Public Enemy’s Professor Griff Wants Donald Trump To Meet With “Real Black People” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Donald Trump has faced criticism from some members of the black community for his choice to promote his meetings with African-American entertainers and athletes.

Prior to officially taking office, the new president was seen at Trump Tower with Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis, and Jim Brown.

However, some citizens would like to see Trump directly connect with African-American members of Congress, civil rights leaders, activists, and policy experts.

One person that crosses the line between entertainer and activist is Professor Griff.

The founding member of Public Enemy is hoping to have his own conversation with Trump.

“Donald Trump, no excuse me, Donald Chump, get it together, bruh,” Griff told TMZ. “Matter of fact, call me.”

He continued, “You’re meeting with all these black people. Why don’t you meet with some real black people that can really sit down with you that makes some damn sense.”

Griff went on to say he was not intending to “take shots” at people that have already visited with the then President-Elect like West and Harvey.

The Pawns in the Game album creator also called on Hip Hop stars to use their music to speak on social issues, and he hopes to see more rappers become active in protests.