Lil Boosie

Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Boosie’s Lyrics Will Be Used As Evidence Against Him

This a huge blow for Lil Boosie, who is currently preparing to go on trial for murder. A judge in Baton Rouge, Louisiana has ruled that Lil Boosie’s rap lyrics can be used against him in his upcoming trial.

Lil Boosie, born Torrence Hatch, is slated to go on trial for the murder of an East Baton Rouge man named Troy Davis. Boosie and another man are accused of planning and executing Davis’ murder in October 2009.

In a four-hour, pre-trial hearing held yesterday, a judge ruled that three specific lyrics containing the words ‘murk’, ‘187’, and ‘cake’ could be used against Boosie during his trial.

The trial is set to begin set to begin on Monday, April 30. Lil Boosie, who is currently incarcerated in Angola Prison in Louisiana, is facing an automatic sentence of life in prison if he is convicted of Davis’ murder. In addition, Boosie, who was already in jail serving a four-year bid for possession of marijuana, is also serving an eight-year prison sentence for attempting to sneak drugs into two State Prisons in Louisiana.

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  • Guillaume Pilon

    shit…they already gave him 12…

    and they still trying for a life sentence

  • Scott Grissom

    This had better be bullshit. A rap song is no different from a movie, a form of entertainment. If you see a person in a movie who is a selling drugs, that would not be used against him if he were on trial for suspected drug selling…

    • immackulate

      you must not ever heard of X-RATED – incarcerated rapper receives LIFE SENTENCE behind lyrics in a song … most recent a white rapper went to jail for making a song detailing the murder he committed

      • FragrantBodyOilz

         Its no different unless you are actually doing what you are saying in the songs.

      •  Real talk.  You can’t admit shit you actually did on a record, especially if it’s a crime with no the statute of limitations like murder.  That stuff will definitely get used against you in court.

        Young wanna-be rappers take note.  If you really done dirt, find something else to talk about. 

        Hopefully someday rapping about killing people won’t be cool.

  • TruthSerum

    LOL, the prosecutor is gonna have to translate this short bus shawty lyrics for older members of the jury

    “Ladies & Gentleman of the jury, allow me to explain the meaning of “Murk”

    • mj


    • Papi Peligro

      DEAD.  LOL.  This nigga is innocent by reason of insanity. He talk like a toddler.  

  • 4 years for weed??!!   glad that im not blazin in Lousiana

  • when keeping it real goes wrong??

  • johnblacksad

    super bad news!

    • Papi Peligro

      Dude tears filled up in my before I laughed at that.

  • ccwaterbound32

    god bless boosie thats all i can say… i pray he shake back from this whole ordeal i don’t wish prison on my worst enemy it’s no place for a man or woman if they do convict him he gotta take up his crimes with god himself aint no human being in this earth can judge boosie’s morality he takes care of his kids he did for the community he just couldn’t seperate his fame from his old life and apparently it caught up with him yall gotta understand our state’s judical system is #1 for corruption from politics,education,to employment. it doesnt surprise me in the least bit that hillar moore wants to make a name for himself and who better to get some crediblity for his next election or sought after for a higher place within the judical system than take down a successful young black man like boosie. so if you got something negative to say about boosie save your comments till after the trial ends than say whatever you want but as for right now lets see how it plays out because the truth is going to come out of this some kind of way…

    • bigpop718

      god bless boosie not one mention to the guy who he is on trail for killing why ? because he is not a rapper stop sucking these rappers dicks and realize they dont care about you the want your money. if he had nothing to do with that guys death thats one thing but if he did hope he dies slow in jail.

      • ccwaterbound32

        him helping his community thats a fact, him taking care of cancer patients thats a fact, him caring for his kids and providing for them thats a fact, point is this we aint got no right to judge this man none of us! who are you to determine how the world is run? the victims didn’t deserve to be murdered in cold blood i agree all im saying is in my state of louisiana its corrupt and these white folks will do whatever it takes to convict a person just because of the color of their skin alot of those men in angola deserve to be locked up but there are alot of those men who are innocent and dont deserve to be in there caged up for the rest of their lives like animals either… dont get it twisted homeboy i aint sucking nobodies dick i just feel for people who are locked up because it aint the place to be… i got homeboys doin hard time in the pen as we speak going through it everyday fighting to survive. can you walk on water? when’s the last time you turned water into wine? when’s the last time you broke bread and passed it off to thousands of people? Never! you aint god and you aint got no right to convict someone when the facts havent even been laid out so just wait till the trial is over and then say what you got to say till then just chill and see! 

      • FragrantBodyOilz

        Boosie is stupid…… If he did not violated he wouldnt be in this position. He has songs about the DA and police that are retarded. His music sounds like its written by someone with the mentality of a 16 year old.  He then tries to sneak in drugs to jail? Not sure where or why the outcry for this dude but he and his music could be erased and I think my son and his peers would be better off.

      • ccwaterbound32

        yeah he did try to sneak codeine into DCI and Angola thing is when boosie went to the judge the first time to get drug rehab the judge said no. why would the judge deny a person with a serious drug problem rehab? you got a point about them songs he made about the DA and the police most likely thats why he’s such a huge target. but in new york or wherever your from how many hip hop artist and i mean big time artist are doing for the kids mentoring them giving them opportunities i mean like i said i dont know if he did it or if he didn’t do it ima wait like the rest of the world on this monday coming up lord spare and see what take place cuz they got B.G he doing 10 years C murder got life they got Mac, so of course they trying to wrangle all these artist up and haul em off to the pen. and i did like boosie’s music at one point when he first came out, but his records after badazz i cant really mess with just cus someone makes bad music don’t mean you should wish bad on them.  

      • FragrantBodyOilz

        I am a native New Yorker, but Ive been living in the South for almost 15 years.  Which has nothing to do with this discussion. Most rappers, regardless of where they are or where there from dont do enough for their communities. Some do just enough give out free turkeys, xbox’s at Xmas, etc….. chump change in comparison to wearing hundreds of dollars worth of jewelry. Bootsie is no different. The amount of good he has done could not compare to the amount of damage he has done through his overly negative lyrics. That being said, I love hip hop, the good the bad and the ugly.  But this guys music is nothing but negative, he stays talking about destroying everything.  He is fortunate enough to make it, he then blabs all his biz on record. Gets locked, gets out, goes back because of his drug habit. Im sorry I do not have alot of compassion for a millionaire drug addict that has a ton of resources to go to any program he wanted to, thats the operative statement. He could have got help when he was out, but he did not do that. Instead he made songs about F the people he knew were out to get him.  I work in the south with kids and they LOVE him.  They stay reciting his lyrics about being disrespectful, and just not caring. As far as Im concerned if he is innocent then let him get out count his blessings and hopefully gets better. If he is guilty just like every other murderer of young brothers throw him under the jail to keep me safe 😉

      • bigpop718

        Ok lets get this straight no one said anything about being god read my comment again. the facts are a young man is dead and the dude who supposedly is responsable for killing him is name is “boosie bad ass”  i like his music , i think he is a real dude so do you probably.. the point is there is a kid dead and all you talk about is boosie hold ya head and all this bullshit let that be your brother friend or family member who was murdered and boosie bad ass was the main suspect you would not be writing hold ya head boosie..every body spits that real shit until they get caught then its entertainment  “please dont use my lyrics and videos all that murder talk and gunplay is entertainment like a movie” ..he has did good helping out the community and cancer patients and all that other shit you say is a fact… but his music how has that helped the youth ? hmmm lets see how many kids wanna be boosie bad ass since they here him say sell drugs in his records and murder this and 5150 that and get money the negative energy he has put out there has far cause more problems than the good things he has done. seen scared straight when that lil boy pointed out boosie as his idol ? yeah he wrote him a letter to try and steer the boy straight but how many more lil kids out there who are acting a fool because of there fav rapper that dont get letters  

    • bigdoe6

      Somebody put a hit on your moms let’s see if you say free the killer then. Dumbass.

      • ccwaterbound32

        thats why the world is so wicked because of people like you

  • never getting out…..

    • thuglifefukdapolice

      he comin home mayne

      • crom777

        in 25 years or in a coffin

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    boosie coming homme they dont got evidence i could tell

  • thuglifefukdapolice

    lyrics murk 187 cake lol i could make 500 different rymes with those words case bullshit free bppsie bad azz

  • rep87

    This is a bullshit case and shows how desperate the proscutor is to keep this young man in prison you got cowards who were punked by them to roll on Lil Boosie with lies to free them self from the death penalty , May God bless you Lil Boosie and return you to your family

  • The_Renegade77

    Boosie got a girl’s voice! lol!!!

    • therealest1

      Well, he looks like a lesbian with a bad haircut.

      • mj

        that shit so lame

  • dominicancoke

    boosie is fucked weather they set him free or give him life.lil nussie’s people wild and they hold boosie responsible for nussies death and so do the other 5 victims people’s if he got out he will likely be shot dead if he stayed in baton rouge

    • mj

      tf dude shit soo old smh

      • dominicancoke

        yous one ugly muhfucka

      • mj

        says the ngga wth the fk up hair

  • Shit….that’s all they need to do anyway.  This dude is such an idiot.  Anyway….

  • LouisianaHotBoy

    Hope everything works out!

  • This is too funny….Rappers are Donkeys…lol….LMAO

  • Terrance Goodman

    There goes freedom of speech the C bo treatment all over again.Not a Boosie fan by far but ppl need to wake and see .They start it off on something small pretty soon we fighting off the sheets again smfh protect your speech and to the young niggas read a damn book

  • Guest

    lil boosie dont exist no more…call him inmate #4357Q6948

  • jojohn

    So every rapper must be a murder according to the prosecution because they all use that language in their music. If that’s the case then Lil Wayne has murdered thousands. That’s like trying to prove Wesley Snipes killed someone ’cause in Blade he was fuckin people’s shit up.RICK ROSS RAPS ABOUT MURDER AND HE IS AN EX. C.O.! ALL RAPPERS LIE!! LIL WAYNE. SOULJA BOY!! Eminem killed his wife and his child!!!

    They did the same damn thing to snoop when he came up with “deep cover”. They cant use this man lyrics against him. They dont have a case FREE BOOSIE!!! A rap persona is like an action flick!!!! That isn’t evidence, it is a genre!!!! What about movies like Scarface??? The Godfather??? The Good Fellas!!!!


    Name one song where he actually told Marlo Mike to go kill a certain person. I’ll be waiting on you to tell me that song. And like I said there is no evidence. Until you can show me legit evidence(exchange of money, a witness, or any other real LEGIT) evidence then i’ll agree with you but until then it’s #FreeBoosie!


    • WillVetterGoodin


      • mj

        someone was killed in his song?? LOL

  • WillVetterGoodin

    no, not all rappers who use those words in their music will go to prison…just the rappers who KILL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS will go to jail. It is simple, YOU KILL PEOPLE, YOU GO TO JAIL.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    this “gangster” aint never getting out of jail, LIFE SENTENCE.