Substitute Teacher Stomps Out Student Over N-Word!

You can’t go around calling people N-Word without consequences.

(AllHipHop Rumors) This is a part of my “Signs The World Is Coming To An End” section, but I didn’t have enough space in the headline. Anyway, this is what happened down in the great state of Texas, who is more known for lynching Black people through the judicial system. In the city of Kyle, one Black woman has changed the narrative a bit. 

Now, there is quite a bit of speculation on what happened, but this is what we know right now. A sub (substitute teacher) and a student got into an altercation. The student swatted or slapped the teacher, resulting in a terrible beat down by the 32-year old teacher.

Tiffani Shadell Lankford was arrested for assaulting a 16-year old white girl at in a foreign language class at Lehman High School in Kyle. The beat down was swift and savage, to be honest. It ended with the child’s head getting stomped on after a few blows to the heads were delivered like an Amazon Prime package (aka really quick!). So, before we move on, here is the video.

Here is more info…

Now, I have one question, “WHY?” What in GOD’s name would make a substitute teacher go bonkers like that when she just started. Yes, Tiffani Shadell Lankford just started teaching in this capacity THIS semester and this is only her 18th day. She passed the background check and has a clean record so she seems to be a decent person. There are whispers. Those “whispers” come in the form of social media. You know these kids cannot keep quiet. Some of the kids that were there said that the unnamed white student may have called Lankford the N-Word. I think that would do it. I clearly do not know her, but that’s could be the one word that would make somebody throw it all away.

 Tiffani Shadell Lankford now faces felony assault charges and has been fired from the school district. Somehow, I am thinking…she’s OK (at the moment) with her decision to open a can of whulp ass on a student. I am not condoning her actions, but I am looking at her mugshot and it has that smirk…a certain smirk. 

Guess who else has an odd smirk?

A white dude that enslaved a mentally challenged African American man causing him to work over 100 hours per week, mentally and physically abused him, torturing him and all sorts of other goodies. He got 10 years in jail…Not a bad deal for doing something so heinous. 

Just crazy. South Carolina, get your people!