Police Say Rap War Could Be Brewing In The Mid-West

Over a thousand fans,

friends and family members of Andre “Mac Dre” Hicks gathered to bid

the rapper farewell yesterday (November 9th) in California.

The rapper’s

music blared from vehicles of the Fairfield church the parking lot, while viewers

looked at Mac Dre’s body, which was covered with a plastic shield to prevent

people from touching the body.

Meanwhile, police

continue to investigate Mac Dre’s shooting, which happened early in the

morning of November 1st in Kansas City, Missouri.

Police have met

a stone wall of silence from associates of Mac Dre and fear that a rap war or

some sort of retaliation is being planned.

Kansas City Police

Department detectives said they were monitoring Hip-Hop websites, seeking clues.

Detectives said the websites revealed that “California was planning to


One lead they are

pursuing is that a rapper named Fat Tone was involved in the murder of Hicks,

but said they had nothing to substantiate the lead.

Sources told AllHipHop.com

that police believe Fat Tone may have thought Mac Dre was involved in an altercation

earlier this month.

In that incident,

Fat Tone allegedly was leaving a Kansas City nightclub and was shot at. He was

not injured.

In March, Ramone

C. Davis, 31, of San Diego was shot to death in Kansas City as well. Police

said a man tried to rob Davis of 10 pounds of marijuana. A 27-year-old Kansas

City man was charged in that case.

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