Daily Word: By Any Means Necessary!!!

Happy Takeover Tuesday, my Revolutionaries! Welcome to the day that you take back full control of your life! Today marks the 47th anniversary of Malcolm X’s death, a day that has changed our country forever! In celebration of his life, we are dedicating today’s Daily Word to doing what is necessary! Martin Luther King once… Read more »


Daily Word: No Is The Best Answer!!!

Happy Fearless Friday, my Warriors of Light! Welcome to the day you begin to reject all that you do not want to see in your life! You know what you want! You understand what would make your life the best life! With that knowledge, it is imperative to say NO to whatever doesn’t fit that… Read more »


“Family Guy” Animator Andrew Burrell Talks Black Comic Book Heroes With Shawn Martinbrough

In 1998, native New Yorker Andrew Burrell moved to California to work as a background animator on the animated series “The Simpsons”. Then he moved on to do design work on the hit show, “Family Guy” where he continues to work. Burrell first encountered the work of Shawn Martinbrough while the two worked together at… Read more »