Apple Music To Exclusively Stream ‘The Cash Money Story: Before Anything’ Documentary (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) There has been talk about Cash Money Records signing a deal with Apple Music. The company revealed what part of that newly forged relationship between the two brands will produce.

Apple Music will exclusively stream the forthcoming documentary The Cash Money Story: Before Anything. The film chronicles the history of its founders Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams.

Clifton Bell directed the doc with Birdman serving as the narrator. The Cash Money Story is expected to arrive this fall.

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7 thoughts on “Apple Music To Exclusively Stream ‘The Cash Money Story: Before Anything’ Documentary (VIDEO)”

    1. What makes you think the label is on it’s way out??? Still owns Drake, Nicki, Wayne. Plus, why would Apple Music, a NEW MAJOR platform, be willing to do a deal with a label that’s ON THE WAY OUT? Also, look at all the sh*t Diddy went through Waaaaaay back when, and he’s still alive and kicking.

      Just wondering what made you say that…

      1. Wayne is suing them for $100,000,000.00! Drake turns in one album & he’s OUT! Nicki has fallen way off, hasn’t broken ANY new acts, HORRIBLE rputation of not paying artists & producers…. U think that’s a ‘good’ situation! #BetterDaysInRearviewMirror

  1. May have to peep that. They said he was only 16 and had 7 cars… That is hustle for real, and you can’t knock the hustle!
    I don’t agree with a lot of his methods, but he has skills…

  2. It’s gonna be the Birdman story and that’s understandable because he is the face of the label.. However, Cash Money WAS an army and unfortunately so many of the collective was screwed so royally that they probably either was not asked, or simply refused to be apart of this documentary. This will be nothing more than an extended version of a VH1 Behind The Music fluff piece.

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