50 Cent and French Montana

Hip-Hop Rumors: Alicia Keys To Do GQ Next? French/50 Beef Dead! Signs!


Rumors are swirling that in a few months Alicia Keys will be the next hot black chick to do the GQ cover. GQ has been able to garner a lot of attention on their female a$$ covers. They look more like Playboy than a men’s mag. And so, there you have it. Ms. Keys is reportedly looking for a bump with her album that is really good. But King Bey is coming on strong. Alicia has been sexy in the past, but I guess everybody has to step their game up.

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That’s an old pic CLEARLY.

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This is good news, because that beef was dead anyway. Honestly, this Meek and Cassidy beef had all the makings of real entertainment, because it was going to be lyrical. 50 and French were trying to be comedians at each other, playing the dozens..but no raps. Click here to see the exact part about 50 and French.


Signs The World Is Coming To An End…

I’ve been doing it a long time. I think I need to just start a new site and get it poppin like that….all “signs” – ANYWAY. The latest is this situate where a NYC kid was killed for his coat. He was rocking a $600 coat and was murdered for it, or for not giving it up to a gang of thugs. He was then shot, but there’s more. I really didn’t know the details until I read AHH’s CEO write piece on it called “Pieces of a Man: Materialism and Murder: Are We Killing Our Kids.” So, the kid, 16, was killed by another kid that was only 12 years old. The Provenzano Lanza Funeral Home in New York bust into violence at a memorial for the boy. A teen was being beaten with a large chain and a frying pan!!!!!

People did the 100 yard dash!

Drake's bar mitzvah dance as a kid - animated gif


Kobe and Vanessa are going to work it out and not get divorced. Now I see why she sonned Drake so feverishly.


STILL, Lil Drake celebrates!!!

Drake's bar mitzvah dance as a kid - animated gif

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Cheaper to keep her Kobe!

    Bronx Funeral beef?


    Courtlandt Ave crew went down!

    • Chrisblackusa

      Nah e…thats down the les..

      • No doubt, but ‘chet has gotten hectic in the Bx too.

        Courtlandt Crew = Operation rotten Apple = Life ( Bx )

        Carlton Hines hood.

        Kids making decisions that cost them their lives.
        Selling drugs? Robbing? Shooting?

        The jails are full.

  • Chrisblackusa

    Rip lil tokyo…..your murder hurt my son…you guys were friends for years…a good kid gone…

  • Dointer

    Keys looks like a heroin addict in that picture.

    • Yatay

      I guess one could spot another

      • Dointer

        Hmmmmmm yeah. Well said.

  • trixnkix637

    Keys looks like a common hooker in that pic. Plus I swear you can see her bush poking above that panty line. Not a good like. She always been a freak tho so who knows.

    • hoeyuno

      you can see the bush. I mean I don’t mind a lil hair on the taco but that looks untaimed!!! haha

    • Playboy210

      Yooo…. I thought I was trippin seeing bush that wasn’t there…. I’m a fan of bush but Cot damn that’s the whole hedge

      • brotha_man

        id still beat it up.

    • LOL I’ll hit that hairy fur burger

    • $27177313

      U right haha. Why is this site always hating on hit makers?

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  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    that’s a surprise that the old Alicia keys pic was not Photoshoped before it was released.

  • Eli Pinilla

    I remember me and my boys always sayin back in the day that she had the wort pictures…this proves It

  • That pic of Keys looks fake as hell. Like her head and a boob were pasted on some young dudes body. Bad photoshop job. The cleavage isn’t centered right. Fake,fake,fake.

    • hoeyuno

      actually I think your right.

      • Seriously if you enlarge it and look at the position of the head on the neck and the awkward way the arm is coming across the front, These are not natural looking positions plus I just don’t believe she would have ever published a pic with pubes hanging out….JMHO

      • And yea, people didn’t think Eve would be shooting porno’s either….

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        DJ Sista – good catch! – your right! – that is a different head on a difffernt body – like Oprah was caught doing years ago on her weight loss cover.

  • JerZeBoy

    all respect do im not a huge fan of French music but if he got Ross and Diddy ex producing he is going to have some high expectations

  • Chris

    That’s back when I thought Alicia Keys was a lesbian.

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  • Tann01

    That alicia pic looks like bad photoshop

  • alicia a cute girl but her ass look disgusting. pot hole booty. she obese from the waist down.

  • AK

    french been stepping up his game recently tho he been reading comments LOL

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    yeah leave that alone french all thats gonna do is help you lose fans … its the same reason why ross is kind of @ an halt @ gold status …. you made a run @ building relationships keep that rolling cause thats gonna keep the fans coming !!

    • The guy can’t even make a hit song, let alone a hit solo song…he has no hope. Just another mixtape / feature rapper. One of 100’s.

  • Did you just call Alicia Keys hot? I see better looking women at Wal Mart.

  • kered gnuoy

    French is wack. Alicia is average. Vanessa Bryant can get it with her little sexy ass.

  • lol drake still celebrating

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  • eddieknucks

    I don’t know what kind of kid this pieces of a man dude was but at 16 u couldn’t stop me from buying and wearing what I wanted. Once I saw it wasn’t safe to walk home in Gucci sneakers, I stopped walking home in them. Grind up and brought me a hoop tie. Kids been getting robbed since the early 70’s. We have to teach them how to be on they p’s and q’s. Don’t stand around watching fights after school. Move with the crowd. Don’t take them short cuts. Watch who u flash to etc.. Because it really don’t matter cuz they robbing the kids who are not fresh too.

  • speedy37

    U better say sorry french montana lol,u bitchass arab.

  • Sonyafun

    There is nothing wrong with the picture, except it should have never been done. I think a lot of artists get taken advantage of and do things they shouldn’t when they are very young and just starting out. They could easily be led in the wrong direction. If it happens now then there is no excuse.

  • moo sir

    bitch needs gilette more than rozay!

  • vimhap

    wow you people are odious