Rapper Ray Rich Signs Worldwide Distribution Deal with Foundation Media.

Ray Rich has mixed Chicago drill with NY drill to bring a new twist to the sub-genre available to the world through Foundation Media.

Ray Rich FMG is no stranger to the music industry. He has been making music for the last 10 years and has released hit singles such as his most recent track, “LiT” which has earned him a lot of recognition. “LiT” has been praised as a high-spirited song and has gained over 500,000 streams in less than two months. The track has also opened room for more opportunities in Ray Rich’s music career — the latest one being a worldwide distribution deal with Foundation Media.

According to Ray Rich, this new chapter will help him concentrate more on music-making as it has lifted the burden of the distribution process.

“Working under Foundation Media is a great opportunity, and it will allow me to share my story with the rest of the world and introduce my sound to people outside of the US. Having a strategic partner in marketing and distribution is key in today’s streaming business and having a distribution partner to pitch the DSP’s editorial teams gives me the best chance at reaching the audience my music deserves to be in front of” says Ray Rich.

As a youth, Ray Rich focuses on writing music with a soulful and insightful message, and this has gained him a loyal fanbase. Ray Rich is creating a safe space in the music world, and just like music has always been his second home, he is providing his audience with a place to call home.

He has also been sharing his journey through music as a way to encourage young artists to do the same. Ray Rich uncovered his passion for music at a young age. The lessons he learned from watching his father now help Ray Rich write unique and timeless tracks that redefine modern hip-hop. A fine demonstration of this is the fact that Ray is one of the first artists to focus on making more commercially viable drill music. He has mixed Chicago drill with NY drill to bring a new twist to the sub-genre available to the world through Foundation Media.

While his journey toward this new chapter has not been easy, Ray hopes to inspire other artists to redefine music and fight for their dreams. Challenges are part of life, and to unlock the next chapter, these are hurdles you must pass through, says Ray.

In the last ten years, Ray has encountered numerous obstacles. He has had so many doors closed on his face, lost money, and even had to deal with a lot of hate comments from his critics. Despite all these, he has not given up on his passion for music. Ray has chosen to focus on the positive and to believe in his talent as he works hard, which has earned him a top spot in the US rap scene.

In an industry that is brutally competitive and overly crowded, Ray Rich has continued to capture the public’s attention with his unique sound. However, this doesn’t distract Ray from the real prize. The worldwide distribution deal between him and Foundation Media definitely furthers his career, but more importantly, it furthers his cause to introduce this new brand of music to the world.