Jermaine Dupri Sued Over Repossessed Lamborghini

(AllHipHop News) Rap mogul Jermaine Dupri is at the center of a lawsuit over his 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago.

Premier Financial Services recently filed a lawsuit against the So So Def mogul in Georgia Superior Court, claiming he has failed to make payments on the car.

According to the lawsuit, Jermaine Dupri made a $70,000 down payment on the car and financed the remainder of the luxury vehicle at a price of $330,000.

He was to make 58 payments at a cost of $4,323, but around 2009, the mogul defaulted on the loan.

The lawsuit claims that Jermaine Dupri still owes almost $80,000 on the Lamborghini.

According to reports, Jermaine Dupri’s Lamborghini has already been repossessed and sold for $115,000, but the company is suing the rapper/producer for $79,095 damages.

  • So So Broke?

    • IvanAndersen

      That’s why Janet Dipped on his azz. She saw the train wreck comin..
      Hey I thought money wasn’t a thing? Meanwhile Jay Hov still got his…

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  • H. U. S.

    Well he ain’t made shit ever since Lil Bow Wow, what the hell did he think that Janet was going to help on this stupid ass investment?


    is tis really news is this what people really need to know..

  •  This dude is a mega producer and he had to put $70,000 as down payment instead of just buying it…Dam rappers are such phonies….Secondly $70,000 could have bought a really nice car that he would have owned, another example of going against your means…..Silly rappers

    • tlove80207

      Thas the shit Im sayin.. Just buy what you can afford… 70 G’s is alot of money.. He could have done so much good for soooooooo many people, but its just waisted.. Cause now you aint even got the dam car????  Stupid ass niggas… Thats the shit white people expect us to do, just act ignorant in public and never show any kind of growth..

  • This niggas finances have been a joke in hip hop for quite a while

  • mike malarkey

    broke nigga

  • damn son.. dupri been quiet for a minute so u know he didnt have anything to do on the day they came to take that joint.  just stood there on the porch with a robe and a month old shape up fighting back tears….

    better call jay for a loan!  he had u screaming that ‘money aint a thang’ mess….
    tell him u need that money back u lost on that race bet

    • williefonte

      ^^^ LMMFAO! Damn, that was funny as hell son!

  • therealest1

    Again, I never understand the logic of stars who take a loan or make payment plans when they already have a lot of net worth money in their possession to outright buy a car or house “straight cash homie”.

    Weren’t we all instilled that its best to pay for anything in full if we already have the money to do so? Shouldn’t these stars know when you take a loan or do a payment plan that the financial institution Jews are profiting and eating off you really good? Why put more money in their pockets when you don’t have to since they always find ways to get money shadily?

    Where are these stars getting their financial advices from?


    “And i do shet just to do it.
    Too much money to think”

    I think these rappers be having this attitude.

    First a lambo is a nice car, but its loud nice. ( lulu voice ) paid in full….

    This why benz need to bring back the 6…..

    Also why, or how these rappers go broke baffles me….

    What ever happen to putting your principal
    Away, and only spending your intrest……

    Why are you fianancing anything…..

    If you going to buy a 10, million dollar house.. Why dont these niggah put the cost of up keep.
    Utilities, taxes, in an escrow account so they can still maintaing it 30
    Years later, after they stop making hits..

    A fool and his money will soon be departed…

    And this coming, from a niggah who got a fetish for luxury cars. Lol
    330 grand could had bought you a bentley & a range,

    With 60 grands to spare…..

    Benz fuk up by making the maybach…….
    600 gave these niggah options beside these exotic luxury car they cant afford.

    They need to bring back the old design of the 6 from 2000
    And updated it. And put a v-12 in it.

    And watch how many rappers will live to buy it.
    So they can still fell like they wining. Lol

    If you net over 30-50 million In a career doing anything.
    And you get anything reposess.
    U are a failure. Point_________ .

  • J Dupri = Fail Blog
    Another cat flossing till he has nothing left!
    $320K down the drain?
    Could have bought a Honda & invested the rest!
    Now some one is investing his $$$.

  • tlove80207

    I still dont get how these stars who are supposed to have soooooooo many millions keep getting their houses and cars taken?? If you got that kinda money, why would you not just buy the shit??  If you can drop 80 G’s then why dont you just get a car worth that much and own it flat out??  These niggas wanna floss fro free LOL… Same with the ones who dont pay their taxes, broke as we are, we gotta pay our shit.. Why these celebs think they dont gotta pay…  I dont feel bad for none of them, cause you bein stupid, greedy and up on some bullshit…  With that kind of financial blessing, you should set yourself and family up for life, not floss on dum shit especially if it aint even paid for and they can come take your shit in front of the whole world..

  • churchboy2

    …and this is why a good business manager is the most important person on your team.

    ~Donald Passman, “All You Need to Know About the Music Business”

    • EL_BARK

      All church bitch…..

      You have no more rebutall for me…… Lol

      You taking the high road, cause i am inferior to you????

      Dont worry, you not the first to under-estimate me… Lol


      When u get off that soft shet,
      And want to debate with facts.!!!!!!

      Instead of u putting out the illussion, your smarter then ME.
      Because you dont resort to name calling. Or you might have a masters.

      I am all ears. Lol
      This is AHH, not a presidential debate….

      By the way. The church will do nothing but send you to hell.

      I also try to educate, in between catching and e-body.

      But it might be in your best intrest to avoid me.
      Ask illcoon or gangster greg, or chuck,

      I am a bit much to deal with.

  • LouisianaHotBoy

    A So So Def greatest hits album is probably in the works.

  • Justbeinghonestpeople

    I though money aint a thing?

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  • as I said before..there’s a difference between being rich and being wealthy…these rich dudes dont know what to do with their money smh

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  • im sure he will figure it out

  • Heartless_Bajan_Bastid

    Money aint a thing huh…smfh..  If you can’t afford something like that don’t buy it.  Unfortunately most rappers and a lot of people in general live beyond their means.