ish…and there is nothing wrong with that!
    fabs dudes aint talkin but what they about precedes them.

    • EDOGZ818

      Not even sure why they had the burner , none look like they would bust a grape in a food fight , let alone a gat. If the possesion charge got them shook boogy , imagine how their stomach would knot up if they were caught squeezing off?
      Ni99az would probably vomit.They were better off leaving the burner & weed at home.

  5. Marcos

    You clown barrel negros dont know shit about shit. Talking about what you would do and blah blah blah STFU. Chuck Creekmore got mind control over you weak minded media controlled chumps!

    May the force be with you Chuck.

    Metal plate headed negros

    • Marcos

      Tambov Gang > or listen to chumps on a message board tell you how to get out of a crime THEY didn’t commit. Board and lonely i need a friend my buddy and me negros.

  6. King Cold

    Man BS! Fab crew aint gonna do nada. He had that lump on the side of his face while performing. Aint nobody worried bout fab and his crew.

    Ay yo illseed where u gettin ya info from mane? Ray apologised to his fans for actin a damn fool. He never apologised to fab for givin him that knot on the side of his face smh

  7. Marcos

    Dont you big dummies find it strange that the little guy is the only one in a full jumpsuit?

    What did they run out of medium and large?

    You American’s are airheads!



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  9. EDOGZ818

    Yo! El Bark:

    That’s good news about Mumia.
    Went to Philly for his B Day , downtown , in the 90’z? Romona & Birdie Africa was there. Came from NY , we was deep! Deep!
    The last $E$ that didn’t run ( Always wondered if it got me fired – LOL ) was about Mumia …& Kelly Thomas.

    Broke down appeal for Mumia , NY vs Mancuso , can’t do for state , but not defendant. 
    Salbo? allowed prosecution to have a non lawyer ( Cop…named Gloria? ) sit at their table , but denied Mumia the right to have John Africa sit at his table , also removed Mumia during jury selection ( Voire dore? ) , which is prejudicial & against established procedure / rules of the court.

    Framed or not , legally that was cheating …before the trial , which in theory , nullified the trial …legally speaking.

    Try & get a copy of his appeal , cuz if those were the issues raised …..I will flip out , crack a cheap cold beer & blaze a fatty to celebrate ( gonna do that anyway ….just need an excuse to do it again , lol )

    Also dropped some $hyt about fluoride , Black Wallstreet ( >>>no , not the record label , for those reading this…besides El Bark ) , 9/11 , Kelly Thomas police beating & the Republic of New Afrika.

    Pass or Fail Features were Rap New & Jasiri X ( >>>Fiyah! )

    My boy said Kelly Thomas & asking what could the people have done to legally help …followed by Mumia cut my own throat!

    I just figured $E$ got lost in the new upgrade……
    >>>> E-Shrugz like ICH!

    I can’t help it:
    ” I’m Political , I was born to be a leader , I’m political , I speak my mind…”

    I’m Political – M.U. Tha Don

    • EL_BARK

      All together there were 29 violations in his first trial.

      In 2001 his lawyers, one was actually from
      NY, and one from california, i think and several prominant,
      Philla attorney, all working on his case.

      Out of the initial
      29 Violations, the federal court agreed it was 2 issues out of 29.

      Remember in the state appeals tge judge are elected.

      So know appeal judge was going tonover turned any decision for fair of career sucicde.
      And if they did rule in mumia favor, they would surely be vited out ASAP.

      So it took all the way until
      2001 to get to the federal level of appeals.

      The two appeal issues that the disrict appeals court concluded was.

      The mills case, and one more my mind is blank.
      But it will come to me.

      Either way.

      The first issue, was if the judge gave confusing instructions to the jury during the penalty phase and the district fed court of appeals agreed.

      Actually, the judge did a bunch of incompetant rulings,
      But the appeals judges agreed he mess up.
      When he told the jury to weigh the migagating vs aggravanting
      Factors when deciding if mumia should get life.

      He make the jury think that they all had to agree
      On the factors unaminously (sp) when they didnt.

      Because the jury thought they ALL had to agree, on each factor
      Mumia aggravating factor out weigh his mitigagting factors.

      So this is what got him the new sentencing hearing.
      And the Supreme court in DC, just upheld the lower to court ruling.
      You know tgey have to be consistent.

      In the mills case/ violation.
      The jury in mumia case were 10 white 2 black.
      Now in a citu where the majoriy of the population,
      Is 60 black or whatever the % was.

      A jury of his peers didnt measure out to the demographic of blacks in the city.

      Then one black jury was dismmissed, and replaced by a white person.

      So you had 11 white 1 black as his juror.

      No each side get 7 juror they can dispute off just cause.
      Meaning they dont need a reason to not pick somebody.

      But in mumia case, the DA was kicking off all the potential black juror,
      Just cause they were black. And not only that they really abuse the
      7 juror rule. To the point where if a person was black, they
      Just kept fighting or finding a way to keep them off.

      You know the DA chose 6 white people from the gate.

      But when mumia try to pick his 6 the DA wouldnt agree on
      No blacks, which the reason he only had 2 to begin with.

      Then the DA found a reason to kick one of the only 2 blacks offs.

      This issue made it to the 3rd cicruit court of appeals.

      And its was a three judge panel. Majority rules.

      Mumia loss this appeal 2-1 vote.

      Two judges voted it wasnt a mill violations.

      One judge voted it was a mills violation.

      If one of the 2 judge woould had voted yes.

      Mumia conviction will get thrown out and granted a new trial.

      Which we all know the DA dont wont esoically now,
      With so much evidence leading to corruption & conspiracy,
      From the judge, to DA to cops.

      If one of the two judges changed they mind he gets out.
      But the judges wont over rule theirselves.

      So for now he hot wait until one of the two who vited no steps down/ or retired.

      And then his lawyers put in a motion for the new judge panel
      To reconsider.

      All they need is one more vote for no to yes.

      And mumia is home eating cornflakes, on a sunday morning. Lol

      But atleast he wont be killed and hopefully one of them judges get replace soon.

      His lawyer broke the appeal down me,

      And got 4 facts that both the DA & defense agree on that states
      That mumia is factually innocent instead of being not guilty.

      Not guilty doesnt mean innocene.

      But mumia is actuall really factually innocent.

      That why if he gets a new trial,

      Its a sure thing he comes home for good guranfukingteed.

  10. NorthDollasTX

    FAB wouldnt LOCK HORNS wit’ the niggah backstage but he let the “FIDD-DAMN” greenlight the niggah Ray-J  … SMH!

  11. NorthDollasTX

    are you aware that the niggah SOULJAH BOI “alledgedly” shot somebody during a Home Invasion of one of his properties.  QUIT KICKING DIRT ON THE LIL NIGGAH – whoever said you had TO LOOK LIKE “UNCLE MURDAH” (lol) IN ORDER TO HOLD YOURSELF DOWN.  Niggas have said the same about you … until they found out the TRUTH. #imjustsayingtho’

    of course the lil niggah aint LEE MALVO lol but he aint AL REYNOLDS either

  12. EDOGZ818

    I heard that NorD ( Shooting ) , but heard it was an AD ( Accidental Discharge ) by the jackers. ( LOL-N at Al Reynolds )
    The jackers were 6 deep , if SB had bucked a shot ….. it would have to have been more than 1 shot fired.
    I mean , if 6 jackers rushed you in your crib , would you squeeze of 1 shot & get jacked….or dump the whole clip before reloading & asking :
    ” Who the fugg want WHAT?” , at the jackers squirming on the floor , begging you not to bust their bubble?

    Had SB or any of his team fired, the jackers would have had to return fire.

    That’s the bad thing about armed robbery , it can quickly escalate in a blink of an eye.
    Prisons are full of jackers who didn’t want to shoot , but the dynamics changed , now they doing life or death for some dumb $hyt.

    IE: Troy Davis pistol whipping homeless man over a beer , armed guard intervenes …..now it’s a Mexican standoff ( for the 1/4 second or more that it last b4 some one squuezes off or cooler heads prevail. )

    Marcos made a good point , why SB in full jumper?

    In reality , the whole case is BS & a victimless crime.%72 of all fed inmates ( long term ) are non violent drug & gun offenders like this case.

    The eyes are the window to the soul. Dude on far left , looks relaxed ( in full civies ) , calm , like he’s settled in , ready to bid after good night’s sleep….. like he knows he’s guilty , with a long road ahead & needs the rest. SB & the others look like they haven’t slept a wink , in stress mode .

    Bottom line is with all SB’s alleged bread , he could hire some one legit to carry the gat & damn sure could afford an extra vehicle to be dirty.His bail alone covers that …probably the %10.

    Penny wise & Pound Foolish

    The Eiffel / Pisa towers will fall b4 the pyramids. What I mean is that you got people that want to get $$$ & people that want to get $$$ together. Pyramids = Getting $$$ together.

    As SB grows , without spreading the wealth / feeding the dogs or they will turn on you , he gets higher up without widening his base.That’s why ni99az ain’t take the charge , his $$$ , his weed , his burner …..( How they see it )

    Worse case scenario , free ride over for them. Flip side ( pyramid / spreading the wealth ) ni99az holding on for dear life, cuz it’s theirs , their kids eating , house on line , etc. Ni99a would feel more comfy taking the charge knowing his famz will get taken care of , than thinking they all will be forgotten b4 next court date.

    • EDOGZ818

      Big Upz DaSaint!
      Yeah, new format is…as Sapp would say: ” Doo Doo Gritz “.

      Missing in action:
      Big East , Jube , Judah , ISK , Mike Malarkey & a bunch of other regs.

      • louiedasaint

        Yeah i guess they wont let you post with curse words anymore? I tried to post a link to worldstar hip hop about that cat in Philly who was busting the ak47 in the bar but it wouldn’t post

  13. louiedasaint

    That is odd dudes the only one in a jumpsuit maybe they wanted to make an example of him? But i mean damn he in the county being he is who he is he probably sat in a holding tank all night so why even put jumpsuits on him? shit looks mad suspect. He’s crew look like a bunch of dufuses (kids) probably not one of em over 25 smh

    • EL_BARK


      What good wit ya??????

      I be out there next week, Playa

      We fitting to run a muck in hollywood.

      Yo east if u read this, i slide threw yo block
      One of those days during your blocks hours.


      • louiedasaint

        El what it do playboy? you gonna slide up too Northern Ca or just down in Hollywood? I’ma be down in So Cal too but not until the weekend of the 11th. yo wats up with your people locking the retarded folks up in the dungeon?

      • EL_BARK

        I think just southern cal,

        Think next go around, i
        Hit up the bay & northen cal next time i come west.

        If floyd fight pac man, in 2012 i think i come back thru cali then since vegas not to far.

        But then again who knows, if we got time on during the week,
        We might head north,for a day then come back the next.

        But it depends on how long of a drive, and what my folks out there wanna do.

        Oh that shet with the lady & the dungeon.
        Blame it on us living in a capitialistic society.

        Hey everybody gotta eats right?

        Naw i fuking wit ya, Shet was pretty fuk up.

        But white people over here acting all appaud and out rage.

        I am like cracka please, where yall fuk think she got the idea from.????

        White people get on my nerve some time with thst holier then thou attitude.

        Like its an tradegy, everybody out here reporting on it.
        Front page news everyday.

        Bring up slavery, and none of them say a word.

        They want make her look like a savage, and i not defending her by no means.

        But white dude up
        In syracuse did the same thing to a girl in. 04,
        And rape her for years. Shet barely made a headline.

        And dude only got 5 years.

        Cause its niggahs that did this.

        They want to bring the feds in & make us look like savages.

        This dude had a underground dungeon in syracuse ny.
        Under his grass, and he made a tunnel, that lead to it.

        He was drugging girls, taking them
        Back and chaining them up & rapping them.

        Barely feeding them kept them lock up for 2-3 years.

        But the media swept that shet under the rug.

      • louiedasaint

        All good that drive from LA to The Bay is like 5 to 6 hours ya’ll might not wanna waste the time you got doing that…Oakland….is just like Compton (in my dj quick voice) but ya’ll will have a ball out there regardless. just don’t spoke the native’s with the big beards and timbs lol

        on the dungeon shit i seen some video of the people they had locked down there they was fucked up cigarette burns . missing pieces of they ear and all types of shit…but its like you said …the idea came from the white people off top…that’s a cold hustle tho regardless if i do say so my self …i mean i seen cats hustle dead peoples ss checks, and even taxes but damn to have em locked up in the basements some crazy movie shit LOL 

        most DEF some EAST COAST shit lol

      • louiedasaint

        Scully im just saying thats some for real “people under the stairs” wes craven shit fam.Like can you imgaine be chanied up in someones dungeon? thats like totaly uncool man LOL 

      • scullyson

        Yeah Saint and That shyt gets crazier everyday with the news reports. smh yeah that ish is wack. lol

  14. NorthDollasTX

    they aint JUMPSUITS –  just TOPS AND BOTTOMS … and they fresh out the holding tank into court which means they aint FULLY been processed yet which is why them niggahs aint in dress code.  Normally after you get processed – see the nurse for your HEP shots – showered and assigned to a pod/cell is when you get hit with the STRICT DRESS CODE.  Being that them niggas is 1/2 dressed in street clothes -TELLS ME  them niggahs got ushered to court from the HOLDING TANK.

  15. NorthDollasTX

    ED O G

    i aint doing no trippin homey … just didnt want you doing to another niggah what you had fell victim to – thats all … figured if anybody knows NOT to judge a book by its cover … it wouldah been YOU

  16. EDOGZ818

    Got it NorD!
    When strong , act weak….when weak act strong.

    I see them acting strong , but being weak.

    The 1/2 suit thing?

    Makes sense , except , they give out pants first…then 3hrs later come back with a top? or both at same time?
    Then again , pants may have fit & tops didn’t? ( Makes a lil more sense? )

    If some one doesn’t take the charge ….then they all do.
    Now 1 person owns gat & other weed?
    Neither wants to go down alone , but if both get 5 separately ( Gat / Burner ) or one can get 5 for gat & weed , deci$ion time.
    SB gotta pay someone to take that fall…….unless they brought gat on their own…then they take the weight. 
    All smoked , so all guilty.
    ( No way anyone can smoke a blunt in the car & everyone not know, unless sleeping drunk. )

    Moral of the story:
    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

    Man shoots up Philly Bar with ak-47 as his car rolls away
    ( LOL-N at not putting car in park )

    • louiedasaint

      Edo, lol yeah I get the concept behind it i was being sarcastic …been there as a teen, but my whole thing is why them fools all aint geared up? and i know ya’ll see dude on the right slicky seperating from the other three. A picture says a thousand words if you look at it. Its too late for them cats too conspire about who took what…I can damn near see the scenario….having everything in the whip was SB big idea them other cats is cheerleaders not quarterbacks…big dude in the middle is the musscle, SB is the Backing, the fat rolley polley cats is the comedy relief but in this scenerio is he dufus driver…and the lil skinney dude with the fro is the one who got “the Line” but not the dough…just “the Line”…

      Now LOL

  17. EL_BARK


    That rule go back to baseball.
    “take one for the team” lol

    Look why we all gotta suffer, if only one can take all the heat.

    If that was my man and he made 6 million last year,
    And he taking care of the squad. Its only logical that the bread winner,
    Stay free. Why let him take the charge and he taking care of the squad.???

    His boys some lames if u ask me, for not taking that.
    A gun & 2 pounds???? What the most they looking at, & they prolly squares with no extensive convictions???? Weed was personal use, as longs as it wasnt bag up,
    Gun charge, u talking bout a 2-5 if that. And with a jew crew,
    Lawyer squad prolly less then that. Maybe 6 month house arrest.
    Plead guilty, 2 years probation.

    That just like u and your boys out. And its 3 bad girls and 1 duck.
    Somebody gotta take the ugly one, so she wont be hating,
    On the chics getting attention.

    Man that rule is like a man law, a golden rule for a squad.

    Everytime i hit somebody in my squad with the
    “take one for the team ” line

    They always suck they teeth and then be like you right.

    We talking bout 6 million (ai voice)

    I would took that shet, and bidded with my eyes close.

    He need a new squad.

  18. louiedasaint

    EL, lol yeah I get the concept behind it i was being sarcastic …been there as a teen, but my whole thing is why them fools all aint geared up? and i know ya’ll see dude on the right slicky seperating from the other three. A picture says a thousand words if you look at it. Its too late for them cats too conspire about who took what…I can damn near see the scenario….having everything in the whip was SB big idea them other cats is cheerleaders not quarterbacks…big dude in the middle is the musscle, SB is the Backing, the fat rolley polley cats is the comedy relief but in this scenerio is he dufus driver…and the lil skinney dude with the fro is the one who got “the Line” but not the dough…just “the Line”…

    Now LOL

  19. EDOGZ818

    Yo! El:
    Behind the behind the scenes:
    ( Saint’s version looks right )
    SB ain’t taking care of team , he taking care of self.
    I know you done seen it , 1 kingpin , flossing , etc., while his workers / team starving…he keeping them that way , so they need him , flip side, he fall…they too weak to catch him , let alone pick him up…infact , they start spreading wings & going for self.

    Now if SB was taking care of them dudes & I don’t mean free weed, food & broads , they would have been boxing each other out like Dennis Rodman to take the charge.

    Whole $hyt looks stupid though.
    “If you gonna be an outlaw….live within the law as much as possible.”

    How many done went down over something BS like a speeding ticket, no licensed driver, insurance, inspection , registration , dirty burner , bs traffic $$$ warrant , etc., that led to something major?

    I remember some dude got booked ( 80’z ) for hopping the train ( $1 fare ) with over $100k on him. )

    Who ever lost that $100k …if it wasn’t his probably jelly rolled dude, unless it was his $$$ , then he probably killed himself.

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