Love & Hip Hop’s Milan Christopher Says He Is No Longer Gay

Photo via Milan Christopher’s Instagram

Hey, anything is possible in 2016. With that said, Love & Hip Hop’s Milan Chistopher says he’s no longer gay, and he is in fact bisexual. Milan not only took the time to bash his ex-boy friend, Love & Hip Hop’s Miles Brock, but he also revealed that he’s now dating a woman.

Milan Christopher took to Instagram to call out his ex for using the gay hookup app Jack’d, and went on to announce that he had begun dating fellow Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast mate Moniece Slaughter. Milan also stated that Miles’ lies and cheating ways made him never want to date a man again. Referencing a viral video where a man says he’s not gay anymore, Christopher claimed to be “#delivert” and bisexual now. Miles decided to poke fun at Milan Christopher with his own video claiming to also be straight. Women could you date a man that used to be gay? Can a person “turn straight”?


    These n!99as sleep with men, and then go back and sleep with woman, SMH that’s some f’d up $h!t

  • youngplaya

    No such thing as Bisexual IMO for a dude. Dating women is expected. If you cross over you are gay lol. just stop the foolishness. lol

  • reazon marley

    Why The Fucc Is This News..????…You Journalists Get Paid To Write Bullshit And Push That Bullshit Gay Agenda. THIS AIN’T GOT SHIT TO DO WIT HIP HOP. PERIOD

  • The Legendary Troll


    • STEPH

      You never did…troll

    • Brindle

      bruh, you gotta put quotes on that… you run for president and that shit will get misconstrued

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  • hoeyuno

    Thats gay

  • This sh*t right here is the reason I ain’t down with those dudes. If you’re gay, you’re gay. Don’t be bringing that mud to us heterosexuals. That indecisive sh-t is the reason a gang of sisters be up in the hospital on that HIV sh*t. How you gonna wave the gay flag and then decide one day to change your preference? Choose a team. But he’s speaking loud now. I guarantee you dude won’t always be telling the truth about his sexual preference to some of the chicks he bangs on a one night stand. F*cking scumbag….

    • Obi Won


    • WeakSauce

      I agree, if there is one thing you don’t back up on is your gayness and that nikka GAY af!!

    • Brindle


    • Executive

      Ain’t no both sides of the fence.

  • WeakSauce

    Nikka you Gay stfu!

  • Nana De Baus

    how u gone love a woman and a man at the same time nigga u GAY

  • Obi Won

    See this is the problem. If you going to be that way, that’s you, but don’t poison the pu$$y population because you think its cool.


    Yeah ok, and Rick Ross wasn’t a C.O. and 50 cent has $200 million

    • Brindle

      Dammit, 50 do got 200 mill… why’d you have to throw him in this???

      • STEPH

        yeah ok….Is that you Curtis LMAO!

      • Brindle


      • STEPH

        Both points were bullshit pimp’in curly LMAO!

      • Brindle


  • Brindle

    it’s too late, once you participate, you is what you is…

  • Executive

    Nah bruh, you laid down with a man you’re gay forever cuh. Ain’t no bisexual, you’re gay thru n thru.

  • Executive

    That’s like a whore saying she’s a virgin just because she retired from whoreing.

  • Dark Matters

    As rarely as I visit hip hop sites these days, when I do pop in it becomes more and more evident why Negroes have issues standing taller than the highest vertical on your star Negro athlete. Day in and day out Negroes whose favorite pastime conveniently happens to be eating some form of matter that just happens to taste like food (but never actually quite is) and watching television are pumped with the sort of complete filth you see displayed on this page.

  • #Mr.Toadman AKA Toastman

    I aint got nothing against gay ppl. Do waht u want in your private time. What i cant fuckin stand is bi sexual ppl, its these disease ridding fudgepackers that spread aids and STDs to the women that end up messing with straight dudes. I hope this dude get popped

    • ebonyhud

      What about a bisexual person that wears condoms at all times?

  • Joe

    Nigga if you ever got ya back blown out or you blew out another niggas back or you blowing on skin flutes or let a another nigga rock your mic. Nigga you are gay, no grey area, ain’t no such thing as a bisexual nigga… no nigga you are a fag. Simple as that.

  • Juleo478

    It’s his life and he can live it as he see fit but I just can’t see how a man can say he is not gay any more. Once you cross that line there is no erasing it.

    I know it sounds ignorant and immature but damn.


    Aint No Turning Back Nigga.

  • he gonna get the amber rose treatment

  • Markus

    Worse than culture vultures who vacation in music to exploit for money. No such thing if you date sleep with and love males as a man and one day decide to sleep with women too. Have to as a courtesy tell these females about your past before going forward with a relationship. The world is so screwed up.

  • Gregory Peterson

    I’m not sure why an old fart like me is commenting. I seldom listen to rap. However…

    I thought he was being sardonic.

  • ebonyhud

    Not me personally. I wouldn’t help but think that secretly he didn’t really want to be with a woman. His reasoning is off. He’s not saying he’s bisexual because he wants too…He’s saying that men are liars, cheater bla bla bla(he’s a man btw *rolls eyes*). That’s not legit to me. .

    I don’t see anything wrong with bisexuality. I don’t think that sexuality is always black and white. Just protect yourself and be truthful with your partner.

  • youright

    Black gay men with hurt felling’s are worse then broke females with bady daddy issue’s…..smh