Tina Knowles Goes Off On Paparazzi Over Blue Ivy?


Photo via Beyonce’s Instagram

Mama Tina Knowles does not play about hers. Knowles was out dining with Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Santa Monica and according to reports, paparazzi tried to photograph/film Blue enjoying her meal. Tina seemed like she was ready to snap, but she still got the photographer together by remaining classy. He almost brought the Houston out of her. The paps have no boundaries SMH. Check out their exchange below.

Tina: You know that’s not cool. It’s illegal. You can’t film a baby.

Paparazzi: Ma’am, I’m just out here taking pictures.

Tina: Okay, well, can you not take a picture of a child?

Paparazzi: Well, I mean you’re famous…

Tina: Okay, but you can’t— How would you like for somebody to take a picture of your baby?

Paparazzi: If I was a famous, huge multimillionaire—

Tina: No, you wouldn’t care. That’s a baby. That’s a baby. Have some class about you. Have a little
class and a little consideration.

Paparazzi: Okay.