Biggie’s Daughter Claims Diddy Does Nothing For Her Family

Photo via Diddy’s Instagaram

Uh oh! Biggie’s daughter, T’yanna Wallace, took to Twitter to go off about Diddy not doing anything for her and Biggie’s family over the years. T’yanna’s frustration comes in a few days after Diddy’s announcement of the Bad Boy reunion concert that will be held at the Barclays Center in celebration of Biggie’s birthday. Fans have been going in on her, some even saying that Puff owes her nothing, but she’s not having it. T’yanna tweeted,

“Puff does nothing for my family. Tired of lying for his lame ass!”

“Haven’t spoken to puff in years, I guess that’s why I didn’t get a ticket to the concert 😥😥”

“This bad boy concert is for my dad’s bday but I got NOT ONE TICKET. just wanna point that out.”

We hope this isn’t true. This would be tragic. We are sure there will be some sort of resolution between Diddy and T’Yanna.

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