Cardi B Fans Pounce On Bebe Rexha For Saying Nicki Minaj Is The Better Rapper

Cardi B

At this point, everyone should know how the Bardi Gang gets down.

Cardi B‘s fanbase is about as fierce as Nicki Minaj’s ever-loyal Barbz. So it comes as no surprise they’ve set their sights on pop singer Bebe Rexha, who recently shared her thoughts on the two rappers in an Instagram Live video posted to her account.

Speaking to a friend, Rexha said, “I like Cardi because I f### with her personality, I like how real she is, but like with Nicki, I just feel like the talent the writing talent, the musicality, the artistry…untouchable.” Rexha and her friend went on to say Cardi doesn’t write “95 percent” of her lyrics, while Nicki Minaj writes “all her own stuff.” The friend also noted there’s a “difference between being a rapper and a performer.”

Reactions from Cardi B fans quickly poured in on Twitter (X). As one said, “AND tried to reduce Cardi’s success to ‘personality.’ B#### we all funny. Cardi HAS TO BE TALENTED in order for her to reach the levels of success that she has. Bffr.” Another added, “Cardi already gave this fangirl b#### crumbs and clout . Why is she mad ? Cardi always shows love. I can’t stand a hatin irrelevant h03.”

Rexha knew what was coming and attempted to squash it before it started, saying, “Let’s not get into that because we don’t want the Cardi Stans coming after us.” Evidently, it was too late.

“Bebe Rexha putting Cardi down in order to bring Nicki up is very telling this the same woman who said if she was on a sidewalk people wouldn’t know who she was,” one person wrote, while another pointed out, “If Bebe ain’t mean no harm she wouldn’t have said nothing about ‘lets not get into that topic before the Cardi fans get on us’ she knew wtf she was doing.”

Some pointed out Cardi B has actually admitted to having a team of writers help her with her lyrics. But in a 2019 rant, Cardi B slammed the narrative, saying at the time, “Because I do write a lot of my s### that’s the thing .Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape .Ya just flip s### and ya want to believe the f### s### so bad but EAT IT UP B####!”