Drake Disguises Himself & Asks Random People What They Think About Him (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Drake is one of the most polarizing figures in Hip Hop. For every person that loves his music there is a person that loves to hate on him.

The Drake fans and haters mostly likely had a lot to say about him being announced as the host of the upcoming ESPYs awards.

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Jimmy Kimmel wanted to get an idea of what people on the street think about the Canadian rap star, so the late night host sent Drake out in disguise to ask random folks questions about him and his hosting skills at the ESPN event. Only thing is the ESPYs are scheduled for July 16th.

Obviously, the interview subjects had not seen the event, but that did not stop them from knocking Drake in any way that they could. One person responded, “Drake is kind of an outlandish guy. He says that he came from the bottom which most likely he didn’t,” and another person provides a freestyle about how he sucks.

One guy even called Drake “a chicken head” when he was told the rapper cried at the show. Drizzy did get some support with one super fan saying he is a “genuine guy.”

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live’s “I Witness News — Fake Drake” below.



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15 Responses to “Drake Disguises Himself & Asks Random People What They Think About Him (VIDEO)”

    • johnblacksad

      * drake hate disabled */

      Real talk… yes… he is a cool dude.

      * drake hate enabled */

      Now, can we get him to stop singin and simpin…

      In the words of Big Ghost :

      “We talmbout a dude who done made songs so moist they could tenderize a
      steak if you left it in front of the speaker… Songs that could hydrate
      ya skin n cleanse ya pores n shit… Songs that could make swans appear at
      ya doorstep… Shit that could pasteurize milk.”


      • brotha_man

        co-sign. just like ross doing biggie. 100 percent done wit both these cats

  1. imma darkboy

    i wonder how many people did he REALLY interview that said negative shit about him…lol
    he made the black guy w/ the raybans look like an idiot though…lmaoooo

  2. MrNoName2K

    ok i know there had to be some outtakes, someone had to see through that sh*t..nigga would look kinda suspect to me but anyhoo ida gave the truest opinion..ida said that nigga Drizzy a square ass nigga

  3. ILL Will

    Aight man Imma go back on my stance on drake…I still think bruh is soft as cotton but he might be an alright dude…how many people you know that could take criticism like that? I bet it was a gang of outtakes or they avoided street niggaz while filming…lmao..I never disliked him just don’t rock with the r and b shid .He a clever guy tho…thang look kinda staged tho cuz I know people had to recognize him.

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