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Hip-Hop Rumors: Busta Rhymes Almost Got Into A Fight With Which Radio Personality?

The first fight of the BET Awards almost took place last night when Busta Rhymes got into the face of a popular radio personality, and had to be held back from putting hands on him.  According to several sources, Busta approached Power 105.1 Breakfast Club host, Charlamagne, at NOBU in Los Angeles over some mess that happened 8 years ago. Huh?

According to our source, Busta was upset over an interview with his baby mama and his son that took place on the Wendy Williams radio show in 2004. For those that don’t know, Charlamagne used to work for Wendy Williams a few years back, but according to him, he was not working with Wendy in 2004 when the interviews happened.

Artist manager James Cruz had to hold Busta Rhymes back from body slamming Charlamagne, while music executive Bu Thaim had to hold Charlamagne back. Crazy! But why wait 8 years to approach Charlamagne, and why not just confront Wendy Williams about it? SO weird.

When asked about the almost fight, Charlamagne told Vlad TV, “Arguing. Acting like we wanted to do something to each other but neither of us made a move. That’s why I don’t talk to niggas after 5PM.”

There must be more to this story. I’ll keep my ears open and update you if I hear anything else.

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  1. Sosa_Limone

    there has to be some other reason for this…. that doesnt even make sense.. i usually listen to hot 97 in the morning, but once in a while i put on power 105.. as a member of the audience, charlamagne is hilarious, but he be joking too much, i could see why some industry niggas could feel some type of way bc of it

    • 4-12

      ha but Hot 97’s morning show is the corniest i ever heard in my life. i listen to steve harvey on bls and the breakfast club on 1051

      • BXironlunz28

         oh u must not b a busta fan period 2 say that….4-12 is naturally rite…i guess u either never heard or didnt like anything buss dropped from 95 at least till 03…eg, The Coming, When Disaster Strikes, ELE, Genesis(i’ll admit that “Anarchy” wasnt that serious),etc,etc. Even “It Aint Safe No More” went hard, and The Big Bang wanst that bad either…..i mean really homey??????

      • Oknas

        I grew up on busta, when i say “the old busta is now”, i mean based on his age, he’s “older” now. I know all them albums i have most of them.

      • BXironlunz28

        oh….i def misundastood..my bad!!! but hell naw i wasnt gettin mad at all….i thought u was pretty much sayin busta nowadays is vintage busta….and i was like hell no……especially Back On My Bullshit was str8 trash, along wit some collabos he did…and that YMCMB bullshit that he’s on didnt make him look much betta…..i thought that made him sound like trash and i think busta still prolly is 1 of the best MCs still in tha game 2day wen he’s on point!!!

  2. jamaicanbornanbreed

    well anybody dat knows da god is not surprised….he’s been going at everybody from drake to puffy….son even made lil mama cry…..i mean like real crying….busta has always been an in-your face type dude…and dats all the time it dosent matter if hes happy,mad,tired,wired,hyped or calmed…why he waits years to act is beyond me…son might have been having a bad day…there human beings too

  3. S

    Why would he confront Wendy Williams? As a man I would rather confront the man on the show instead of a female. Atleast you can punch him in the mouth and tell Wendy to shut the hell up next time.

  4. S

    And I think some kats got it twisted about Busta…..Bust ain’t no sucka…….He will handle his, I mean I don’t think Charlamagne is a sucka either but in the business he’s in he should expect stuff like this to happen.

  5. Tamara Wright

    If Charlemagne didn’t work there at the time then why the beef.  There is def more to this then an 8 year old beef.  I notice no one ever goes to Wendy Williams.  Damn they are scared of her. I guess they are scared because she knows the dirt on them.

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