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Kanye West Spazzes Out About Amber Rose “Finger In The Booty” Comment (Video)

In usual Kanye-tirade fashion, Mr. West made sure to let fans know at 1 Oak nightclub on Feb. 23 that he absolutely, positively did not let Amber Rose play in the booty area. “That b*tch ain’t never stick her fingers in my a**!,” West said among the crowd. “I don’t play like that!”

Check out his sentiments below.

#KanyeWest says he is not a #fingersinthebootyassbitch #amberrose #kimkardashian #mediatakeout (video @dirtydraws)

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  • I’m confused AHH…. Did she say it yesterday? Why is this a story again?

  • Markus

    This is like a child having an outburst. Giving this energy only allows the thot to respond and promote her slut rhetoric. Ye needs to be on time out.

  • Juleo478

    I know gotti and those people around him had to feel uncomfortable when he said that.

  • Brindle

    WOW!!! Why even speak on it, if it aint true…

  • Mike Dixon

    How is Amber aka the Queen of the slut work trying to play kanye ? Let’s just say that he did let her do it. Is she clowning the gays or the bi’s ? What was her point ? Cause she is clearly Bi. To tell the truth I doubt if it was a finger or Dido that was put in his ass she looks like a ass eater to me.

  • D Bauer

    Nigga, grow up!

    I’ve never had a finger in the booty, but if that shit felt good, what’s the problem? Ultimately, you were still in the bed with Amber-fucking-Rose! A lot of these chronic meat-beaters laughin’ never had a chick like that in life.

    Please. Ain’t nobody gon’ make me feel bad about busting a nut. Not ever. Especially with Amber.