Hip-Hop Rumors: Chris Bosh’s Wife Gets Fully Exposed! More Lil Wayne Details!

Damn, these people won’t stop. Let em live! She got her man, but an old friend is hatin’ on it! She dropped a big dime. But…butt implants and DL activity? I cannot condone this slander nor the ether that goes with it!

Adrienne moved from Ohio to Cali when she was 19. There she met Lil Wayne, followed him to Louisiana and dated him while he was with Toya.

She then moved to New York and from there to Atlanta.

While in Atlanta she dated John Abraham, Deangelo Hall & Delonte West. Adrienne drove an old Lexus, lived in an apartment and bought all her “lingerie” at Kohl’s. She had a few hook ups on buddy passes so it looked like she “had her own $”.
Deanglo Hall’s wife found out about her and confronted her about sleeping with her husband. Remember she is still sleeping with Lil Wayne, every time he came to Atlanta.

She has a younger half sister and Father that live in Gwinnett County Ga in an apartment. She worked for a year at the Pink Ponythen Mardi Gras (both strip clubs) while bouncing back and fourth between NY and Ga.

She starts dating a “major drug dealer” named Dion in NY. She fought with his baby momma everyday until the BM drove a wedge between her & Dion.

She started working at Scores as a waitress when she met Chris. The story about her and Chris not hanging out for a month after they met is true. Simply because she was still living with Dion at the time. Move forward a few months, she meets his family (cause Chris grandma died).

So he asked Adrienne to marry him, goes on all these family shows and she spreads love peace and happiness.

None the less, Chris’s entire family hates her. You will not see ANY pictures of them (his parents or any family) together after the “engagement party” photo. Her click consist of “SharonWilborn” aka Dr Wiborn Xl.

She is a “urban model” okay!!! Sarah aka she suppose to be a singer?! Is a rich girl from NY that Adrienne kept around for all the hook-ups on things. She lived with Sarah (while dating Chris and Dion) during the “split from Dion”.

While she was with Lil Wayne he was still “working things out” with Toya.

Source: Mouth To Ears

My thoughts. That man happy. Let him live and leave Lil Wayne alone!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • SweeetnesT

    so chris bosh married a professional jumpoff to front and distract ppl from his gay ways? it’s not really working tho.

    but weezy is better than the rants and apologies. baby needs to host an intervention and/or send him on a long vacation. his nerves are raw.

    • Which rapper hasn’t dated and or married a professional jump off? It’s normal for athletes and rappers….Lil Wayne is a punk bitch, he is clearly bored and bitter.

      • Calico Joe

        ” Which rapper hasn’t dated and or married a professional jump off?” The ones who’s chicks been down since day one before all the money and the fame. And you don’t have to be a rapper or an athlete to wife a slut. The average sucka does it daily.

      • true

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        you ma’am are so gay!

    • Celz

      Did you say Wayne is better? Lmao that shyt is a bytch move (so is marryin a professional whore) but from his track record I’m sure he is actually worse..

    • Chris

      Like I said before, How can a Lil’ Wayne fan accuse anybody of being gay when ya’ boy has publicly bragged about kissin’ men in the mouth? SMH.

      • Not just bragged,but kissed him on national tv,twice lol.

      • Chris

        Real talk.

    • 12g

      Waynes better that that? lool r we looking at the same person

  • hoeyuno

    Slow day seed???? weezy need to shut da fucc up. there a married couple…everyone has a past. at least bosh don’t wear skin tight leopard prints… o yea and when it comes to skating you suck weezy. after a couple years of going hard at it you still look awkward as fucc on that thing.

    • Celz

      Real talk with all that said Bosh is still winning and less “gay” IMO than Wayne is.. Wayne may have more money but I bet Bosh’s lasts longer

      • Calico Joe

        I mean no disrespect, but how can a nigga be less “gay”?

      • SweeetnesT


      • Celz

        Since I don’t know or care to know if either one is gay and since both have done suspect shyt Bosh is less “gay” because he hasn’t been filmed kissing men.. You follow now?

      • Calico Joe

        Nah not really. Gay is gay, filmed or not. I get what you’re tryna say. But that shit don’t fly.

    • SweeetnesT

      u must dont know who bosh is. lmao aint no man more feminine in behavior and attire. do your research. lol skinny leopard jeans would be a step up for bosh.

      • hoeyuno

        Your right I don’t really follow either of them. bosh dress like a gay dude but weezy dresses like a fag. both motha fuccin closet cases… still my point was that weezy needs to stop acting like a fetal alcohol syndrome case and keep it da fucc moving.

      • SweeetnesT

        u really need to catch up to 2013 and stop calling ppl fags. have some respect. your behavior makes you sound real old but then you’re so stupid so it’s confusing. but this is not about you so STFU and focus.

      • hoeyuno

        calling ppls fags is disrespectful but you calling the wife a whore is classy??? On that note I just realized I’m arguing with a female which is impossible because y’all throw common sense out the window to twist things in your view.. I hope all the lil wayne stuff works out for you and maybe one day you will hear some real mc’s. until then keep on truckin!!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        lol look @ dudes name i think he caught feelings cause hes gay lol but your right … dont defend yourself then slam others …. you want repsect then give it lol

      • RealMusicFag

        I find the word fag offensive as well.

  • JerZeBoy

    1 word…..DAMN thats alot of info. Someone gots nothing to do…..

  • disqus_SiJd0X6rK7

    Why hate? Maybe she brings him joy. We all got our struggles why hate on this female,get real people

    • Bumpy Johnson

      a whore tho bro?.

      • johnblacksad

        whores need lovin too… IMO

      • Calico Joe

        They don’t need to be married.

      • MadVillain

        they NEED money but can do without love

      • >>Hollywood Shuffle Voice :”Hoe cakes” because Hoes gotta eat too!

      • Bumpy Johnson

        lmao…yea they do, but not marriage love. thats just me tho…i dono whats going on these days coz all im hearing is alot of niggas i use to know marrying girls they met in a strip club, high on a pole dancing….walkin round half naked, n when niggas look they get pissed off.

  • Calico Joe

    I can’t stand people like this so called “friend”. Its obvious she knew this info before Wayne went on his rant. He says he f*cked dude wife, now some snitch ass bitch writes a biography about her? Another worthless bitch looking for attention.

    • johnblacksad

      the ‘anonymous’ bish prolly mad she ain’t scooped no nba nor nfl n!gga yet…

      • Exactly, imagine what her bio looks like:

        Fugged a member of the entourage belonging to:
        Weezy, Dion, Bosh, Cam’Ron, etc…..never a bo$$, always sleeping with the help type resume.

  • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

    I dun got to the point where, when I get on this website, I don’t even be wantin’ to read this shit because it’s always gettin’ so deep into people’s personal business and problems. It just gives me the ammo to promote “Positive Changes” to our people. And not just black people either, all people!

    • SweeetnesT

      best comment! let’s focus on the art of the artists and stop with the gossip.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Somebody gave us both a down-vote, makes me wonder what is the matter with people.

      • SweeetnesT

        they’re pigs so they love to wallow in mud. lol positivity makes them itch. 🙂

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I don’t talk bad about em, no name-callin, no disrespect, no nothin’, so if they hate me or what I say then that really just shows me that the devil really is alive and well, smh

      • don king

        dont worry so much bout the haters. they will always b there, cause 2 hate is easier than 2 love or like somthing. cause 2 love or like something means 2 understand n appreciate it n u know there r sooooo many people out there who have huge problems with usin their brains!

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I feel you. I was never worried bout the haters. It’s just amazing to me how some people act though.

      • don king

        see i already have 2 down votes 2. its funny 2 me, cause they must have felt offended by the last sentence LOL!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        unfortunatly, the “new cool” nowadays is dissin’ everything positive, even if it’s for themselves. (schools, integrating, language, helping, respect, etc.) – Hey, it just hit me – as y’all said – That’s called HATIN’

      • don king

        yep thats real hatin. u can only really hate on positive things. people say im hater if i dislike ricky ross destructive music, but how can i hate on hate? how can i love or like hate without bein a hater? lovin hate means hatin.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        Yeah, I think whoever did that was tryna be funny.

    • I agree, I will support you from here on in.

      • Best Comment Advanced Dialogue

        I appreciate it. That feels like a victory to me !

      • mike malarkey

        nigga ur gay

  • TruthSerum

    People this worried about someone elses sex life generally tend not to have one of their own. Let that woman live her life and worry aout your own.

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  • chevy_weight_champ

    sooooooo where is the next snow storm gonna hit, might as well talk about non musical shit like this site!!!

    • Calico Joe

      Nah…. It’s just Illseed.

  • SweeetnesT

    Most of your readers have no idea who bosh is and how extremely gay-like he is. They’re just Weezy haters who came to hate without any knowledge about what they’re speaking of. You need to post pics of weak-wrist-Bosh. lol

    • Chris

      I’ve never seen Bosh kiss another ngga in the mouth, though.

      • SweeetnesT

        u saw a pic. lol i can make a pic do that. grow up.

      • Weedras

        it wasn’t a pic there’s also video footage the pic is a still of the video… all the stuff you’re talking about has nothing to do with Wayne being a bitchass nicca and the friend being a back stabber..

      • SweeetnesT

        Sounds like yall are traumatized. Get help. Wifey is still a whore as evidenced by Wayne, Camron and now this ‘friend’. However, she’s irrelevant. Go check out the new Wayne ft Future and Drake – Love Me. LOL Check the stats too… you can hate all day… Weezy’s still the best! 😉

      • Weedras

        lol! i actually listen a few of Wayne’s joints but he isn’t the best… at all… go Check Nas’ Album Life’s Good… because i don’t see why i’d be traumatized by your ‘groupie-esque’ behavior.. lol!

      • “Weezy’s still the best!” = Under 25yrs old = Crack baby

      • Nah, the pic at the mansion, etc. was totally different from the video…the video was where Wanye said he only kisses Birdman in the mouth, not women, etc.

        <<Reaches back & sprinkles "PAUSE" throughout the post!

      • Chris

        Wayne and Baby happily admitted to kissin’ each other on 106 & Park.

      • Calico Joe

        They actually kissed on 106 and rap city.

      • Chris

        Thank you, sir. Fans are a trip, bruh.

      • Calico Joe

        I can’t understand how people can defend these clowns.

      • Q.

        Birds of a feather…

      • johnblacksad

        wtf you talkin about n!gga?! nobody cares about your photoshop skillz… them ninjaz was kissin on the mouth… point blank menstrual

      • MRCVSJR

        It wasn’t just a pic. He also kissed Baby on 106 & Park also

    • Calico Joe

      What that got to do with this bitch pitting all her “friend’s”business out there?

    • hoeyuno

      most of the readers are hip hop headz… why the fucc you here. sorry nobody here shares the same passion for homo rappers like you do.

      • SweeetnesT

        you really need to STFU. LOL ur an idiot.

    • Celz

      Is Cash Money paying for this shyt?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      this is a hip hop site if theres anything folks here are knowledgeable about its Sports lol no puns intended lol

  • Guest

    AND he has the audacity to call himself KINGILLSEED! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA honestly only way to stop this FAGGOT illseed is to STOP COMMENTING AND COMING TO ALLHIPHOP, at least stop commenting for now.. then we can stop coming here all together

  • Guest

    You’re a grown man and look what you do as your job. You run a gossip/rumor site! lol smh HAHAHAHA only way a grown MAN can do something like this and actually enjoy it is if he is G A Y SO ILLSEED WHEN ARE U GONNA COME OUT OF THE CLOSET ALREADY ?!?!?!

    • RealMusicFag

      Im straight but I like the format of this site.

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  • John Dough

    she gave the bitch dime droppings man herpes or something that’s a lot of typing to just spread someones business.

  • 5789007


  • Swaggout

    “My thoughts. That man happy. Let him live and leave Lil Wayne alone!”
    Sure illcoon. That’s why you posted it.

  • Money_First

    Most young girls as well as young men have many ‘experiences’ when they are younger. Whether right or wrong it is a learning experience for all. None of the people commenting or “reporting” this BS are virgins or saints so what’s the reason 4 all the judgement?

    • Bumpy Johnson

      who knows Illseed might have went to the projects and got ran a train on

      • RealMusicFag

        Clips or it didnt happen.

  • bigdoe6


  • Bumpy Johnson

    NBA players are fkkin retarded…..i wudnt go out with noooobuddy i didnt know in high school if i was them let alone go out with a total slut whore.

  • dayleedumped

    this just proves Bosh is gay to me…. how can a known jump off.. be fuckin wid bosh? she getting paid to portray this ‘family image’ for bosh, cuz dude is clearly fuckin dudes

  • Moro*

    Damn.. look at chris bosh neck… look like a ostrich

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  • Lamonte Johnson

    Nothing bout this story says she was a whore or a slut on the blatant tip. That can only be read in between the lines or be seen on the receiving end of her being ur girl. But i will say that I know ppl personally who feel they entitled to a fast life and a nba player or baller like its posta naturally happen. Is/was this her case? IDK its really not important to even question tbh

  • johnblacksad

    maybe it’s cool to tell on Adrienne and all etc… but “the major drug dealer” Dion might not like that

  • omg stop w these titles if your not going tell us the answer…. give us a hint.. was it a ‘lil” snitch that ratted them out???
    & what do you mean she dated lil wayne when he was WITH tyga?? was tyga ok with that?

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    soooooooooooooo where does camrons homey fall in all of this LOL

    • dayleedumped

      when she travelin back to NY.. thats when the SET gets to DIP in

  • Q.

    At what point did gossiping & attention-whoring become a profession?

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  • money

    It’s only cuz Chris bosh is gay his pr tell him he needs a family image

  • VentKing11

    All that money and dudes still make strange decisions concerning women…you can be broke and do that. The only reason we’re talking about this is because these peeps are famous…ish I got a co-worker who wife has been and still is in it deep like that living mad foul since they’ve been together and their situation is wayyyy worse than these two. The whole world jumping off bruh.


    Man everybody snitching these days

  • brotha_man

    its his (Bosh) life, who cares how he lives and who he marries.

  • MildManneredReporter

    wtf even was this?

  • Darren Myt Collins

    who cares..everybody got a pass…..I sure a few of lil waynes baby mommas got fcked by somebody before him also…..

  • alex rudkovsky

    ha! thats every single chick out there chasin street dreams!

  • solo0ne

    why do i feel bad for chris bosh?

  • I salute the girl for knowing her role.

  • Chris Bosh knew and he didn’t care..he married her as a beard or as a heaux let it be..She’s not the first or the last in the NBA wives club like that. Take a long look at these ex-wives on tv and tell me she’s any different…or better yet go ask guys like Glenn Rice and antwoine walker about em.

  • J. Smith

    When did you turn to Sandra Rose?!?….Hate it had to be you Illseed…

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    These HOES is worse than these niggaz indeed

  • DC

    But why tho? Shes living life, not bothering anyone..i dont get it. She wasnt doin it while married or dating him..Chris dont bother nobody,let them be happy..

  • Lisa Smith

    Now in groupie news, Lil Wayne fucked Chris Bosh’s wife before they were married, because she was a little groupie whore that was on Blackcrushdate