Jim Jones, Fabolous Say Rapping Is The Most Dangerous Job In The United States

Jim JOnes, Fabolous

The rap star’s shared their opinions on their occupation and the dangers associated with the job.

A few years ago, rap star Jim Jones issued a warning to rappers to think twice about their career choice.

Jim labeled the job as one of the most deadly jobs on the planet and said his job was more dangerous than being a soldier at war, which prompted massive backlash directed at the Harlem M.C.

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But the rap star’s comments may be justified. Over the last several months a number of popular rappers have been indicted, shot, or killed. 

In November alone, Mo3 was murdered in Dallas, Texas, which was followed by the shooting of his close friend, Boosie. 

Chicago rapper King Von was murdered, and earlier in the year, rappers Pop Smoke and Huey lost their lives to gun violence. 

Three Adults, 2 Kids Arrested In Connection To Pop Smoke’s Murder

Also, in November, Benny The Butcher was shot and wounded in Houston during a botched robbery attempt, and yesterday, it was revealed Miami rapper Zoey Dollaz was shot after leaving a strip club celebrated Teyana Taylor’s birthday party.

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“[A] Couple years ago I told you that being a rebel was one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and even my peers gave me flack for that, told me that I was bugging,” Jim Jones said. “I got a lot of backlash for saying that. Got people from the Armed Forces calling me telling me I’m bugging. But actually, I wasn’t. So now in the light of everything that’s been going on, R.I.P. to everybody that we lost. And I hope you get healthy quickly, to everybody that’s been affected or injured in this past few months. We get to see everything that I was talking about.”

Rappers have also been targeted by the Feds this year. 

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Popular rapper Casanova was caught up in an indictment alleging gang activity and drug dealing with the United Gorilla Stone Nation, and Chicago artist G Herbo was indicted for running a massive $1.5 million fraud scam.

Later today, Lil Wayne will appear in court for possessing a gun and ammunition on his private jet, and the Feds could send him to prison for up to 10 years. 

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“We are a target. Do we make ourselves a target? Sometimes. Is it fair, not at all. But, nevertheless, to all my artists, to all my rappers, stay safe and stay dangerous, and I hope you don’t have to get dangerous,” Jim Jones said.

Brooklyn rap star Fabolous concurred with Jim Jones’ comments in a separate post commenting on the dangers of the profession. 

“Respectfully.. being a rapper has become the most dangerous job in America,” Fabolous said. “Black men are surviving the trenches, constant battles in a war zone environment…make something of themselves as artists, become famous make millions of dollars, change their lifestyle.. and somehow still end up dead or in jail.”