Young Thug & Gunna Says Racist Pilot Put Them Off A Private Jet … Drake Offers To Get Another Jet For Them

The pilot alleged that the two were disrespectful to a member of the flight crew.

Young Thug and Gunna chartered a private flight on January 12 and got into an argument with the pilot. The pilot, in response to the back and forth over the treatment of someone from his team, landed the plane and refused to fly them to their destination.

According to the pilot, the two rappers were being disrespectful to a member of his flight crew. The pilot ordered the men to be removed from the private jet.

Both Georgia natives to social media to report the incident from his perspective of what happened.

Check out the footage below:

Gunna told his Instagram Live followers were not “P,” language created around the new project and single “Pushin P.” He said, “Everybody flying on a jet, don’t ever fly with this n***a bro. Ever. This n***a ain’t P. This n***a is not P man.”

Thugger also took to social media and showed the faces of the pilot and their crew and asked, “How did we disrespect one of your colleagues? Tell us! What did we do? Oh ‘you don’t have to tell y’all that,’ yeah because you’re racist. That ain’t P. You’re a racist p####.”

He believed that the pilot and his team removed them because they were racist. The owners of the plane has not released a statement about why the chart-toppers were put off their flight.

Later, Drake hopped on to the Live with the “Go Crazy” rapper and gave a viable solution to their problem. He said, “Hit, me let’s book a new plane.”