Young Vito Murder Trial Over Rapper Slim Dunkin’s Death Begins

(AllHipHop News) The jury selection process began yesterday (February 18) in Atlanta, for the rapper accused of killing Brick Squad 1017 member, Slim Dunkin.

Vinson Hardimon aka Young Vito, is charged with shooting and killing Slim Dunkin, 24, during a dispute in a local recording studio.

Young Vito, 30, has pleaded not guilty to a number of charges, including felony murder, and aggravated assault.

Prosecutors claim that on December 16, the two men were involved in a dispute over a piece of candy, that escalated in to a fist fight, in a recording studio on Memorial Drive.

According to witnesses, at some point during the fight, someone passed Young Vito a gun, which was used to kill Slim Dunkin, who was shot once in the stomach.

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Police never recovered the murder weapon, or shell casings and prosecutors believe someone cleaned up the crime scene after the shooting.

Young Vito has been held without bond since January of 2012, because he is a flight risk.

The rapper also has a lengthy criminal record, which includes cruelty to children and aggravated assault charges.

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  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    Ha Haaa! – a peice of candy? – lock this stupid child abuser up – a example of the wrong part of today’s young “blacks”

    • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

      I had to give you a down vote. Jail is not the equivalent to helping a man get on the right track and stay positive through life. I feel that jail is the worse place for anyone to go. It enables the government to enslave us instead of forgiving and working hard to help each other become better people regardless of our mistakes and regardless of the severity.

      • tra mo

        No throw his ass n jail all dat bs u tlkin he gotta do that 4 himself and build a relationship with his creator

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Best Comment – read tra mo’s comment and be educated – the government can’t “enslave” if he don’t dis-respect his life by shooting in public – your thoughts are “enabling” stupidity while the jail should be a lesson for all watching – and this idiot is 30 years old and you claim “help him get on track” – your an enabler that will allows these fools to shoot up your neighborhood – your kindness, to them, is your weakness.

      • Actually, the 14th amendment already enslaves everyone, retroactive since birth.

        As far as the shooting:

        Let the jury decide the facts. I doubt he shot him over the last Jolly Rancher, something else happened.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOG – once again, I don’t know WTF you talkin’ about.

      • Which is why you FAIL!

        I’m giving you clues, because it’s obvious that you can’t buy one.

        13th, 14th, 15th amendments are known as “The Colored Amendments” or “Reconstruction Amendments”, which came about during the “Reconstruction Era”, that occurred right after the civil war.

        While that may sound like the rebuilding of physical structures that were physically damaged by the aforementioned conflict, the amendments actually reconstructed the political system of the country….turning it into a corporation, and it’s former “CITIZENS”, were now “Voluntary Servants”, retroactive at birth, by birth, on U.S. Soil, or by U.S. parentage.

        ( Jus Soli & Jus Sanguine)

        Right of The soil & Right of the Birth

        >> EDOGZ818 Side Note :

        Only the Stolen African needed a LICENSE or PERMIT ( Permission ) to do anything before the Reconstruction Era.

        ( Marry, Hunt / Eat, Work, Travel, engage in commerce, raise their children )

        Now, DMX needs a LICENSE to drive, along with everyone else, who needs one to marry, build a house, eat / hunt / fish, engage in commerce, protect them selves by bearing arms, etc.

        The 14th ushered in equality, but instead of treating Black people like white people, it’s actually treating white people more & more like black people.

        Black = Negro, Colored, Stolen African, etc.

        The 15th gave Blacks the right to vote on being retroactive voluntary servants, after the issue had already been decided.

        Research it, so you can stop “not” knowing WTF I’m talking about!

        *Unless you prefer your state of disbelief.

      • >> They have plenty of reasons to they use to make you a slave.
        Marijuana, taxes, Permit / License Violations, etc.

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOG – again, – this is proof your are the stupidist commenter here – go ahead with more of that jibbrish – and prove your stupidness even more. – all that sh#t you thought of to say – meant Nothing.

      • Matthew 7:6 ~ “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.”

        You can’t be free if you don’t recognize slavery.

        If you are prepared and intelligent enough to refute the jewels / knowledge / school about the 13th, 14th, & 15th amendments ( Colored Amendments….called that, because they “ONLY” affected Blacks ) by all means, share it & build upon it.

        All that name calling only betrays your lack of preparation & intelligence.


      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Nah bruh, I’m highly spiritual and this is what God is guiding me to say to yall.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I have a very strong relationship with god and I didn’t have to go to jail to build it!!!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        Best Comment – that’s You Bruh,- but not that fool who shot a gun in a studio in front’a witnessess.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        People do dumb things, shit you can’t take back, shit they should give the nigga some counseling or something, i don’t know. People are just too used to our government system, that’s all they know, but it’s time for a change kause I see the flaws regardless to what other people see.

      • Nah famz,you late, people have been seeing it for a while, and we are all late.

        It is all a plan, to keep the Blackman a child like he’s Peter Pan.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I’m not sayin’ I’m the only one, what I’m sayin’ is that some people still have no clue, while others are getting educated and tryna make a difference.

      • Indeed, some are lost…because they want to be.

      • 7yoyo7

        You’re delusional man, they are talking about a grown ass man (30 yrs old) who fired a bullet into another man’s stomach over fight (not even about money so I hope it was a good brand of candy too).

        How would you “get him on the right track” after that?

        Most people holding the same comments as yours tend to quickly change their mind when this type of shit happens to their friends/family.

      • True, but check it….IE:

        Vito waiting to get into the both, partaking in an apple Jolly Rancher, when Slim approaches with his entourage, and upon seeing Vito wetting his palate with a tart flavored snack, approaches his rival, as makes the following observation:

        “Ya’ B’ish @$$ don’t need no candy, you already sweet enough!”

        Then grips Vito’s face on both sides, pressing Vito’s cheeks, between Vito’s teeth with his left hand, while proceeding to dig the Jolly Rancher out of Vito’s mouth with his right hand…, then Slim tosses Vito like a salad, into the adjoining wall so hard, that Vito’s shoe falls off, Vito, now clad in a single shoe, is then set upon again by Slim, who utilizes superior hand skills, movement & awareness to beat the skin off Vito’s forehead, while chastising Vito for his alleged penchant for sweetness.

        Vito outnumbered & surrounded….???


        I doubt it was over Ninjaz reaching for the same Jolly Rancher, at the same time & bumped hands in the candy jar.

        I think this had roots in the Jeezy / Gucci beef, in the sense that they were each affiliated with the opposing sides. Maybe Slim with Gucci, Vito with Jeezy?

        Obviously, it is tragic for all involved.

        BEEF : The winner spends the rest of his life in prison, the loser spends the rest of his life bleeding out.

        “25 to Life” byD-Nice ( BDP )

        Youtube it

        It shows the side of winning beef that rappers rarely caution about when glamorizing it.

        Probably the best Hip Hop record to FLOP!

      • a Moss

        You got wayyyyy too much time on your hands bro.

      • LOL~N

        Thanx for taking time out your busy schedule, to but in a convo between 7yoyo7 & myself!

      • Choppa

        Real shyt

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Nah, you don’t know who you talkin’ to. See, when a child is born, his or her life is already written, our only job as humans is to endure whatever is set in our path to do or be done to. I have gained this understanding through spiritual enlightenment and I am only following god’s orders by saying what I say. God’s Way > Human Tactics

      • 7yoyo7

        Well good for you but to me all humans have their own free will and are responsible of their actions.
        No matter what God you believe in all holy books state the same.

        No need to act like God has His hand up your ass like a puppet and accept it because of the fear of death/afterlife.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        God does have his hand up my ass like a puppet, that’s exactly what I was saying to you, quite frankly but it has nothing to do with fear of death/afterlife. It’s about allowing god to show me the way to becoming the greatest man that this world has ever seen because I sure as hell don’t know how to accomplish such a thing by using my own mind. Dat’s some deep shit

      • 7yoyo7

        Damn man, I hope you’re joking.
        “Become the greatest man that this world has ever seen”??? LOL

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Dead serious. Who Are You?

      • johnblacksad

        if not jail, then execute the motherfcuker already! grown man shooting a ninja over candy? c’mon…

      • No trial?

      • chris reeves

        After he was beat up

      • Joe Lovick

        Tru jail is not the solution. Many Many go to jail, sit on death row, watch tv and eat for free for 15+ plus years before proper corective actions are taken… GUilty of murder? Auto Death penalty needs to be served no less than 7 days.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I just don’t agree with the jail and government system because nobody owns the earth, so how can a man set up shop and say “Okay, these are the rules?” People just need to be better people and do and say the right things to keep us all on track. We gotta help each other help each other.

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  • ChicagosHope

    Seriously???? A piece of candy??? That better be code for female or cocaine or molly. But this is ahh so i’ll take the reporting with a grain of salt…

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  • WillVetterGoodin

    In jail fo LIFE!!

  • Choppa

    You kno u dun f’d up Vito.. SMH

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  • Sylvester Daniel

    WTF…deez niggaz fightin over Sour Patch Kids!!!!???

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  • rasborojc@yahoo.com

    WOW..how stupid are some of you..THIS IS MY FAM BROTHER who got Killed…how can anyone say that Jail is not the place for him..your not respecting our family with these crazt comments…well today he didnt get charged with murder.unfair…you guys wanna protect to criminal, well protect him when he kills one of your family members then..will you be talking bout slavery and Gov then….you talking bout slaves and GOV..wtf does that have to do with Vito Killing my Fam Brother..a person is dead…over candy…and you say he dont need to go to jail..maybe some of yall need help right with him…psych help..smh…so let these ppl go free, and let your fam die and see how fast your dumb ass comments will change..someone said counceling…like really??? serious..u kill a person over candy and best yall come up with is counceling no jail…wow sounds like some yall as crazy as VITO is…yes couceling is important but he is acct for his actions..damn a innocent life is gone, in the grave folks..have common sence…some ppl dont need to talk…lets see how u feel when u family gets killed…talk that counceling and no jail time shit then dummies…ignorant ass ppl..stupid asses….respect the family…my cuzo was hurt his brother was killed..dont put stupid shit online like this…respect that..smh..yall need help protecting the criminals..have you ever heard of mental disorders?? for those who know how to read its in the DSM IV not everyone is able to receive counceling and can function normally guess thats the GOV fault or Slavery to HUH..SMH..everyone holding the black man down huh? never acct for his actions..stop the damn slavery and Gov shit…murder is murder, and some ppl have mental disorders and some just evil….heard of haldol, remeron, geodon, paxil, ect..all those are for dx and synd…learn something before you speak on shit that esp sounds stupid….guess yall being ignorant is the Gov and Constit fault as well, or maybe slavery as yall said..STFU with that BS…he aint thaught bout counceling when he killed Slim…or wanted help all these years..dont throw that shit out there…grow up and stop making excuses for these ppl..stop hiding behind slavery, laws and Gov to cover up these ppl crimes..we have a free will, we do as we want..so yes JAIL IS NEEDED..I pay plenty of Taxes we dont need these nuts in the streets nor ppl like yall who wanna sugar coat murder..GOODBYE..