RIP: Rapper Doe B Shot And Killed

(AllHipHop News) Upcoming rapper Doe B, real name Glenn Thomas, has been killed. He was 22.

The details are sketchy, but initial reports are that the emerging rapper was killed by gunfire.

T.I., who signed Doe B broke the news on Instagram.

“RIP to my lil brother Doe B. We gon miss u my nigga. U’ll never be forgotten & U WILL NOT DIE IN VAIN. We Love U champ. Always. Just rest now my nigga….WE GOT IT From here,” Tip posted.

Doe B, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, was shot in the eye approximately three years ago and saw his career burgeon as he found a new dedication to his craft. After working with local talents, he then got the attention of T.I. who signed the young rapper for his credibility as well as his way with words.

Early reports suggest that he was performing in a club in his hometown when he was shot. Apparently another woman, 21-year-old Kim Johnson, was killed as well.

Doe B also performed earlier this year at a celebration for AllHipHop’s 15th Anniversary.

We send our condolences to his family and friends.

AllHipHop’s first and final interview with Doe B is below.

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153 Responses to “RIP: Rapper Doe B Shot And Killed”

  1. poloplayboi

    wowww.. I can’t believe this like I was just bumping G.D.O.D. and Baby Jesus. He was on his way up to. Baby Jesus is a very good mixtape RIP

    • disqus_bGFKXqjcxm

      Hi richard_b_hard, would you mind sending me a full size copy of your profile picture? I was scrolling through the comments and it just caught my eye.

  2. P.

    And taken out in his hometown… just wow. RIP Doe B. Condolences to his family and the family of the other woman who was killed at the show.

  3. Mike Donovan

    So sad…. often times a young brothas success can not be celebrated in the black community. There is always at least one who will hate you for stepping up while they wallow in low self esteem and non motivation. At the same time we know not what this man was involved in. If TIP picked him for his credibility then the other side comes back around as well. RIP young brotha!

    • Niiggerologist

      nah. Dirty Boys from Montgomery will forever be the best rappers out of Alabama. There’s also a rapper named St 2 Lettaz from the group G-Side on Slow Motion Soundz outta Huntsville who is very lyrical. He was just featured on an underground song by a member of old school NY group, A Tribe Called Quest….which should give you an idea of how good he is, if he workin with people like that. Look up St 2 Lettaz and G-Side Huntsville on youtube

      • johnblacksad

        Rich Boy, Al Myte, Supa Villain, Low leezy and’em are the hardest spitters to ever come out of Alabama… if you ask me

  4. Sandra Daniels Harris

    To everyone that’s reading this post, first I will like to say thanks to God almighty for allowing each of us to see this day. Let’s take a moment of silence in regards of Doe B. I am praying that Jehovah God give Doe B family the strength they need to endure. We are truly living the last days, the love have left the land. Can we love one another not with a gun, but with our hearts. According to John 5:28,29 all in the memorial tomb will hear Jesus voice in come out. I will like to say I am praying for Doe B family that Jehovah God will put his loving arms around them in give them the comfort they need. The devil is preying on our young children minds, leading them into destruction. In conclusion, I will like to let Doe B family know that when prayers go up comfort come down. Just draw close to Jehovah God and he will draw close to you. Much love the Harris family.

  5. digitallife

    We clown artists for talking shhh on the mic and having bodyguards…well this is why they have security. Sad man, all that hard work gone to waste over something we’ll later find out was dumb as hell. Rest in peace. It’s too easy to get your hands on a gun and rob another person of their life…no value to life these days. Miss the old days where two men had an issue they met up had a few minutes to go hand to hand and everybody walks away afterwards win or lose.

  6. Romello81

    This happen in my city. I don’t even know why Doe B was performing at that hole in the wall club. On top of that it’s been so many shooting there already over the past couple of years. They should have been shut that spot down. I don’t even know how it stayed open this long. It use to the called “The Rose” but they changed the name. Probably for legal reasons. I never even stepped foot in that club because when I would drive by it during the day it just looked like a spot I didn’t want to be and I would always hear about some shit always going down there on the local news. Anyway my prayers goes out to his family and Kim the young lady who was shot also. Montgomery isn’t even a big city and this made it our 47th and 48th homicide this year. Shit is crazy….

    • Casor_G

      He was performing there because he didn’t have any money. Just because you sign a deal doesn’t mean you have a big bank…just a big target on ya back. REAL TALK

      • Romello81

        That’s a possibility or maybe he was performing there because he’s from here and just wanted to take it back. Everybody can speculate but no one knows beside him and his people.

      • John McNulty

        Shut up Romello, its people like you that set black people back.

      • DollasTX

        romello … common sense tells you he was performing there because those are the types of venues you get when you are a vurtual unknown in the industry … you remember seeing the movie RAY – when they sent him out on the “chit’ling circuit” first before traveling to major cities – an artists has to get there name and DEMAN FOR THEIR BRAND up first … then they will get bigger/better venues

  7. ron b

    Not playing the silly game of mourning something that was the obvious consequence of a certain kind of lifestyle/world view. Just say he died as he lived and RIP.

    • unknown

      your comment does not make sense..Everybody is living to die..That still does not take away compassion and mourning..Im pretty sure people who actually knew him or devastated..hell he might even have kids..

      • DollasTX

        basically BLACK PEOPLE seem to forget that YOU LIVE BY THE SWORD, YOU DIE BY THAT MF … death doesnt excuse your way of life, its only a consequence or a direct result of life

  8. Sarah

    World is a better place now — even if only a little bit. Too bad the same misfortune can’t be bestowed on the lot of these derelicts that live amoral lives and have zero value as human beings. The unadulterated crap that comes out of their collective mouths surely is not ‘music’… not ‘artistic expression’… not even ‘decent editorial befitting of the human race’… It is simply pure hatred from a degenerate subhuman culture which is undeserving of First Amendment protection!! In my opinion of course!!

    • Cereal Killa

      Everyone has a story.You don’t know anything about that man,you don’t know the environment he came from. You’re no ones judge.That boy 22yrs old ain’t no telling what he could have done if given the opportunity to live.Malcolm X was a criminal when he was 22 and was a great Afro-American by the time of his death.

    • ephecks

      Why are you even on here? You don’t make any sense. You sound like a racist that’s trying to use words to cover up the real words you want to use. See, sadly a lot of us can see through all these 10th grade vocabulary words your using. And P.S.” **** your opinion”. Fill in the blank.

      • John McNulty

        Lets be honest, a lot of rapper such as Lil Wayne and T.I. rap about selling drugs, joining gangs, and killing. If Lil Wayne (a known blood) was killed, no one should feel bad because gang members live and die by the sword. I’d bet Doe B has claimed in songs that he has killed others, so I don’t really care that someone returned the favor.

      • ZUBU

        Wayne a known blood? As of late Wayne has been more of a skater kid. You’re obviously from inbred stock. Dipstick it’s call entertainment, you know like Rambo, Terminator, Natural Born Killers, Fast and Furious, etc. Like Ozzie promoting being a weird drugged up Brit. Back in the day Ozzie biteing the head off a live bat. Go back in the bedrooom and bang your ugly sister Sarah.You both take a computer break. We don’t want you here, go fill out your next set of KKK flyers…

  9. Romello81

    I love how you racist piece of s**t always got some dumb s**t to say about black people but you stay on or sites and other things. That’s a sign that you wish you could be us. Keep talking that dumb s**t online because we all know you ain’t during in real life.

    • Sarah

      truth hurts doesn’t it. Just re-read the paragraph you wrote above. Can’t even talk like a human being as you have to use words befitting of a baboon.

      • unknown

        but you know Doe B is a Hood rapper..just like Gucci,jeezy and ross had to start of in clubs like that..its just a sad situation all around

      • DollasTX

        most rappers – BACK PACK rappers included start off in venues like this …

      • Neal

        Sarah, you hurt yourself because it take so much for you post stupid things on the web. If you are so proud of your opinion, why not let it be known.

    • John McNulty

      Ebonics makes black people sound like ignorant morons. “Grammer is too hard, lets invent a way of speaking so we won’t have to read and write.”

      • SBRon

        Hey “Johnny Trash”, where did YOU learn to read & write? I went to Dr. Dictionary and typed in “grammer”, but there was no such word? Hmmm…? Maybe you’re gay and you were referring to the guy who played Frasier (Kelsey) as being “too hard”? What an ignorant piece of excrement (look it up)…

      • SBRon

        Oh, I almost forgot to use one of my favorite idioms, reserved for racist idiots: You calling out someone on their reading & writing skills, when you can’t even spell “grammar” is like THE SALTINE CALLING THE KEEBLER CRACKER!!!

      • John McNulty

        Nice vocab, be sure to use them in your raps. Which unless you have a career in the NBA, is the only job you will ever have. Eat sleep hip-hop. Eat sleep hip-hop.

      • SBRon

        Yep! Everybody who posts on this site are rappers…WOW!!!
        You’re ill-equipped to deal with me on ANY level, clown!!

    • Sarah

      Sure wouldn’t be ok if a white guy were to talk like that. Hell, we would have to send Al Sharpton out to badger the bas**** and turn it into a fundraiser.

      • Cereal Killa

        If it were profitable for white men to talk that way believe me, they would.Anyone who reads too much into rappers lyrics and doesn’t take it as just entertainment;seriously needs have their head examined.

      • John McNulty

        Stop being mad because black people refuse to read books. Rap music was invented because black people thought it was too hard to play instruments.

      • chosenxeno

        Black people invented Jazz. Jazz was primarily instruments. Your logic is flawed.

      • chosenxeno

        Stop being mad at all blacks because Tyrell left you for Heather. She can deepthroat and you can’t. *shrug*

      • Arthur Franklin

        Man, sad…….so sad. Another brother and sister gone. I just went to funeral on today and I realize that death is around us like never before. I thanks God that I still have a chance to get it right and and all of us do too. To Sarah……be careful. Those feelings a you have toward what you think we are will keep you from making it in (heaven). I will not even entertain your comments simply because I have plenty of white friends that are in worse shape than I am, however, they are still my friends. Dare to be different and be part of the solution and not the problem. Just know this, our day is coming and we will be the people God intended for us to be. Be blessed all and rest in peace my brother and sister!

  10. Niiggerologist

    like ol’ dude said below..47th and 48th murders for Montgomery…and it’s not even that big. They may be on that most dangerous cities top 10 list when it comes out next. That’s gonna be a high murder rate

  11. SBRon

    Sarah “Failin”, you must be referring to YOUR FOLKS in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, etc…4th grade educations, cooking & selling meth to pay the $300/month for their trailer pad, Papa Bubba & Brother Jim Bob taking turns on Sister Bobbi Sue…very ‘classy’!!

  12. Neal

    Sarah are a sad case and you are using the words, “YOU PEOPLE”. All African Americans are not as say typical ones, I have 4 degrees, retired military, and still living my life working a full time job. I need you to be your stupid ass off this page with those racist ass comments. The sad thing is, people like you hide behind a COMPUTER. I tell you this, approach someone in society with your comments and I am sure you will be picking your face off the pavement. The question is, how many kids you have, are you in a perfect married, have you and spouse ever had a fight, if you have kids, are they A students. You live the PERFECT life. Bitch…please, and I mean Bitch and giving you an upper case “B” is me being nice. In case you did not know what upper case mean, look up idiot…

    • Sarah

      Neal… I agree! All African Americans should not be stereotyped and I apologize if I offended you. However as a 1%’er, you have to agree that the other 99% sure do fall in the fatherin 25 kids through 25 different women category.
      Now, if praytell you disagree, then please comment on why 84% of black kids in this country are being raised by single black mothers sucking off of the welfare tit. And then comment on why 6 out of 10 of these kids will not graduate from high school, continue that great legacy handed to them by their parents so that my grandkids will be watching their offspring suck on the same welfare tit supported by us ‘working suckers’ that complain a lot but bend over on April 15th of each year to perpetuate the cycle.

      • SBRon

        Bitch, as Neal so affectionately addressed you, your stats are skewed!! Please comment on where you got them? Please comment on why you’re on this site in the 1st place?!? Please comment on the circumstances where a black person got the promotion you assumed you were entitled to?

        You see, when people like you & those of your ilk post ignorance and vitriol on these sites, it ALWAYS suggests a well-qualified BLACK person, in some form or fashion, exposed your inadequacies…

      • Jdilla2982 .

        Well there is more white ppl on welfare in this country than black ppl and thats True Fact. White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits – again, much closer to their 64 percent
        population share. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of
        government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share.

    • Sarah

      Curious… four degrees in what? Interesting that not even one of your sentences is grammatically correct, not to mention that your thought process clearly rambles. I think I will take you out of the 1%’er group and plop you back in the 99% group comprised of ignorant buffoons.

  13. Neal

    You are a joke…why are you emailing me with your comments, and I do not need your approval on what my status is. White Trash…

  14. General Kimpa Vita

    I personally felt that it is my obligation as a Hip Hop Nationalist to state the following for those who do not have the proper decency and/or etiquette in this very context. First and foremost, the life of a young aspiring MC has been taken and this space of discussion should be to respect a life that is lost. Second, this is addressed to the racist suspect troll (aka Sarah) who has the nerve and the audacity to come into this space and actually school our people on our behaviour. I have a simple question for you when you make comments describing Hip Hop as a culture that “is simply pure hatred from a degenerate subhuman culture.” Why are you here? Your attempt at demeaning every person of African descent on this forum is generic racist drivel that serves no purpose but to dominate a space you MUST control. Typical. Final point, I’ll leave you with a quote to ponder and to render ALL your comments null and void: “I only debate my equals. All others I teach.” — Dr. John Henrik Clarke. Nuff said.

  15. ILL Will

    Swear I was listening to bruh on “kimosabe” on my way home from a long day, my potna came thru and gave me the news, I informed him that I had just got done listening to bruh, y’all know how it feels to see your potna one day and the next you find out he was erased from the earth, most times you’re left thinking “damn I just saw him”? Well, i had that same eerie feeling about that young brother Doe B when I heard about it. Damn shame that I can only say RIP and think about all my friends whose lives were cut short. Averaging 6 lives lost to violence a year in the Lou personally can make you numb and not be surprised by anything anyone can do nowadays. It makes you sick of the world and very weary man, damn if we could just….who would be able to stop us seriously…seriously, what’s wrong with seeing your brother rise? Tired of seeing RIP’s and these f***kn t shirts man and these damn F*** an RIP because it shouldn’t have to be…there was a time I had so many obituaries on the wall that it looked like wallpaper and that S*** is sad, real sad my brothers and sisters.

      • Jayson C Williams

        Stop being purposely insensitive I understand you’ve prob been desensitized by black on black violence but show some respect. I’m begging you don’t handle it like that. Don’t be that jerk. Cause I know deep down inside it makes u sick like all of is. Don’t be purposely pessimistic believe that we as a ppl will figure this dumb shit out.

      • ILL Will

        Saltines/ritz crackers don’t understand the plight of a black man, therefore who cares what they have to say about things of this nature……..

      • John McNulty

        Yup, keep shaming your own race. Education is bad, hip hop is good.

    • lola lovely la'shaun

      darn, it’s still a bunch of hate on this site and I have been coming on here since 2005, who deserved to have life took so young. Why aren’t you dead, since he deserved it? Watch you lips man…”every idle word that proceeds out of man mouth, they will give in count of”!
      and we wonder why it’s so many unfortuned deaths!!!

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