Nas Talks Racist Reaction To Barack Obama’s Presidency (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) As the country prepares for a new president to take office, some citizens are starting to reflect on the current POTUS Barack Obama.

Hip Hop legend Nas spoke to Revolt about racism playing a part in the pushback against Obama’s tenure in the White House.

“I couldn’t imagine that people haven’t changed since decades ago. The whole world is now experiencing again what happened in the 60’s,” stated the Queens emcee. “It’s a lot to do with Barack being in office, racists who don’t like him in office. It’s a reaction to it. It happens when things change in this country.”

Nas added, “When Barack got in office, things just happened, just triggered off. The racists – they can’t handle it. They’re going too far. It’s like we need a healing to come and re-educate people about how to deal with each other in the world.”

The creator of five #1 albums went on to suggest celebrities should look to people like Muhammad Ali as an example on how to effectively bring people together.

Nas also called on supporters of law enforcement to play a role in holding officers accountable for police brutality and excessive force.

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