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50 Cent’s List Of Creditors Revealed, Rapper Owes $26 Million

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy does not mean the Hip Hop mogul is broke, but he does owe a lot of money to several different parties. TMZ has gained access to the list of 50’s creditors that was given to the bankruptcy judge.

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According to court documents, the G-Unit boss owes $137,880 to Bentley, $64,909 to American Express, $1,737 to his own grandfather, and others. 50 is also on the hook for a total of $23 million from two separate lawsuits. He lost a nearly $17 million suit to Sleek Audio in 2014, and a jury recently awarded $5 million to Lastonia Leviston after she sued 50 for releasing a sex tape of her online.

“I think we’re very clear in our papers that he’s engaged in numerous tactics to delay the eventual entry of a judgment in the state court litigation,” Elizabeth Austin, Leviston’s attorney, told The Washington Post. “We believe this bankruptcy is yet another one of those tactics.”

While the legal situations play out, the public should understand exactly where 50 stands financially. Forbes calculated 50 Cent’s net worth to be close to $155 million. California bankruptcy attorney Mark Markus explained to Mashable why 50’s bankruptcy filings does not equal him hurting for money.

“In Chapter 11 in particular, one usually has many assets — in fact, Chapter 11 is used to protect those assets while repaying creditors what they would get if the assets were liquidated,” said Markus. “So those who file Chapter 11 are definitely not broke.”

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  • Hakeem

    He runs his mouth and disses people he dont even know…
    It comes back FULL circle…..
    That being said I hope he makes fifty million more…..

  • Cyber💂🏾Soljah

    Everybody suing everybody…

    • Tiffany Rayne

      It’s not just suing or law suits, he owes creditors too. This is why, rich or poor, it’s important to learn how money actually works, instead of thinking you’re the smartest cookie (no pun) in the room without actually learning from those who have old money and are greater and smarter than you about money management. This isn’t the first time 50 filed for bankruptcy (and I get why he did it) or anything like that. But this time, his actual house of cards is threatened. And yes a rich and or wealthy person can lose it all if they aren’t careful.

      • Cyber💂🏾Soljah

        Trust me I’ve learned to live wayyy below my means. Lol I went broke from 2008 till 2014. Took me 6 yrs to bounce back, I ain’t loosing it no more.

      • Furiousone

        Money doesn’t work if you find yourself in a situation that you couldn’t have possibly planned for which far exceeds your capital (law suite from accident, medical, family emergencies, loss of that nice job, failed investments). Learning how money works doesn’t always work.

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  • Dointer

    Man I have a decent paying job, I drive an average car, have a huge music collection, a good selection of food in my fridge, a mix of clothes for a variety of occasions, and like to go out for beers with my friends and chase girls around the place…. I am F**ken happy that I don’t hold having shitloads of and chasing money as one of the most important things in my life….

    • hoeyuno

      We were definitely not supposed to be slaves to that ish..

    • Anthony Mason

      Yup. These celebs put money first.

    • Ygarner

      Well said they become more of a slave.

  • CeaserLoco

    I bet he just threw his grandad on there like fucc it might as well pay the FAM. Lol

  • Drake’s 3rd best Ghostwriter

    50 Cent is still doing better at life than me so I hate him

    • WIWYCB



    50’s no where near broke, however that being said he’s based a lot of his career & buzz on talking shit & making fun of both his real & perceived enemies, with all the $$$ he has access to how does he owe his grandfather $1,700+?!? His “STANS” would be on the floor dying if this had happened to Puffy or Rick Ro$$, but since it happened to their GOD/MESSIAH it’s all good!!!

    • HIPHOP

      Foh you hater I don’t like Ross but I like the investments he makes on the business side the 50 hate is real and pointless


        As an owner of each of 50 Cents & mostly all of the G Unit catalog of albums how does telling the truth make me a hater?!?!!? I’ve put $$$ in his pocket’s, a hater would just download all the music illegally!!!! Once again thanks for verifying my point about how brainwashed his “STANS” are!!! In the last 6 months look at all the different people he’s clowned or poked fun at.

    • James

      His granpa property tax is close to 20 gran a yr. I know the place cause I have clients down the block from that house. The houses in that neighborhood goes for 700 thou to 1.+ mil. 50 is not hurting at all.

  • Juleo478

    It’s obvious At what he is trying to do. And lol at putting his grand father on there.

    He is far from broke but that is a nice sum of money to have to pay back in law suits.

    • Anthony Mason

      He must have put that on as a joke.


    Yes he’s not broke but he’s not worth 155Ms and won’t be in the Forbes top 5 anymore

  • Dark Matters

    Hold this L for owing your own grandfather $1,737 when you’ve got enough to pay him.

    • Anthony Mason

      I was like wtf? Your business suit costs more than that. Yet he will buy a hoe some $2000 shoes.

    • HIPHOP

      He just had his grandpa in jamicia and pay all his bills why payback money that’s really yours

      • Anthony Mason

        I was kind of thinking that was the case. Why did they even bring that up?

  • brotha_man

    they gonna Dame Dash this dude

  • Reblogged this on HUEY mix wit RILEY.

  • Eli Pinilla

    50 ‘ s f*ckin stupid lol he threw his grand dad in there as a creditor. If yall don’t see what this fool is doing, then you either don’t know how these things work, or you just don’t like this dude and want the stories of him being broke to be true.

  • lol gotta love fif

  • Digiaddict

    folks, lets do some math here cuz some of yall dont get it.

    50 owes almost 17 million to sleek audio. do you guys realize thats damn near 34 million dollars before taxes. he owes ross’s BM at least 5. thats damn near 10 million before taxes.
    In just those two lawsuites dudes is in debt almost 44 million dollars before taxes.

    so when you hear he’s made over 100 million. well you can take away 44 million at least.

    when you get sued your getting sued for CASH money, when you hear someone is worth “so and so”, thats not only cash but all assests. well the thing about assests is they devalue or they arent worth what you paid for them.(that house he cant sale)

    no 50 isnt broke, but dude owes damn near what he has in the bank. it was the same thing mc hammer went through. he’s far from broke but no where near super rich.

    and if you think 50 is some great biz man, why? his sms headphone cost him fukin 17million in a lawsuit, no one ever wore g unit clothes , no one wears sms anything, his boxing promotion was filled with losers and went bankrupt, his g unit records fuked up mad legends careers.

    where is the good biz man?

    • Pernell Whitaker

      Sorry, but you sound like a misinformed hater homie, even if you not a hater you misinformed for real… You missed out the Glaceau deal, he got $150-200m CASH for his 5% share in that homie… Sorry to break down your whole essay up there in one sentence lol – that $150-200m was before taxes tho if that makes you feel better. Plus he had zero risk on most them projects like G-Unit clothing etc, and made good money at the time.

      • IceBergSlim

        You have too keep in mind that was almost ten years ago and the entertainment industry they constantly inflate entertainers wealth so my man is actually on point that cat still has money but not how it is portrayed no Jay z by far

    • Illegalstick33

      WTF? Taxes? The only party subject to any tax would be the Plaintiff. They might have to pay taxes on the money they win in the law suit. 5o% tax rate? Where did you get this info? Sounds like you found in a cracker jack box.

      • Digiaddict

        lol, you dont even understand what you read homie. lol, but its all good. a lot of you dudes dont understand and only believe what these dudes yap to yall about.

        im talking about the money some one makes. before taxes. and the amount it will take when you get sued or spend it.

        If you get sued for 500k. it will take you almost a million BEFORE taxes to pay some one 500k. lol do you get that?

        so if 50 owes 26 million. thats the = of some one making around 48 million

        If he made over 150 million in his career, thats around 85-90 after only taxes.
        26 million assuming he never spent a dime of his money is still over 1/4 gone in one check. if you have $100 left to your name, you gonna hand over 25 of that?

      • Illegalstick33

        No one talks about what their net worth is after taxes. If I have 100,000 dollars liquid cash in my account how the hell am I going to say “I really have 200,000 but the tax man took the other 100,000.” Fif already paid the taxes on the money your talking about he doesn’t have to pay it twice.

        “so if 50 owes 26 million. thats the = of some one making around 48 million”
        ???????????…….So the Gov started a new 58% tax bracket? Maybe on some lottery BS but not on your income. Your caveman logic is disturbing. I appreciate you trying real hard to get a point across but please stop huffing paint that ish is melting your brain.

      • Isa Ibn Maryam

        Where the hell did you come up with those figures?

      • VeryElite

        The Chicago public school system.

  • MrNoName2K

    Well we all knew from jump that duke wasn’t hurting for money but damn Fif.. even got grandpops on there too lol come on now, n*gga stingy as a F*CK..

    • tra mo

      Yea that’s crazy how you gon owe granddad lmao

    • Illegalstick33

      Yeah….Duke is on of the richest schools in the country. I’m sure the basketball program brings in most of the money. Go Duke!!

  • 50’s a f*cking Republican! For real! hahahahaha…..

    • Brindle

      yeah bruh, he juggling loop holes, laws, atty’s, etc… after this he need to slow his a$$ down…

  • KTT


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  • Isa Ibn Maryam

    Money was his God…and now he’s a window shopper.

    • JArroyo305

      Haha so funny bum nigga

  • Big_Chill

    This was my joint though…

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      If you want a like for this joke, you GETS nathan!


  • Brindle

    I figured it sounded worst than what it was…

  • big brain

    That street gangster stuff don’t work in corporate america. 50 better check his ego, it’s making him lose money.

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  • GMF357

    50 ass is about to start selling dope like Ghost for real!!!!

  • Mack

    A $1,737 debt to his grandfather?! 50’s a funny dude, but that’s just weird.

  • Akhenaton

    50 getting out of debt like El Chapo

  • Realest Minority

    did you really think a black man in America is getting away with this kinda of sh3t your bugging

  • Kweli

    How in the hell does he owe his grandfather? What grown man borrows money from his grandfather? Hell, what “RICH” grown man borrows money from his granddad?

    • guddaboy

      50 tactic:
      He’s waiting for his grand dad to die so he wouldn’t have to pay.

  • dee84

    50 not broke. If he paid all of his debt then he will be broke. But he smart enough to know how to play the game so that he wont go broke

    • DLOUPO

      Glad u said that because the courts told 50
      They allowing the lawsuits to proceed so he’ll be filing bankrupt again watch

  • He may not be broken outright. But he better not be on that forbes list next year. And if I hear him talk about his money anymore in his music. Then it’s a wrap. And he will be considered a clown for the rest of his days in hip hop. I used to think he was the best thing since big in hip hop. Not so much anymore.

  • Papi Peligro

    Again he’s playing with the court system. A judge is in charge of his Chapter 11 proceedings and that judge can see that 1700 he owes his grandpa as a joke. Then send his behind to Chapter 7. The creditors can also include their legal fees to fight the bankruptcy judgement. So the delay tactic is going to really cost him more. You don’t put the court system in your mix. Ask Rock and Republic Jeans, ask Florida Restaurant Shells. They all though Chapter 11 was a nice little way to keep from paying creditors.

    • Did you see what the judge just ruled on? Now what do you have to say? 50 is f*cked!

      • JArroyo305

        Hardly “Peligro” Ol bum ass fucc nicca. U broke worrying about 50’s $$$

      • hahahaha….. Call 50 a genius now. We’re about to find out what it really is on Monday.

      • Papi Peligro


      • guddaboy

        Do 50 kno u?

      • Papi Peligro

        I agree. You don’t play with the court.

  • Oh sh*t!!!!! Just heard the news. The judge ruled that 50’s bankruptcy filing CANNOT STOP THE PUNITIVE RULING OF THE SEX TAPE OR REDUCE THE AWARDED PAYOUT!!!!! All of you dudes that were calling 50 a genius because of the bankruptcy are now looking like dummies. 50 is at real risk of losing his ENTIRE FORTUNE now!!! I guess all of that idiot ass joking that 50 was doing on social media about his bankruptcy bit him in the ass like a motherf*cker. Somebody on his team should’ve warned him not to f*ck with the judge. Now a n*gga about to be on MC Hammer status. F*ck! Sh*t just got real!

    • justmathoughts

      how is he at risk of losing his entire fortune?

      • Do you know what “punitive damages” are? That means on top of the $5 Million that the court has already ruled that he has to pay, the jury could award her MUCH HIGHER damages based on the amount of the original award and the maliciousness of the grievance. In almost all cases punitive damages are higher than the original judgment. Waaaaay higher. Think of it like this… Remember those tobacco companies that lost those lawsuits? The judgments were manageable. It’s when they came back with the punitive damages that it REALLY hurt those dudes. But that’s not where 50 will lose. 50 will undoubtedly lose several business relationships based on this. Stars is at risk. So are his other interests. And contrary to what everyone believes, those “deals” that 50 signed are “performance based” deals. Which means he hasn’t earned ANY of that money yet. Sh*t just got real.

      • No he doesn’t. ( Know what PUNITIVE & COMPENSATORY damages are. )

      • Aiight….. If I’m wrong time will tell. I think what you’re speaking to is medical. COMPENSATORY is for medical. But EVERY STATE has different rules on PUNITIVE. We’ll see….

        But all of you 50 fans that were giving him props for being smart found out the hard way that he can’t protect himself from this lawsuit like that. Y’all were laughing at the jokes he was making. That judge was paying attention and didn’t find that sh*t funny. Let’s see if he’s laughing on Monday.

      • guddaboy

        Att&t cut him off already…ha! Gott’em.

    • JArroyo305

      Ol hatin ass fucc nicca sounds like you busted a nut while typin that.. hatin ass nicca

      • Oh…. You must have been one of those dudes calling 50 a genius for filing bankruptcy. Surprise n*gga! hahahahaha….

      • guddaboy

        U seem like a bitch taking up for yo man…cut it out man.

  • JArroyo305

    SHEEP ass niccas 50 rich and no “Baby Mama” making a sextape is going to bring him down stop posting stupid stories and hatin. The JEW crew is on deck and will dance legal circles around that dumbo chick

    • guddaboy

      Stfu. I bet u a grown man talking bout the next man as if u fukking him Or As If He Knows u

  • Sgt. H. Jennings

    I doubt 50 is broke but his days of talking shit about other artist (Diddy, Jay), are over. He’s not on their level. This isn’t good press for him. He’ll laugh it off but I’m sure if he could have prevented it this would have never came out. He’ll try to give some lame a** excuse as to why things are the way they are. Lol, yea ok ninja…

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    grandpa like fif better have my money i got lawyers too ! lol

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