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Best 20 Songs to Add to Your Vape Music Playlist

Everything’s better with music, especially vaping! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hip-hop beats that blend beautifully with your clouds, some vape music, if you will! Many of these songs have ranked in the Top 100 chart, and are fantastic go-to choices, whether you’re at a vape party or rocking the clouds […]

Tips For Using Weed Delivery Services

One of the most exciting things to come from the legal cannabis industry is the weed delivery service! Now, cannabis consumers can order their favorite products online from the comfort of their homes. Then, receive their orders the same day thanks to reliable delivery drivers dedicated to safe, discrete, on-time delivery.  Many cannabis delivery companies […]

Northside2x Locks In With Drumma Boy In The Studio To Create Producer Wave & Indie Fire Global

Northside2x links with Grammy-nominated producer Drumma Boy to create the authentic Memphis sound, while premiering the new platforms “Producer Wave” and “Indie Fire Global.”   Producer Wave serves as Drumma Boy’s official producer community, which will offer exclusive footage, cook-ups, beat battles, samples, sound kits and more. Stay tuned, as these established hitmakers will be dropping even more content […]