Rossina Grieco Shares Practical Tips To Help Budding Musicians Build A Successful Career

“Experimenting is a way to discover new forms, techniques, and potential. You may never know what treasure you hold within.”

With the boom of social media, along with other community platforms, you have a ready audience as well as a treasure trove of amazing works of artists from across the globe. So, there is no better time than now to be an aspiring musician. But, success never comes easy to your platter. Despite several conveniences brought about by technology, budding musicians face many hurdles on their way to success. Rossina Grieco shares practical tips to help out budding talents to make a successful career out of music.

Never Give Up

The world of music is highly competitive and fraught with many challenges. You may find no takers for the kind of music you make; or, you may receive no response after the demo. “That should not discourage you. What budding musicians need is tough mental stamina to persevere and determination not give in to any ways that question your artistic integrity,” adds Rossina Grieco.    

Create Goals

“Fix small goals around spontaneous ideas. Go with the gut feeling when planning concerts. It often does wonder. Unflinching faith in your artistic choices and indomitable courage to stick to your goals will make you unique and irreplaceable in the industry,” says Rossina 


You cannot work in isolation anymore. You need the support of a like-minded community of people who stand by you through thick and thin. Collaboration with other budding or leading musician can give you leverage and expand audience bandwidth. “Create a network,  become part of a group, get in conversation around a production idea. Professionally, collaboration is complimentary and always rewarding,” suggests Rossina Grieco 


While you are growing as a musician, you do not know what can work better for you, unless you try new ways. Rossina Grieco thinks, “Experimenting is a way to discover new forms, techniques, and potential. You may never know what treasure you hold within.”  As a budding musician, your audience will like to know what new flavor you bring to the music scene.