Hip-Hop Rumors: Kenya Moore Says Kanye Tried to Hit it First

I couldn’t resist that title but anyway, Kenya Moore, the resident delusional on Real Housewives of Atlanta told Access Hollywood that Kanye West tried to kick it to her year before he was on the Kim Kardashian train.

“Kanye likes beautiful women, curvy women… this was a long time ago. He was really sweet when I met him. He seemed very humble. I thought he was a great guy,” she said, explaining that he approached her asking if she wanted to hear some music. “We met in Beverly Hills. He walked over, he was very humble. He spoke to me. He was super nice. Of course, we didn’t date, because I was with someone. He was a very charming guy, I can say that. I was very charmed.”

There’s no denying that Kenya Moore flew over the cuckoo’s nest but she is a bombshell and seems right up Kanye’s ally. I wonder what it would have been like if Kimye were actually Kenye.

  • remy730

    lol kAnyE tried to smash kEnyA

  • $18592567

    oh boyyy… old hoe need a seat…

    • ZUBU

      LOL, I don’t watch reality shows so I don’t know who she is, but from the pic I would have certainly tried to hit!

      • Immortal

        I had to google her, and from the pics I KNOW I would’ve if given the chance.

      • TheAfroRican

        Kenya Moore was Miss America sometime in the early 90s. She was in some movies and videos, specifically Nas “Street Dreams”

  • MrNoName2K

    reaching hard for that 5 mins of fame…

    • Tony G.

      She’s already had more than her 5 min..she doesn’t need a reach

  • Tony G.

    Those that talk ish would smash if she let u sniff it lol

  • KimYe’ + her own $40 Mil > Kenya

    • sakiru oresanwo

      Looking at that math one cant help but agree lol

  • As crazy as Kanye may appear to be, in his defense, can’t a dude be nice to a chick these days and not flip it into something that it’s not? Sound like he was just trying to be nice to her….And we all know Kanye like them LIGHT and curly.

    • youd think hed only like beautiful black women. since he has so much to say about race and stands for so much LMFAO

  • dee

    so she really saying i should of gave kanye this pu**y then or he would be on my train smh these hoes today

  • if kanye like beatiful women he wouldnt have married kim, lets be honest there are sooooo many hotter chicks the Kim. Kim look like the damn octomom. kanye only wifed it up because she doubled his fame. kanye doesnt stand for anything other then fame and money. anyone who thinks kanye is a genius are the dumbest and most naive people.

    he doesnt make his own music and his bars are weak sauce.

  • For all those that hate on Kim real life yall would try that hoe..she got cake and she fine and I don’t even do snows…but anyway I woulda shoulda coulda woulda tried Kenya too